My Valentine Story: 5 years ago, I met my better half by Owolabi Rofiat

On a rainy valentine day on a particular year, I met the best care of my life.

The rain was heavy and lightening was having a field day in the clouds above. A man with an umbrella loudly voiced “hello, share my cover!” Without hesitation I grabbed a spot thanking him for the kindness.

We got talking deep while still walking under the rain and after about 10-15 minutes, he said he was two streets near home that I can go with the cover since my destination is still some distance away and the cloud was gathering some more for more heavy rains. We bade goodbyes just immediately after exchanging numbers.

That one-timed stranger is today best described as “my better half”. We made this year’s Valentine day memorable as our relationship clocks 5 years that same special day. We had lots of fun indoor and laughed at ourself when we talked about that day we can never forget!!!

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27 thoughts on “My Valentine Story: 5 years ago, I met my better half by Owolabi Rofiat”

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  6. Wow!!!! So amazing, never knew things lik dz still exist. Anyway I love ur love story, dat shows dat u really enjoyed dz year valentine with ur beta half. So touching


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