Beyoncé due to give birth mid-May 2017

Beyoncé will be giving birth after mid-May, that is if doctors can predict, just by looking at pictures, when someone is likely to put to bed. The music icon first announced her pregnancy on 11 February 2017 via an Instagram post that has since garnered nearly an 11 million likes. Needless to say, there has been a lot of buzz since then surrounding the pregnancy, especially among fans.


The ultra-private superstar is not revealing much so speculation is live. According to an article that appeared on, one Beyoncé fan is so very anxious to know whether the fan’s sister, who is also pregnant, will give birth on the same date as the superstar. The fan, therefore, incorporated the help of a gynaecologist, Dr Lama Tolaymat, who specialises in maternal foetal medicine.


Referencing Beyoncé’s most recent post (on Instagram) showing off her budding belly, Dr. Tolaymat says Beyoncé, as of April 2, 2017, is probably 32 weeks pregnant. She explains that pregnancy lasts 40 weeks, but twins are usually delivered a couple of weeks earlier at 38 weeks. So, Beyoncé could very well give birth by mid-May.


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Let us not forget that this prediction was based on pictures that only analysed the superstar’s ‘baby bump’. Such analysis, however, gets a lot more complicated with twins (Queen Bey is pregnant with twins).  A great deal depends on the exact positions the twins are resting.  Accordingly, ‘ baby bumps’ can look quite enormous, even weeks away from the actual birthing date.  That can lead some to think a twins pregnancy is more advanced than it really is. As Dr Tolaymat pointed out,



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“With twins, [the mothers] are usually bigger, but depending on how [the twins are] lying, if they’re next to each other, she may not look as big vs. if they’re on top of each other. So, if they lay in her belly next to each other, you know, side-by-side, the belly may not look as” high as they would if they were lying first one on top of the second.


So, it’s a date! We look forward to the happy occasion, and we wish Beyoncé an easy pregnancy and a smooth and safe delivery.

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