Nigerian-British actor David Oyelowo gifts scholarship to 5 Boko Haram survivors


This is the sort of news that restores faith in humanity.


Actor and humanitarian David Oyelowo once again prove that he is just not about talking but also about taking concrete steps to assist those less unfortunate, like survivors of the terror group, Boko Haram.

Oyelowo in partnership with an NGO, GEANCO, has announced the award of scholarships to five girls who survived terror from the dreaded Boko Haram group.

Writing of the award on his Instagram page, the actor says:

Proud to present the glorious recipients of the David Oyelowo Leadership Scholarship. They survived terror at the hands of Boko Haram, now the journey toward their true destiny has begun. Learn more at @geancofdn.


Naturally, we followed the link he provided, and this is what we learned from the foundation:

@geancofdn:Our @davidoyelowo Leadership Scholars, right before heading back to school after their winter break. Such bright colours and smiles!! The inspirational young lady in purple on the far left just won a regional essay contest. Boko Haram kept her out of school for three years, but she is roaring back and excelling after only just a year and a half at her new school. So, so, so proud!!!

To find more about GEANCO and the work they do transforming lives of the vulnerable in Africa, visit their website.

Well done to the actor for putting smiles on the faces of these young ladies. And to the girls, the sky is the limit.


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22 thoughts on “Nigerian-British actor David Oyelowo gifts scholarship to 5 Boko Haram survivors”

  1. Good from him,he has done a great job and I think everyone is going to remember him for this good he has done,may God replenish his pocket.

  2. To all those nollywood Actor and Actress who use their money for useless and expensive items, shame to Them They should have just followed the footstep of this guy. May GOD strengthen him and bless him the more.

  3. shame to all celebrities that use there money for make up and possess material things which will never last with them should see this and learn from it

  4. at least his helping our government to carry out his least if every single man in this country has the same kind heart and do generous like him..this country would be a better place for all

  5. kudos to this man for his good taught….your name will ever be sure david oyelowo would have recieve many prayers by now

  6. These girls have really suffered in the hands of those devils. Its so Inspiring to see celebrities using their resources to aid the less-priviledged. God bless You David Oyelowo

  7. May the lord remember and replenish you as you keep helping .
    Always know that those girls and all those you are helping won’t forget you in future

  8. For the girl I pray she won’t be broken down when she remembers her experience with boko haram..
    So glad she’s picking up in school and I know she will gain more scholarships


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