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Actress Anita Joseph expresses disappoinment at actress who shared naked photo with son

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Actress Anita Joseph has expressed disappointment over the photo of a Ghanian actress posing naked with her son.

Nollywood actress Anita Joseph took to her social media page to call out the actress, who identifies as Alade Brown, for posing naked with her son to celebrate his 7th birthday.

It all started when Alade took to her Instagram page to share a photo of herself unclothed while her son wore just his undies. She held his hand in the photo while looking straight at him.

She bent down in a way that her privates were not seen. According to the woman, the reason she posed in such a way with her son was that his birth was a smooth one.

However, her photo and explanation did not go down well with many people including some celebrities called her out.

Sharing the photo on her Instagram page, actress Anita Joseph writes (lightly edited for clarity): “This is all shades of wrong. So you actually went to the studio, removed your Clothes and got naked. How did you even hold your son, watching him see you naked?

I also watched the video you made and also said you bath with your son at this age?

“Aunty you really delusional and you need urgent mental evaluation. You wanted to break the internet but you broke yourself.  Alu melu (abomination).

There are other decent and creative ways to get the attention you needed!! You just messed up this child’s head. It’s a Shame”



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  1. Just saying says

    Confession time. I found Anita Joseph’s post extremely an overreaction. Chill girl. No child was abused here. It’s adults that sexualise children. It’s adults to project their dirty mind on kids.

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