Cardi B speaks on how she got her banging body and we can’t help chuckling

Cardi B is the woman of the moment, with an album that was certified gold within the first week it dropped and a baby on the way, the rapper is easily the most talked-about celebrity at the moment.

With the rave of fame, Cardi B, the first rapper to have her first three Billboard Hot 100 entries in the Top 10 simultaneously is fighting to stay true to her Bronx roots while the world clamours for her to become a global superstar.

Gangsta Boo shows love to Cardi B
Gangsta Boo shows love to Cardi B

In the May issue of the high-end men’s fashion magazine, GQ, the 25-year-old rapper opens up on how she got her great looking body, specifically her “a-s“.

Cardi B

She tells the magazine that her body took shape about four years ago, a few years after she had started her stripping career. According to Cardi, her motivation came about after her then-boyfriend cheated on her with a woman with a “fat big a-s,” and well, because her mates with bigger buttocks were earning more than she did. So why not do it? And she did.

Her words: “When I was 21, I did not have enough meat on my body, if I was to get lipo, I wouldn’t have fat for my a-s,” she says. “I wanted fat for my a-s because my boyfriend had recently cheated on me with a woman who had a fat, big a-s and I’d observed that my colleagues with big asses made more money than I did stripping, regardless of dancing technique.”

Cardi B

Cardi reveals she got her big buttocks in a basement in Queens after paying $800.00 to a woman who injected then with fillers.

They don’t numb your a-s with anything, it was the craziest pain ever. I felt like I was gonna pass out. I felt a little dizzy. And it leaks for, like, five days,” she claims.

The circumference of the final product cannot be determined beforehand, which makes this procedure risky even among legal medical procedures. While Cardi was happy with her brand new buttocks, she planned to return for a touch-up. However, by the time she was to go get it, the lady had got locked up because she supposedly killed somebody. Clarifying Cardi’s says: “somebody died on her table.”

Scary stuff, isn’t it? But we love us Cardi B.

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