Bambam Biography: BBNaija, Project Fame, marriage to Teddy A, & more

Bambam is a Nigerian ex-reality tv star who appeared on the Big Brother Naija (BBN or BBNaija for short) reality tv show during the 2018 edition tagged Double Wahala. 

Her given name is Oluwabamike Olawunmi and she was born on 29th April 1990. She is from Ilaro Ogun State. Bambam is married to Tope Adenibuyan, also known as Teddy A. They met at the Big Brother house and fell in love. The couple got married in late 2019 and Bambam is expecting their first child.

But before exploring further the biography of Bambam, let us consider some facts about her that we think everyone should know.

10 facts about Bambam that everyone should know

  1. Bambam’s full name is Oluwabamike Olawunmi and she is from Ogun State.
  2. Bamike was a contestant in MTN Project Fame season 8 and made it to the semi-finals.
  3. Bambam lived in the US, the UK, France and several European countries while growing up because her military father was a diplomat.
  4. She graduated with a second class upper degree in Microbiology from The Bells University, Ota, Ogun State.
  5. Bambam was an ex-Big Brother Naija housemate in the Double Wahala edition, which ran in 2018. She had reportedly gone to the show without any of her parent’s knowledge and permission. There she met her future husband, Tope Adenibuyan, who is popularly known as Teddy A.
  6. Bambam was the first contestant to be ever evicted on a Saturday following the traditional BBNaija’s Saturday party. Her boyfriend and future husband, Teddy A, was booted out a day after.
  7. Bamike is a talented singer and also works as a voice-over artist as well.
  8. She wanted a career in Nollywood and attended Royal Arts Academy in 2017. She has also been featured in some films like The Gift and The Foreigner’s God.
  9. Bambam is from a religious home and had led a conservative lifestyle before she became famous. She said her parents were disappointed that she was caught on camera having sex with Teddy A at the BBN house but they were still proud of her.
  10. Bambam is a successful businesswoman and is a CEO of two companies, a skincare line Bam Beauty Oil and a logistics services BBP Express. Bambam also has a clothing line with Ladybeellionaire. The clothing line is called the Bambam x Ladybeellionaire.

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Bambam biography

Bambam Biography: Early life

Bambam was born in Ogun State on 29th April 1990 and was named Oluwabamike Olawunmi. She is the first of two children and according to her, her family was very religious. She also mentioned having a younger brother.

Bamike’s father was in the military while her mother is a retired nurse. Her father worked as a diplomat and this gave them the opportunity to travel around the world. In an interview published in the PUNCH magazine, Bambam said she had lived in the United States, United Kingdom, France and many other countries in Europe.

Despite saying she had great memories of her life as a child, most of what she remembers are her adult experience. Being from a religious household she revealed that her parents were very protective of their children.

Bamike attended the Nigerian Navy Primary School in Apapa, Lagos State. Also, she went to La Folie St. James, Paris, France, for her post-elementary education.

After this, Bambam initially got admission into Igbinedion University, Okada, Edo State, as a medical student, but later got a direct entry admission into The Bells University, Ota, Ogun State. There, she obtained a second class upper degree in Microbiology.

Are Bambam parents divorced?

We found many reports that state that Bamike Olawunmi’s parents are divorced. She also mentioned that her parent’s divorce was behind her decision to attend an acting school (Royal Arts Academy). It was from there that she began to make her way into the entertainment business.

Bambam Biography: Project Fame Season 8

In 2015 Bambam was a contestant in the popular Project Fame singing competition sponsored by MTN. Bambam’s vocal skills got her past the recruiting cuts to the live stages of the contest. However, she finished as a semi-finalist in the season 8 edition of the competition, which Jeff Akoh won.

Despite not winning, she gained a level of popularity. One of her most memorable performances at the competition was when she did a cover of Asa’s song Eye Adaba. Watch below:

Bambam Biography: Acting career

Bamike Olawunmi first got into the movie industry when she came to Lagos from Abuja in 2017. She enrolled in the popular film school, Royal Arts Academy (RAA). The Royal Arts Academy was established in June 2010 by Nigerian film producer Emem Isong.  While at the school, Bambam featured in her first movie titled, The Backup Wife, by Uduak Isong. She got the chance to act alongside Seun Akindele and Bimbo Ademoye.

Bambam Biography: Big Brother Naija (Season 3) 2018

The BBNaija Double Wahala platform launched Bamike ‘Bambam’ Olawunmi into stardom. Many who had never before heard of her, do now because of the show.

