Remembering Princess Diana fashion: 10 photos that show her impeccable style

It’s been 24 years since the tragic death of Princess Diana, and the world can not stop remembering her humanitarian work, of course, her impeccable fashion style. 

We have compiled ten photos that show her timeless fashion style.

The late Princess of Wales had an eye for trends, and she wasn’t scared of being daring with her style. 2021 marks the 24th anniversary of her tragic death, and to this day, the world still looks at Princess Diana for some style inspiration.

10 impeccable fashion styles of Princess Diana

1. Little black dress

Princess Diana black dress

The gorgeous princess once wore this black, off-the-shoulder mini dress to an event — at the very same time, Prince Charles was confessing his longtime affair with Camilla Parker-Bowles to the world.

This style can be re-enacted for any occasion of your choice – casual or fancy.

2. Bike shorts

Princess Diana in bike shorts
Princess Diana in bike shorts

Now known as Biker shorts in recent fashion style. She was a complete fan of this style, which she always merged with oversized tops. You’d be surprised to note that this is exactly how it is being worn today.

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3. Polka dots

Princess Diana in Polka dots
Princess Diana in Polka dots

The princess found a way to weave the polka dots style into her wardrobe. This timeless fashion style is still making as much noise as it did in the 80s

4. Halternecks

Princess Diana in Halterneck dress
Princess Diana in Halterneck dress

If you decide to style your halterneck outfit exactly as Princess Diana did in the 90s, you would still pass as being fashionable.
Or, you could decide to go with a pair of drop earrings and strapped sandals instead.

5. Denim Outfit

Princess Diana in denim

A pair of high-wast jeans were a staple for Diana in the late ’80s. She looked effortless and cool for an event at the Guards Polo Club in a graphic sweatshirt under an oversized blazer, styled with denim, slouchy boots and a trucker hat.

6. Fringe coat

Princess Diana in Fringe coat

The princess wore this fringe detailed coat, blue hat and matching shoes while visiting the Guildhall in London after announcing her first pregnancy.

7. Flowing dress

Flowing dress

Princess Diana had a liking for flowing dresses which she matches with plums. In recent times, the flowing dress fashion has been incorporated.

8. Off-shoulder dress


Princess Diana wore an off-the-shoulder dress while visiting Melbourne, Australia. This fashion style is still fashionable to date.

9. Blazer

Princess Diana in blazer

The princess wore a black dress paired with a black-and-white blazer arriving in England.

10. Lace

princess Diana in lace

In recent fashion, lace can be worn for both fancy and casual occasions. 

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