Ayo Makun and what he feels about Nollywood

Comedian and actor Ay Makun as taken to his social media page to air his opinion about life in Nollywood.

According to AY’s post, Nollywood is a “backstabbing community where some pretend to love you in the open.” Recall that a few days after actor Kevin Ikeduba shared a video describing Nollywood as a place filled with fake people,

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Riding on the back of Kevin’s description, AY wrote: “As a growing actor and a movie producer, NOLLYWOOD has exposed me to both the good, the bad and ugly. Barely few years in the industry, I have experienced all sorts from the stables of the high and mighty self-entitled stakeholders to the very insecure individuals whose only claim to fame is an old testament fact of “We started this industry.”

The above post by Kevin Ikeduba has given me the courage to further introduce you to our Nollywood. So welcome to an industry where rivalry and fakeness are fast becoming a legacy designed for posterity. Welcome to a backstabbing community where some pretend to love you in the open and condemn all your determination and efforts to succeed when you are not there.

“Welcome to an industry where enmity reigns supreme… Eg “If you are using her in the movie, then I can’t be on it” or “I can’t be in your film and not play the lead role.” Welcome to an industry where some actors have more visible roles on Instagram and Red Carpets. Welcome to an industry where some would maintain a position that would make you keep to yourself rather than ask for a selfie.

Welcome to an industry where some cannot use their platforms to help another colleague to promote his or her work (including the ones they are contracted for). Welcome to an industry where most families mainly depend on public support when one of our own falls sick. Welcome to an industry where some engage themselves daily on WhatsApp groups chatting about how others have no business making movies (even when they break their own records back to back).

“Moving the industry forward goes beyond seeking for the downfall of others, or basking in the euphoria of an old glory that has been taken over by trend and time. Above all, I still see Nollywood as a special place; a place filled with creative geniuses. Working together and supporting ourselves can only make greater arts happen to the diverse audiences we all set out to entertain.

“But at the end of each plastic characters that comes with movie productions, let’s find a way to share our real side. It’ll either scare away every fake person in our life or it will inspire them to finally let go of that mirage called perfection.”

Watch Kevin’s video below:


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