Abba to release studio album after almost 40 years

Pop legends Abba set to release their first studio album, “Voyage”, after 40 years, see who they are and why everyone is excited.

The album “Voyage” is slated for a 5 November 2021 release, and fans are both surprised and delighted by the news. The group, who split up in 1982, ended up back in the recording studio while working on their stage show.

To make it more exciting for their fans, the group revealed two songs from the album: “I Still Have The Faith In You” and “Don’t Shut Me Down”.

Composer Benny Anderson, a member of the group, said: “At first it was just two songs, and then we said, ‘Well, maybe we should do a few others.

“I Still Have Faith In You” is an affectionate piano ballad that portrays the four band members’ bond.

Bjorn Ulvaeus, another bandmate, while explaining the song’s origins, said: “When Benny played the melody, I just knew it had to be about us. It’s about realising that it’s inconceivable to be where we are. No imagination could dream up that, to release an album after 40 years and still be the best of friends, and still be enjoying each other’s company, and have a total loyalty. Who has experienced that? Nobody.

The group also announced a set of virtual concerts slated for next year May. At the concerts, which will be held at a specially built venue in London’s Olympic Park, avatars of the band will be performing.

Fans of the group have gone frantic with excitement and can’t wait for the album to be released.

Who is Abba?

Abba is a Swedish quartet music group formed by two married couples, using the initials of their names. In the 70s, the music group dominated the European charts effortlessly with their hit pop songs.

The group’s fame grew so much that they got to be regarded as one of the most commercially successful groups. However, they probably couldn’t manage the fame with their personal lives, which eventually led to the collapse of both marriages and, later, the group’s disbandment.

In 1999, a compilation of their songs, “Abba Gold”, was released, and as expected, it became a worldwide bestseller.

Abba group members

Abba to release studio album after almost 40 years
Photo of ABBA members now. Photo Credit: Pinterest

1. Benny Andersson – Group’s songwriter and keyboard player. Benny was born on 16 December 1946 in Stockholm, Sweden.

2. Bjorn Ulvaeus – Songwriter and guitarist for the group. He was born on 25 April 1945, Gothenburg, Sweden

3. Agnetha Fältskog – Group’s vocalists. Born on 5 April 1950 in Jönköping, Sweden

4. Anni-Frid Lyngstad – Group’s vocalist. Born in Narvik, Norway, on 15 November 1945.


Here are some of the awards won by the group

American Guild of Variety Artists Entertainer of The Year Awards

Vocal group of the year (1981)

Bravo Otto Awards:

  • Pop Group Silver Award(1974)
  • Pop Group Bronze Award (1975)
  • Pop Group Bronze Award(1976)
  • Pop Group Bronze Award(1977)
  • Pop Group Silver Award(1978)
  • Pop Group Silver Award(1979)
  • Pop Group Silver Award (1980)
  • Pop Group Bronze Award(1981)
  • Pop Group Silver Award(1982)

Carl-Alan Awards

1977 The Most Outstanding Group

 World Music Award


The group have won several other awards, including those from other countries such as the West German music prize Deutscher Schallplattenpreis (1975), Dutch music prize Edison Award (the Dutch equivalent of Grammy Awards) (1978), Japan Gold Disc Award from the Recording Industry Association of Japan (2002), and others.

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