In the house, Bambam was rarely in the middle of any drama that the show is popular for, instead, she appeared to have got along with most of the other contestants.

She later revealed that she had previously auditioned for Big Brother Naija in Abuja and had failed to make the cut. Then she tried again in Lagos and this time, on her second attempt, she was able to secure a spot on the widely watched reality show.

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There was also the fact that her parents were not initially in support of the show and what it stands for. So, Bambam, as she revealed on the show, had auditioned for the Big Brother Naija reality tv show without their knowledge and permission.

Also, she mentioned in a post-show interview with PUNCH that she had wanted to get into the contest in order to become famous. Her words:

“Fame has made me more grounded because there’s the likelihood to get carried away if one is not careful. I like to pride myself as a planner and dreamer; an ambitious person. Before [the] film school and Big Brother, I had made up my mind to achieve my goals and BBN was a means to an end for that. I wouldn’t say fame came to me by surprise; I wanted to be picked.”

Bambam and Teddy A in Big Brother Naija House

While in the Big Brother house, Bamike met Tope Adenibuyan who is popularly known as Teddy A. The two of them formed a formidable partnership that we have now seen to be enduring. At first, they had started out as friends looking out for each other and seeking out one another’s company.

Soon, they started showing romantic attachments and became one of the duos that the BBNaija Double Wahala was popular for. Fans called them BamTeddy – a coinage from their names – and it stuck around even after they left the house. It was common for fans of the BBN show to coin such monikers for couples in the Big Brother Naia house. We actually saw quite a few of these monikers during season 3 such as MiNa (Miracle and Nina), CeeBi (CeeCee and Tobi) and LoTo (Lolu and Anto).

The most controversial episode involving Bambam in the BBN house was when the ever-seeing Big Brother camera caught Bambam and Teddy A getting intimate in the restroom, which naturally sparked a debate on social media. Many thought they were doing it for tv rating. However, later events following their eviction from the house proved that the two truly have genuine feelings for each other.

Speaking about the incident in a post-eviction interview, Bambam said the scandal will not define her. According to ex-reality star, what happened had happened and it a story she cannot change and neither will she allow the scandal to get to her.

So far, anyone that has a victory story has a process, and I will go through it, I will just deal with it for what it is,” she says. ”What took place in the house already happened, that is my story and I am sticking to it, I won’t let it get to me cause it is just a process. We are both going to focus on our career and move on,” Bambam adds.

On her parents’ reaction to the incident, Bambam said that they were disappointed but “they are still proud of me, Whatever I did does not make me less of their daughter.”

See Video below

Bambam BBNaija eviction

Bamike did not last long enough in the BBNaija reality show to claim the star prize. She wasn’t even among the finalists. However, her eviction was poignant as she was removed in a fashion no one had ever been evicted from the house prior. On Saturday 31st March 2018, Bambam was evicted from the BBNaija show, just at the completion of their traditional Saturday night party.

Teddy A was caught on camera crying as she moved out of the house. It only took hours for him to follow her as he too was evicted the next day, on Sunday, which was the usual eviction day. So, Teddy A was evicted from the BBNaija Double Wahala edition on Sunday, 1st April 2018.

Speaking about her eviction, Bambam revealed:

“Getting into the house, I was homesick for some days but because of my adaptive nature, I was able to get by. Sadly, when there was tension in the house, it sort of wore me out. I didn’t enjoy the negativity that went around. When I got evicted, it felt like a gush of fresh air.”

However, Bambam has stayed in the spotlight more than many of the contestants who had outlasted her in the competition. She also gets invited to big shows and events to likely lend them an air of importance.

Bambam Biography: After BBNaija

After the leaving the BBNaija show, Bambam and Teddy A worked together on the film: The Gift. Teddy A played the role of an abusive lover in the film while Bambam played the part of a girl, who fell in love with her young teacher and was impregnated by him. The young girl survived the trauma of being a young single parent with the help of her dad but ended up in a relationship with an abusive lover.

According to an Eelive post, BamBam had said about the film:

“Well, it was after Big Brother that I got the script while I was in Abuja. Thin Tall Tony actually introduced me to the director saying a friend of his had cast me for an emotional movie because of how emotional I was in the Big Brother Naija. So when I got the script, I read it and loved it. I felt it was a deep and emotional story and I was ready to shoot it.”

