Denrele Edun narrates CNN International experience and journey to stardom

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Popular Nigerian crossdresser and model and media personality, Denrele Edun, took to his Instagram account to announce his feature on CNN international.

Well, it seems like the year 2020 hasn’t been all bad for some people.

According to Denrele, he didn’t quite believe that it was real, but there he was on CNN international.  He took to his Instagram page to narrate his experience.

Read his post below:

“Your true power is not in your difference, but in your consistency of being different. The world will always adjust to consistency, yet struggle with change.

“I kickstarted my professional SHOWBIZ hustle in 1993 and from that time till now, I’ve never had an ASSISTANT, a PR STRATEGIST, Social Media Analyst, a MANAGER, an A&R team or even a Glam Squad.

“I learnt to MULTI TASK so hard that I thrive on the premise of; If you want anything done properly, do it yourself!

“I’ve NEVER paid any Tabloid, Publisher or Printing press to run any story on me, never paid for an Editorial to garner headlines and best, paid to be an Award Receipient!
It has always been GRACE!

Lil wonder when @cnn reached out to me, I thought it was an absolute joke! And I mean, @CNN from the States!
Without an International Agent or Representative?
How did they find me?
When them sabi me?

“I shrugged it off as a joke cos I was going through a traumatic phase that period.
My Dad had a bad fall that broke his entire Femur, worse than a Femural fracture. Surgery was setting me back millions of Naira. And then, there’s a persistent American lady calling my phones endlessly insisting on this @cnn African Voices interview!

“After a long night at the hospital (My Dad is doing awesome, by the way), I dragged myself to the CNN shoot. Dark eyed and a lil on edge!

“Guess what?
That Interview skyrocketed like crazy! CNN ran my African Voices feature story for months! I got calls from Luxembourg, Cambodia…. practically every continent to praise me! My Mum who currently lives in Dublin was stopped severally at her place of work to ask if she was really my Mum.
She was like, ‘You crazy boy! What are you doing in Nigeria? You’re all over CNN here in Ireland!’. Then CNN International put me on their Vision 2020 Commercial!

“Long story cut short, A MAJOR Studio Head in Atlanta wants to document my life story once I’m done with the Manuscript for my book!

Your life has purpose.
Your story is important.
Your dreams count.
Your voice matters.
Love yourself.
Value yourself.
Be yourself.
The world needs you!”

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