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Doctor Cupid: The signs of codependency in relationships

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Sometimes in love relationships, there’s a tendency to fall into codependency without being aware.

Think of the most unhappy couple you’ve ever met, you may wonder why these people are still together, it may be because of codependency.

Some partners might think it’s because they have moved from being his secret obsession to his reality.
Others may be ashamed to have a broken relationship.

Codependency is not good for either partner. It allows one partner to sink deeper in addiction while forcing the other partner to completely forgo her own wants and needs in order to care for the other.

However, the bigger issue is the belief that one or both people believe they deserve to be mistreated

The following questions can serve as a guide to determine if your relationship involves codependency:

  1. Does your sense of purpose involve making extreme sacrifices to satisfy your partner’s needs?
  2. Do you cover your partner’s problems with drugs, alcohol, or the law?
  3. Do you constantly worry about others’ opinions of you?
  4. Do you feel trapped in your relationship?
  5. Do you keep quiet to avoid arguments?

If all of your answers to the above questions or the majority of them are your experiences in your relationship at present, then that’s an indication that you’re in a codependency relationship.

You can always get help if you feel like you want to continue in this relationship. Also, try these resources on his secret obsession website will help you.

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