Producer Meji Alabi recounts how he nearly lost ‘Kontrol’ project to armed robbers

Providence was watching over music video director and producer, Meji Alabi who used the opportunity of his birthday to narrate an encounter he had with armed robbers in Johannesburg South Africa. 


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The incident had all the ingredients of a tragic ending to a story and it could all have gone very wrong but it didn’t. Alabi lives to tell the story and in a positive light as well.

The producer shared the beautiful testimony on his Instagram page. He and some colleagues were accosted by gun-toting robbers in South Africa. The robbers stripped them of their possessions including a hard drive that contained a project he has just completed. On requesting the drive back, one of the robbers returned it to him without question. Alabi expressed gratitude that he lives to celebrate another birthday.



Meji Alabi


Read the caption of his Instagram post of the photograph above.

Every time I see this photo – I THANK GOD FOR LIFE!!! Because it could all be different – The same day this was photo was taken by @creativecapital is the same day that we had a gunpoint robbery at our rented office space before our shoot in Johannesburg.
There were five of us – and we all lost a lot – laptops, phones, cameras, lens, wallets, watches, shoes, hats, wedding rings, chains, etc etc – but God was with us and thankfully we all left with our lives.
“Fun fact – one of the robbers had the hard drive with the finished Kontrol project on it in one hand and a gun in the other and I was like “Bruh, I need that….?” and he gave it back (and my passport too). So much could’ve went wrong..but it didn’t. So, as I grow another year older – I THANK GOD FOR LIFE. ?? <3 HBD to me. ???


A very happy belated birthday to Meji Alabi.


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  2. OMG why am i just seeing this????Thank God the robbers gave him back his flash drive, because he would have being a great loss for me. Its not easy shooting a movie, cost, time, sweat and all that. Thank God for you Meji Alabi.


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