BBNaija: Top 10 benefits of being a Big Brother Nigeria housemate

Every year, thousands of people apply to be a part of the Big Brother Nigeria show for various obvious reasons. 

In the same way, every year, only a handful of people, making up only twenty or so people, make it into the house and entertain the world for a number of days, becoming instant celebrities.

What is obvious to the eye is just how big these people’s personal brands become, compared to what they were before they got into the house.

Thus, it can be argued that Big Brother Nigeria is a huge jackpot for anyone who manages to make it into the Big Brother Nigeria house.

Apart from the fame and prestige that comes from the show, however, there are several other benefits too, some that can be quantified, and others that can’t.

So, if you want to go for the BBNaija show, in addition to all the benefits that you think you will get from this opportunity, here are some others, some of which you undoubtedly did not think of.

1. The Big Brother Nigeria winner takes home a sizeable cash prize

This has got to be the greatest motivator for anyone going into the Big Brother Nigeria show. Every single housemate has expressed their desire to remain until the last day and win the cash prize. And is that any surprise considering how much it is?

For the fourth season, tagged BBNaija Pepper Dem, the winner went home with 25 million Naira cash. No matter how much you look at it, it is a considerable amount of money. And it only seems to be going up.

For the 5th season, the 2020 edition which has been named BBNaija Lockdown, twenty housemates are battling for the 30 million Naira cash prize.

For this reason, thousands of people flock to the audition centres every year, trying more than once at the auditions in order to get into the house and stand a chance to win the money.

2. The added gifts and benefits

Apart from the grand prize, there are also several gifts and benefits that come hand in hand with being on the big brother Nigeria show.

The winner of the show gets several other additional gifts apart from the cash prize, including trips to Dubai and to watch international football matches.

They also get additional gifts like electronics and free gifts from the sponsors of the show. This is not to say that other housemates go home empty-handed. Oh no!

Housemates, while they are still in the Big Brother Nigeria house, stand the chance to win a wide range of prizes too. During BBNaija Pepper Dem, Jackye, Seyi and Mike won prizes while they were in the house.

3. Enthusiastic Big Brother Nigeria fans

There is a huge possibility that you will leave the Big Brother Nigeria house with a horde of fans who will love and defend your every action both within and outside the house.

An example of this is from the just concluded BBNaija season, tagged BBNaija Pepper Dem. One of the most visible housemates, Tacha, enjoyed the love of fans so much in the house, who defended her while she was in the house, trending hashtags every day.

After she exited the house, they continued to use new hashtags every single day, ensuring that she remained in the spotlight. Additionally, they purchase every single thing that Tacha advertises, whether it is for herself or a brand she represents.

This is true for others including Cee-C, Tobi, Mercy, Mike, Diane, and so many others.

The fans you stand to gain after the fans are invaluable as they will unconditionally support you. Many fanbases have even been known to gift their favourite housemate a car or even cash and house gifts.

Of course, this is tempting to anyone and is no doubt one of the reasons why people join the show. You can sell practically anything as long as you have loyal fans who will buy what you sell.

4. The people you meet within the house

One huge bonus of getting into the Big Brother Nigeria house is the tens of interesting people you will meet and connect with while you are in the house.

While most people don’t really think about the people that they meet within the house, this is something that they realize that they need when they eventually leave the house.

A number of people form lifelong relationships within the house: Tobi and Alex, Tobi and Miracle, Mercy and Diane, Mike and Mike, and so many other relationships that were formed within the BBNaija house.

These friendships usually yield business arrangements or sometimes, just a camaraderie with someone who understands what it is that you went through in the house. This can translate to a deeper friendship.

5. The connections you get outside the house

Once you get out of the BBNaija house, whether you win the show or not, a number of influential people will recognize your talent and reach out to you.

In fact, these people would most likely have chosen to follow you even before you exited the house.

Thus, when you exit the house, you can then find out about these relationships and level up on them in order to achieve your goals for going into the house in the first place.

The connections that you form with people are extremely important, so no matter which situation you find yourself, you need to be open to making friends and forming new relationships.

The wider you cast your net, the better your catch. Of course, you must always have something to offer too. It’s a give and take thing.

6. You get a mini-vacation for a few weeks

If you are the kind of person who is not likely to get a vacation anytime soon or you just need a vacation for whatever reason, then the Big Brother Nigeria house is the best place to do it.

First, this is the best kind of vacation you can go on. You lose nothing and stand to gain a lot if only you can use the cards in your deck well.

You will get access to free food, quality entertainment, stand the chance to win a mouthwatering amount of money and many other attractions upon your exit from the house. There is literally nothing to lose by going into the house.

What is more? You don’t even pay for the chance to relax, have fun and enjoy yourself, playing the best mind game that you can. All you need to do is to apply and pray that you are selected, it is that simple.

7. The publicity

Every year, millions of people watch the Big Brother Nigeria show, applaud their favourites and notice one or two new things about the housemates.

For this reason, there is no better place to showcase your talent and discover yourself. For this, there are two examples.

Omashola, from the BBNaija Pepper Dem house, said to Biggie during a diary session that he thought he was talentless before he got into the BBN house but after, he realized that he has quite a lot to offer.

Since the show has ended, the reality TV star has gone on to star in a couple of movies and is doing very well for himself as a model amongst other things.

In a similar vein, Laycon from the BBN Lockdown house is a talented rapper who has promoted himself since the very first day he got into the house.

The result? His recently released EP, ‘Who is Laycon?’ made its way to the top 10 albums in Nigeria after people found it. So many returns and this is only the tip of the iceberg.

8. Fame

Several housemates who have gone to the BBN house have stated that they only went there for fame. Some of these include BBN Lockdown recently evicted housemate, Ka3na.

She constantly bragged out being a boss lady, saying that she already has money of her own and all she wants is the fame that comes with the show.

Yes, fame is also a social currency. With fame comes a number of benefits including free access to certain spaces and bonus rewards, just for being popular.

So, if you are trying to gain more notoriety in society or in general for whatever purpose, BBN is one way to go, and its fast too.

9. Possibility of endorsements

An overwhelming number of Big Brother Nigeria housemates usually end up bagging endorsements after the show, depending on how well they select their management.

You can also be a part of that and make a lot of money off your brand following your time in the house. Top hair care, vehicle, lifestyle brands and so many other brands want to be affiliated with Big Brother Nigeria housemates because of the wide reach that they have.

As this happens though, you must remember not to get carried away and work on your own brand too because when new housemates inevitably take over, you may be left in the dust.

10. Can possibly find love in the Big Brother Nigeria house

A number of past housemates have found love on the Big Brother Nigeria show, most notably BamBam and Teddy A and Mercy and Ike.

If love is what you’re searching for, then going into the Big Brother Nigeria house may be what it takes to find what you are looking for.

You will need to be careful, calm down and make genuine connections with people as most people only focus on the game. However, remember that what will happen will happen.

So, of course, you want/need the money. But you can also exit the house with the money and the love of your life by your side. Just think about it.


So, are you considering auditioning for the BBNaija show? Well, now you know about the incredible opportunities that are open to you when you decide to go with your heart.

The best part about all this is that this is not the extent of the benefits you can get from the show. Some benefits are such that you can only find out about them after getting into the house and getting the experience.

So, if you are planning to audition for entry into the Big Brother Nigeria house, follow our daily updates of the show and get all the insight you possibly can. You will need it.

Don’t forget to share this article so that your family and friends can read it. Sharing is caring.

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