Who is Ranvir Singh husband Ranjeet Singh Dehal? – See pictures and facts

Ranjeet Singh Dehal is the former husband of the political editor and newsreader/deputy presenter of “Good Morning Britain” (GMB), Ranvir Singh. Ranjeet and his ex-wife, Ranvir Singh, had a quiet relationship, but we found that the pair had a son, Tushaan, together.

Tushaan was born in 2012, the same year the pair got married, and would be 9 years old by now. Ranjeet is a very private person, however, his wife is a famous TV personality, and it seems both of them live in two separate worlds.

The nature of the job Ranjeet does is not known publicly, neither is his age and many other personal details. We only found hints that he runs a relatively successful business. Meanwhile, his ex-wife Ranvir is known for being the host of GMB. She is a famous face on television and seems to be the sole custodian of their child after their divorce.

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Top 10 facts about Ranjeet Singh Dehal

  1. Ranjeet Singh Dehal is of British-Indian descent, and we estimate that he will be in his late 40s, given his wife’s age.
  2. He is a divorcee and appears to have stayed single after leaving his wife of about 6 or 7 years.
  3. Ranjeet was married to popular television host Ranvir Singh, but it seems that they agreed to keep their relationship out of the news, which they did a good job at.
  4. Ranvir Singh is a British television presenter and journalist, and she worked as the Political Editor and newsreader/deputy presenter for “Good Morning Britain”.
  5. He has only one known child, Tushaan, who he had with his ex-wife.
  6. Ranjeet Singh Dehal has no known social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) profile.
  7. He is quite tall as images of him online show, and some unverified sources claim that he is a businessman who runs some relatively successful string of businesses.
  8. His ex-wife, Ranvir Singh is an accomplished TV host and appears in the news while he prefers to stay in the shadows.
  9. Ranjeet Singh Dehal has appeared in numerous searches all over the internet but still manages to elude prying eyes.
  10. Ranjeet got married to Ranvir Singh in 2012 at a private ceremony, and, in 2019, she confirmed that they were divorced.

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Early life and education

Mr Ranjeet Singh Dehal is a British national as well as Indian. This is likely because his parents were Indian immigrants in England, or he had migrated at a young age and became a citizen. It is hard to confirm any of this because information on where he was born is unavailable at this time, neither do we have confirmed reports on where he schooled as he is a very private person.

In fact, the only reason why he is famous was his marriage to popular television personality and host of the Good Morning Britain show, Ranvir Singh. Singh, unlike her ex-husband Ranjeet, is more of an open book. You can see more about her in later parts of this article.

Ranjeet’s occupation is also not available, but we found some unverified claims that he is a businessman. He is also said to be relatively successful, but no mention is made of his business name.

Personal life and relationship

Ranjeet Singh Dehal is very private with his personal life. He was married to GMB host Ranvir Singh, but the pair are already divorced. Their marriage took place in 2012, and it produced a child.

Ranjeet and Ranvir are parents of Tushaan, who was born in 2012. The nature of why the couple had to be separated is unknown, and it was not until 2019 that information about their split hit the news.

The “Good Morning Britain” host hinted that their split was because she looked through his phone one time and found something incriminating on it. She said this during one of her shows with Ben Shephard.

How many children does Ranjeet Singh Dehal have?

It is unknown whether Ranjeet has been in previous relationships before he and Ranvir Singh got together, nor after their split. However, Ranjeet and Ranvir have just one child together, a son.

The boy’s name is Tushaan, and he was born in 2012, which puts his age at 9 years in 2021.

Also, Ranjeet seems not to have full custody of the child as Ranvir once claimed she struggles with an enormous amount of guilt with Tushaan for not always being there when he leaves for school. She revealed that she worries he might hate her when he grows up because she is rarely around.

Is Ranjeet Singh Dehal married?

Ranjeet Singh may or may not be married. We are only aware of his union with Ranvir Singh, a popular TV personality on “Good Morning Britain”. Sadly, their union has now ended, and they have gone their separate ways since then.

Perhaps, the interest in Ranvir Singh’s former husband is because people want to know what caused their breakup. Well, she has not made this revelation. When she does, we will update this section.

His ex-wife once shared she might be able to talk about it someday, and maybe it would help others learn from her experience. It is unclear if Ranjeet is currently single or he’s dating as he is not a celebrity and doesn’t share such personal details.

Who is Ranvir Singh husband Ranjeet Singh Dehal, pictures, facts, career - Sidomexentertainment.com
Ranvir Singh looking radiantly beautiful

Ranvir Singh

Ranvir Singh was born on 11 August 1977, and she turns 44 on her birthday in 2021. She was born into a Sikh family, and she holds a Bachelor’s Degree in English and Philosophy. Additionally, she has a postgraduate qualification in journalism.

Singh is an alumnus of the University of Lancaster and the School of Journalism, Media and Communication, the University of Central Lancashire in Preston.

From 2002 to 2012, Ranvir Singh worked at BBC and rose from an intern on a six-month contract to co-presenter on BBC “North West Tonight” and “Radio 5 Live”. She left BBC and joined ITV as ITV Breakfast programme “Daybreak” host. After occasionally reviewing the newspapers on “This Morning” for two years, she joined “Good Morning Britain” as a features correspondent and news presenter.

Singh was the host of “Real Stories with Ranvir Singh” between 2015 and 2016. She became internationally famous after she reacted quickly to the developing story of the 2017 Westminster attack. The attack had happened while she was routinely presenting “Good Morning Britain”.

This reaction has been credited for the “Good Morning Britain” Team winning a prestigious Golden Nymph Award in the ‘Live Breaking News’ category at the 59th Monte-Carlo Television Festival in 2019. They beat CNN and Al Jazeera teams to the award.

In October 2015, Ranvir Singh won Media Personality of the Year at the Asian Media Awards.

Did Ranvir Singh remarry after her divorce?

Ranvir is a single parent ,and she currently lives in Chilterns with her only son, Tushaan. Since her split from Ranjeet Singh Dehal, she hasn’t been officially linked romantically with anyone.

However, during her appearance on the “Strictly Come Dancing” show, it was rumoured that there was romance between she and Giovanni Pernice, who has been a part of the series since 2015.

On many occasions she has tried as much as possible to stay away from disclosing information regarding her private life as well.

She and Giovanni also denounced the notion of a romance between them a couple of times. But she made her status known during the show as well saying she wouldn’t mind being struck down by the “Strictly” curse as she is single.

Ranvir Singh and her dance partner Giovanni, Who is Ranvir Singh husband Ranjeet Singh Dehal, pictures, facts, career - www.sidomexentertainment.com
Ranvir Singh and her dance partner Giovanni

Ranjeet Singh Dehal Net Worth

Ranjeet leads a very private life, and as of this publication, no information on what he does for a living is available anywhere. Also, it is unclear if he has any assets as none of this information is out to the public. His lifestyle makes it difficult to ascertain his net worth.


Although curiosity is on the high side and people would love to find out about who Ranjeet Singh Dehal really is as opposed to just the faint notion that he was once married to popular TV host Ranvir Singh, it is incredibly impressive how he has practically kept his life under the radar and away from the prying eyes of the public. 

Ranjeet does not even have any known social media account as of this publication, so it’s even more difficult to deduce from pictures or posts he would have made if he has an online account.

In this day and age where it is easy to find information on most people online, kudos should be given to Ranjeet, who was once married to a popular TV host for keeping himself on a low.

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