The movie also features Paul Sambo, Oge Okoye, Lota Chukwu, Frankincense Eche-Ben, Precious Ijeoma, Diewait Ikpechukwu and Ola Daniel. It was directed and produced by Emmanuel Princewill.

Teddy A and Bambam marriage

Bambam Teddy A biography

Not long after the film they both featured in, Bambam and Teddy A were in the news again. This time about plans to spend the rest of their lives together.

In August 2019, Bambam and Teddy A posted a video on Instagram officially announcing their engagement. The details were that Tope Adenibuyan known as Teddy A had proposed to Bamike Olawunmi known as Bambam, and she had said “yes” to his proposal.

Not long after that, the couple had their traditional wedding ceremony in September 2019 in Ilaro, Ogun State, specifically at Bambam’s family home. Friends and family attended the ceremony to celebrate with the couple. Ex-housemates like Nina, Cee-c, Lolu, Leo Dasilva and others were also there.

Bambam Teddy A wedding

Two months later in November 2019, Bambam and Teddy A tied the knot at their destination wedding in faraway Dubai. The couple held a star-studded wedding, which was the talk of celebrity circles for weeks. It was a very big deal and widely attended. Even some ex-Big Brother Naija housemates who were not in the Double Wahala edition attended. This includes the likes of Frodd and Omashola. Also in attendance were Ifu Ennada, Belinda Effah, Linda Osifo, Alex and many others.

Bambam’s pregnancy rumours and confirmation

After Bambam and Teddy A tied the knot in traditional rites in September, stories started going around that she was pregnant. However, Bambam did not address the rumours until after her Dubai wedding.

In November, the wife of Teddy A posted a photo of herself on Instagram. In the picture, the ex-reality star clearly spots a baby bump. Bambam confirmed her pregnancy with the caption, writing: “The little one decided to photobomb my hotshot, seems baby would be as vain as me.

BamBam businesses

On the conclusion of the BBNaija Double Wahala edition in April 2018, Bambam launched a skincare product line at a bash party. Her skincare line is called Bam Beauty Oil.

She also runs a Logistics Services within Lagos. Bambam’s logistics service is named BBP Express and according to its Instagram page, it works between 9 am to 6 pm Mondays to Saturday. There is a delivery window of 12 – 48 hours.

Bambam has also collaborated with Ladybeellionaire for a clothing line called the Bambam x Ladybeellionaire. It has some clothes with different names. According to its website, it has about 13 female clothes that are available for purchase

See some photos of the dresses below:

Bambam Biography

Bambam biography

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Also, before they got married, both Teddy A and Bambam had been reportedly planning a designer bag product line. However, there is no information on what became of this business idea.

Teddy A and Bambam domestic abuse allegations

bambam teddy a domestic abuse

An Instagram blogger had stirred up controversy in the lives of Teddy A and Bambam. The blogger had posted:

It’s very true that Teddy A beats Bambam. It’s also very very worrying

Guys, 2020 new year resolutions, please don’t marry a man or a woman who abuses you just to prove a point to people you don’t even know.

Beating was before wedding and chances that it won’t come back after Bambam delivers her baby is only in God’s hand. You can be rude etc to me but it doesn’t change the fact that we need to keep Bambam in our prayers.”

There seems to be no credibility to the post, however, as both Teddy A and Bambam came out to debunk the rumour.

Teddy A had responded:

“I think many people understand that you are spreading lies to grow your little blog, you wanna grow I get it. It’s also obvious you’ve been [paid] to defame me. 

Petty, irrelevant bloggers like you with no credibility will get what’s coming soon. I’d take this up legally but you are a faceless nobody so it’s a waste of my time and I doubt you could even pay up if that lawsuit were to hit you. 

Keep my name and that of mine off your blog if you wanna continue running this little page.”

Bambam also said:

“My baby has and would never hit me! We frown at this lies and will get to the bottom of these lies and deliberate attempts at defaming our character as a couple.”

The couple also shared a video with Bambam declaring: “My baby has never and would never hit me

Bambam net worth

There is no verifiable information on what Bambam’s net worth is. But it’s clear she’s doing well for herself. She has built two businesses, works in the entertainment sector and is a brand influencer. BamBam probably worths tens of millions.

Final thoughts …

Bambam has a calm demeanour as well as a wide range of talent. She is a good singer and a good actress as well. Her style of dressing is also notable as well. She can pull off a conservative look one day and an eccentric one the next day.

As Bamike ‘Bambam’ Olawunmi Adenibuyan is an expectant mother, fans and well-wishers look forward to her putting to bed safely.

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