OnlyFans ban: see what it means and top 10 highest earners

A large percentage of internet users are talking about the OnlyFans ban and we will attempt to explain the situation while revealing the list of top 10 earners.

The OnlyFans ban, as we understand it, will only affect sexually explicit conduct content when it goes into effect. In an attempt to explain the reason behind such drastic change in policy, the company’s statement only mentioned requests from “banking partners and payout providers.”

However, it says that nude content will still be allowed. If the five-year-old company thought this would appease users, it underestimated their angst. The most popular take on the matter is simple:

“After using sex workers to build its brand, the company is kicking them to the curb.”

We are not experts on finances, and we will not attempt to do a deep dive into the financial implications. Yet, the chatter we are picking up online is that the future does not bode well for the company. 

Until then, here are the facts that we can provide you with.

OnlyFans ban: see what it means and top 10 highest earners
OnlyFans spotlight on fitness coach TJ Hoban

First, before the OnlyFans ban on sexually explicit conduct, the top 10 highest earning content creators made an average of $65 million monthly. And all of these creators do so from nudity and/or the to-be-banned contents. In addition, the company claims to pay a total of $5 billion to 1.5 million registered users annually.

It is interesting to note that OnlyFans demand a cut of 20% from all its registered users. This means that for every $1 million they make, the company makes $200K. Who makes the most money from OnlyFans?

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Top 10 highest earners on OnlyFans

10. Jem Wolfie ($900K per month)

While Jem Wolfie may parade herself as a fitness expert on Instagram, her OnlyFans followers of 108K users likely come to her page to view her nude photos and other explicit content.

9. Megan Barton Hanson ($1.06 million per month)

Like Wolfie, Megan Barton Hanson also rakes in a healthy sum of money by appealing to viewers baser desires. She also has her appearance on the popular reality show ” Love Island” going for her.

8. Safaree Samuels ($1.9 million per month)

Famous for being one of the first to date American rapper Nicki Minaj just as she began her ascent to fame, Safaree Samuels has raked in a fortune via amateur adult content over the years. He will likely be one of those on this list that the OnlyFans ban on explicit content will affect adversely as he may not make as much money posting only nudes.

7. Pia Mia ($2.22 million per month)

Granted, Pia Mia may have made her name through singing but since September 2020, her OnlyFans account is what has kept her relevant. It is a good thing that she is known more for her nudes than her adult videos.

6. Erica Mena ($4.49 million per month)

33-year-old Erica Mena has 5.3 million followers and charges the highest amount of money for subscriptions on this list. Yet, she manages to get people to pay $35 monthly and your guess is as good as anybody’s on what sort of content these are.

5. Mia Khalifa ($6.42 million per month) 

OnlyFans ban: see what it means and top 10 highest earners

After her career as an adult film star ended, Mia Khalifa has still found a way to make money with her body. With OnlyFans, the celebrity is more in control of her earnings than in her former line of work.

4. Tyga ($7.69 million per month)

American rapper Tyga has not stopped rapping about money and drugs and sex. He only found a way to make extra cash by posting videos and photos from his day-to-day life on his OnlyFans account.

3. Cardi B ($9.43 million per month)

Cardi B built her OnlyFans account with videos from her former life as a club girl and dancer. This is why it is difficult to understand how she has made so much money while charging the lowest amount that the platform allows for subs, $4.99. Anyway, the ban will likely not affect her account much as she has enough content that is not explicit to keep her followers.

2. Bella Thorne ($11 million per month)

We all likely remember Bella Thorne from when she claimed to have made her first million from OnlyFans in 24 hours. It appears that it was not a fluke as her earnings have now placed her in the top two of highest-earning creators on the platform.

Blac Chyna  highest-earning content creator on OnlyFans
American model Blac Chyna is the highest-earning content creator on OnlyFans with an average monthly earning of $20 million

1. Blac Chyna ($20 million per month)

American model Blac Chyna is the highest-earning content creator on OnlyFans with an average monthly earning of $20 million. The gulf between her and others on this list is explainable: she has been in the game long before them.

Clearly, while OnlyFans markets itself as a forum for photographers, musicians, make-up artists, actors and other creators to earn money, the list of its highest-earning creators shows that it has since become a hub for adult content creators.

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