My Valentine Story: Facebook by Isaac blessing becky

My Valentine day was boring.

I was just indoor doing nothing; no where to go, nobody to take me out. All my siblings had gone out with their friends but I had no one to take me out. I only receive a gift from my mom, which was a wrap of cupcake. I was also on Facebook checking all updates on its pages, to keep myself busy and maybe have a reason to laugh.

I didn’t have a boyfriend so there were no phone calls or messages. My WhatsApp was silent throughout the day but all the same I give God all the glory because I went to church in the evening and I was filled with the word of God that was shared by one of our pastors in the house of God. The evening was too long when I got home. I watched a movie on the TV set checked this page for info and finally cried my self to sleep. That was like 12am.


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