I might not like the scent of something, but if I feel like it’s a powerful product I’ll use it all over my body.

(Face cream) or a toner or a serum, I’ll just put it on my arms, my legs, my stomach – just use it everywhere.”

Kim then joked she would even put a clay face mask on her derriere, following in the footsteps of Madonna.

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star suffers from psoriasis, so has to be extra careful when it comes to what she puts on her skin.

She tells the publication: “Last night, once the kids went to bed I got a facial at 10 pm. It was some radio frequency facial that tightens and lifts. 

 “It’s hard now with three kids to fit in everything you want to do for yourself, so I had to put them all to bed and go get a facial in the middle of the night. It was really amazing.”

Kim recently opened up about the one beauty treatment she regrets getting, explaining the vampire facial was “the most painful thing ever“.