Five Books You Would Love To Read.


Though the measure of a person’s exposure or literal fervor is not to be streamlined to a particular set of books or notable writers that gives anyone the right to make a caustic statement like:


“Oh! You’ve not read A Song of Ice and Fire? Well, you are not …”


However, the book world thrives based on recommendations, reviews and of course criticism even less constructive ones.


Below are some books that you should read and if you have read them, well …


The Lord of the Rings (Trilogy)


Written by John R.R. Tolkien.


Like many who saw the movie before the book, there was a conflict within me as to the need to read something I have seen, but whoever coined the phrase ‘never judge a movie by its book’ must have been highly inspired by a supernatural force. The book, though lengthy with a little bit of ‘excess’ description of the fantasy world’s look, is a beautiful thing to experience. The writer created a whole different world that still somehow could relate with our real world and this book can never be overhyped.


A Time to Kill.


Written by John Grisham.


Talk about a page turner! It was difficult to put down even if it is to drink water and the emotion conveyed throughout the book was so real that I had to check if it was based on a true life story. And to Grisham’s credit, he didn’t burden us with excessive details of law procedures and instead focused on the story telling. Read this book sometime and thank me.


The Heart of the Matter.


Written by Graham Greene.


This is the only book I have read by this author but I would blindly pick another of his book if I find it anywhere because of the way he uses language. Weaving words with words into sentences that cuts straight to the soul, Graham Greene like many other writers I have come to love serves tragedy on the most beautiful platform and though it is a heartbreaking book, I have read it more than once.




Written by Amma Darko.


It holds the record of the most read the book by me. I still cannot get enough from the book and when I see it again, I am sure to reread it. It borders on tragedy and something that gives hope, but tells of Africa in an African way. The sprinkling of humor here and there was not lost on me as well and it is well delivered.


Angels and Demons.


Written by Dan Brown.


This guy deserves an award for writing the most hated and most loved single book (of course after his Da Vinci’s Code). The book gives details that would leave you checking Google every chapter you finish. Though he did not dwell on language beauty but what he lacked in literary prowess, he made up for in brilliance. A thriller that hits you like a trailer you didn’t see coming.


There are many other beautiful books on shelves waiting to be indulged, take them and read them.

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Obinna is a fiction writer from Lagos, Nigeria, and grew up loving comic book characters and superheroes. He watches lots of action films and writes entertainment and technology articles. He is also interested in science and how things work.

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