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Mike Ezuruonye exposes fake passport, letter from ‘Supeme Court’ as he laments fraudsters

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Nigerian actor Mike Ezuruonye has taken to his Instagram page to rant about the fact that a number of his fans have fallen victim to fraudsters and their fraudulent activities.

The actor who recently underwent eye surgery and came back online afterwards to inform his fans that he was hale and hearty and that his eye had healed properly, warned them not to fall victim to any fraudster asking for money from them.

Since then, the actor has been shared quite a few posts on his Instagram page to warn fans against being swindled of their money.

Recently, Mike made a post on his Instagram page again about the fraudulent actions of some people. Apparently, someone allegedly forged some of his documents and used them to collect a loan of NGN 80 Million from a bank, using the actor’s house as collateral. He was now being asked to repay the loan or risk losing his house to the bank. And the icing? The letter was purportedly from the Supreme Court of Nigeria and demands the actor pay “the remaining 5% (4million naira) of above said money. 

Mike Ezuronye letter from Supreme Court for alleged loan default

The angry actor, who got a letter from the “Supreme Court”, took to his Instagram page to post pictures and to again warn fans about fraudsters, was fuming and understandable so.

His caption: “SLIDE as I say, This is part of the rubbish I have to deal with …Pls, people kindly BEWARE of this FAKE FRAUDULENT PHOTOSHOPPED DOCUMENTS used by SCAMMERS to DEFRAUD women and fans of mine…Pls Stay VIGILANT

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