BBNaija reunion: Frodd talks about his love for Esther [Video]

BBNaija’s Frodd has shed light on how he showed love to Esther in several ways but it was not returned.

The latest BBNaija reunion show had Frodd revealing how he took her with him to many trips abroad.

The Pepper Dem housemate said that Esther never publicly validated their relationship.

According to Frodd, he really likes Esther and cares about her so much. The Pepper Dem housemate said that he took Esther on so many trips abroad just to show that he cares about her.

Who does not like a girl and then they travel to a foreign country to spend Val?” Frodd asks as he speaks about his love for his fellow housemate.

Frodd also stated that Esther knows that he would go to any length to show that he really cares about her.

Sadly, despite all that he has done, Frodd said that he has never gotten sincere appreciation from Esther.

He revealed that people have the perception that Esther likes someone else when she told him that she liked him more.

According to him, Esther’s only duty was to prove that she loved him publicly but she was always concerned about her brand or her image.

Frodd also stated that he regrets putting so much effort into his relationship with Esther as it was not reciprocated.

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14 thoughts on “BBNaija reunion: Frodd talks about his love for Esther [Video]”

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  8. You can’t fake love and you can’t force yourself to love someone. Conversely, don’t force your love on another person. It’s good thing Frodd has moved on. Hopefully, he finds someone that will return his love.

    About Esther though, Frodd’s account appears to make her look like gold digger. Why accept gifts from someone you don’t want? Jeez. That made me sick.

    And if Frodd was correct in his assessment that she’s only concerned about her brand image, does that she considers him beneath her? If that were the case, why accept his gifts? I’m doubly sick.

    It’s a shame this video does not include her reaction. I would have loved to get her perspective.


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