The Comic ‘Pakistan Girl’ Will Help Fight Violence And Abuse.


Hassan Siddiqui created the comic series Pakistan Girl hopes his teen superhero will give young girls across Pakistan a role model to inspire them to stand up against corruption and violence.


The story is based on a super hero named Sarah who was a normal teenager owning a cat until she awoke from a coma that had been caused by a blast in her village, she uses her power to fight violence and abuse.




In the first series, Sarah wears a green superhero outfit complete with a green cape that is translated to mean the national color of Pakistan and she whips a man who beats a woman in the market and also saves a girl that is held hostage by a corrupt police officer who wants a bribe.


Hassan had created a former comic that was titled Pakistan Man and it was widely received with the hero battling The Corrupter, a man who is the villain that is responsible for banning YouTube.


He told AFP that there were shortage of female models and superheroes and he just tried to create something girls and boys can look up to and gain courage.


The comic has been widely commended and received positive reviews and a school principal, Saadia Adnan said he hopes the comic will serve as a tool in teaching literacy to children as reports show that 24 million Pakistani children do not go to school and of this number 12.8 million are girls while 11.2 million are boys.


The comic was written in English and the owner of Saeed Book Bank, Ahmad Saeed is optimistic that the sales of the comic will soar.


Source: hindustantimes

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