Ernest Cline announces long-awaited book sequel – Ready Player Two

Ernest Cline has announced the release of his new book “Ready Player Two”, which is the sequel to his  2011 best-selling futuristic sci-fi novel, “Ready Player One”.

Sci-fi fans may be getting a film sequel of “Ready Player One” after the author, 48-years-old Ernest Cline, announced the book’s second part, “Ready Player Two”.

In 2018, seven years after the initial release of the novel, ace Hollywood director Steven Spielberg and Cline came together to convert the book to film. Needless to say, it was a huge success.

However, at this time, there is no detail on when (or if) “Ready Player Two” will become a film; but Cline cryptically said that there is a good chance of this happening.

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Also, the fact that the author confirmed giving early access of the sequel to Director Spielberg is a good sign as well. In fact, Steven Spielberg had told Cline to ensure that Nolan Sorrento – a character from the first book and one played by actor Ben Mendelsohn in the film – has more appearances.

Ready Player Two by Ernest Cline
Book cover.

While trying his best not to spoil the book for fans who are yet to buy it, Cline gives some insight on what it is about.

“I kind of show them struggling with the ethics and the ramifications of their technology and how it affects people’s lives,” the writer said. Also, while it shows technology advancements way ahead of what was in the prequel, “Ready Player Two” focuses more on the way characters deal with the good and bad aspects of their technology.

We hope Ready Player Two film will not take as long as seven years to get to us. You can buy the book on Amazon via this link.


Besides writing Sci-fi books, Ernest Cline is also a spoken word artist and an award-winning poet. Universal Pictures bought his second novel titled “Armada” for an undisclosed ‘seven-figure sum’ in 2015.

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