Rapper Kiernan Jarryd Forbes Backtracks After Nigerians Came for him

Rapper Kiernan Jarryd Forbes Known Professionally as AKA Backtracks After Nigerians

South African rapper Kiernan Jarryd Forbes known professionally as AKA is currently trending on Twitter after a tweet he sent seems to stroke the chronic xenophobic fever that seems to afflict many South Africans.

Chance The Rapper and Vic Mensa bri...
Chance The Rapper and Vic Mensa bring Hip-Hop to Ghana

The world woke up on Tuesday morning to learn that another wave of xenophobic attacks has left five people dead and businesses belonging to Nigerians rooted.

AKA’s initial response to the senseless carnage is: “Imagine I said ‘stay in your country’ … the uproar.”

The tweet did not sit well with many Nigerians, who responded angrily to him.

Burna Boy: “It’s F__ @akaworldwide from now on. And if you down with him, it’s F__ you too. I respect you too much, please Don’t throw my respect out the window cuz I swear you will fly out with it.”

@Kesss101 says: “You gotta stay in your country, we don’t want any South African celebrities in Nigeria no more.”

@Airneh__ “Which one is ‘imagine if I said’,  say it with your chest… Are you scared“?

@EDjele: “You this unfortunate Albino, wait till we catch you in Lagos.”

@ryandirk3: “We once chased the Ghanaian, maybe it is time South African should leave…”

@shigenghe1: “Xenophobist lol. Now you bringing out the beast in you. Thank God you came out straight now for us to see you are a xenophobist.”

@oka4or: “Nigerian artistes made you relevant in Africa, your best song since 2018 was Fela in Versace. Just be grateful Kiernan.”

One user predicts AKA would apologise for the tweet.

@iChopTweets: “You will apologize for this tweet soon.”

Meanwhile, AKA was overwhelmed with the strong reactions some of which he screengrabbed and tweeted. Then he ends up blessing Nigeria.

He continues with a call for people to keep calm in what seems like medicine after death.

Can we STOP. We are going to make things worse for everybody on both sides. We need each other! Please. Can we stop? We are supposed to be leading our people.”

Some of the reactions may not be unconnected with comments AKA made back in July when South Africa lost to Nigeria. At the time, he called it a bitter pill to swallow. He also said that it would have been better if South Africa had lost to Egypt (the team they met at the Round of 16) than to the Super Eagles of Nigeria.

AKA reaction to SA losing to Nigeria

Twitter has a long memory. So, it’s easy to see why Many Nigerians interpret his latest comment as stroking the xenophobic fears and as him supporting the attacks on Nigeria.

Twitter users may be wrong but people tend to judge others not only on their actions but on what they say. And celebrities like AKA should be aware that their words have a strong impact on their followers. Already, some users are already calling for Nigerians to boycott the rapper’s music, in order words, hurt him where it would hurt him personally without resorting to violence.

Frightening times.

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