Who is Paget Brewster? Here’s all we know about the actress and singer

If you are thinking, is this not Kathy from the popular sitcom “Friends”, then your head is in the right place, and yes, you are correct. Paget Brewster became famous for her role on the NBC TV show, but the American actress and singer was first noticed in the crime drama “Criminal Minds”, she was a recurring cast from 2006-2012 as FBI Supervisory Special Agent Emily Prentiss.

She is also a very famous voice actor in animations such as the voice of Birdgirl in “Harvey Birdman”, “Attorney at Law”, and “Birdgirl”. Brewster voiced Sara Kingsley on the Fox sitcom “Grandfathered”, and voicing Donald Duck’s twin sister Della in the 2017 series of DuckTales.

Paget Brewster is multi-talented, and she also occasionally works for the modelling website SuicideGirls.com as a photographer.

Did you know that she was once a bartender and was a lead singer in the New York-based band Mechanical Bride? Well, these and more is what we would be discussing in this article, so enjoy.

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10 need to know facts about Paget Brewster

  1. Paget Brewster was born on 10 March 1969 to Galen Brewster and Hathaway Brewster, and she has a younger brother named Ivan.
  2. Her parents named her after 1950s actress Debra Paget.
  3. She has always had a passion for designing and enrolled into Parsons School of Design following her move to New York after high school.
  4. Acting was an interest triggered after moving to San Francisco, and she dropped out of design school to take acting classes in order to polish her skills.
  5. Before she started acting, Paget used to work as a bartender and was also a lead singer in the New York-based band Mechanical Bride.
  6. Paget Brewster was once offered a spread in Playboy Magazine, but she declined and has also volunteered as an actress in the Young Storytellers program.
  7. She married Steve Damstra on 28 November 2014 and revealed that she doesn’t want any children.
  8. On Instagram, Paget Brewster has over 437k followers.
  9. Paget is also a singer, who at one point, wanted to be a Rockstar and has voiced several animated characters such as Della Duck in “The Duck Tales”.
  10. She has an estimated net worth of $9 million in 2020.

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Early life, family background, and education

Who is "Friends" Kathy actress Paget Brewster? Facts, sexy photos, more
Paget Brewster at a film premiere

Her full name is Paget Valerie Brewster, and she was born in the late 60s, to be factual, Paget was born on 10 March 1969.

She was given her name by her parents, who decided it would be nice for her to be named after Debra Paget, who was an actress in the 1950s. Paget’s parents are Galen Brewster and Hathaway Brewster.

Her father, Galen Brewster, worked as a school administrator, while her mother, Hathaway Brewster (née Tew), worked as a government official. The pair raised Paget up in Concord, Massachusetts.

She wasn’t the only child of Mr and Mrs Brewster though, and she has a kid brother named Ivan Brewster. Paget also attended a New England boarding school where her parents were teachers.

After boarding school, Paget moved to New York City to attend Parsons School of Design for one year. She always had a passion for designing, and that influenced her decision. However, she didn’t finish at Parsons School of Design.

Brewster dropped out during her first year in design school to pursue a career in acting. She enrolled in an acting school in the mid-1990s after moving to San Francisco to take acting classes.


Who is "Friends" Kathy actress Paget Brewster? Facts, sexy photos, more
Paget Brewster on popular sitcom Friends

Paget Brewster might be an accomplished actress today, but her journey started on a different path. She initially pursued her childhood passion of becoming a fashion after finishing high school, and moved to New York City to attend a design school.

She enrolled at Parsons School of Design for a year-long program but couldn’t conclude her training because she had started developing an interest in acting.

Paget Brewster ultimately dropped out of the program, and after moving to San Francisco in the Mid 1990s, she started taking acting classes to polish her skills.

IMDB also noted that Paget Brewster volunteered as an actress in the Young Storytellers program, and this confirms her growing interest in the craft.

She kicked off her showbiz career by hosting a late-night talk show in the San Francisco Bay Area called “Paget”, between 1994 and 1995, lasting 65 episodes at KPIX-TV.


One of Paget Brewster latest works was in the TV series “Grandfathered”. The show is an American sitcom that premiered in 2015 but sadly had only one season. Initially, it was supposed to be called Grandpa, and it had a total of 22 episodes.

The series recounts the life of a bachelor who owns a restaurant. He soon discovered that he has a son and a granddaughter from a relationship that occurred over 25 years prior to the events of the series.

Paget Brewster played a notable role on “Grandfathered”, starring as Sara Kingsley, Gerald’s mother, Edie’s grandmother, and Jimmy’s ex-girlfriend. She and Jimmy broke up because she could not stand his self-absorbed and career-obsessed personality. After their breakup, she discovered she was pregnant with Jimmy’s child (Gerald), but she chose to hide it from him until 25 years later.

Paget Brewster Nude

In Hollywood, one of the underlying tones of the industry is the ability of actors and actresses to stand out due to impeccable acting skills. These skills mean they can absorb any role and make it a reality for viewers to relate with and be impressed.

As such, different characters comes with different expectations, and more often than not, some characters that require romance go almost all the way. Hence, once or twice, your favourite actors might find themselves shooting nude scenes. Paget Brewster, on one occasion, found herself in such a situation.

While filming for “Huff”, an American drama television series that aired from 7 November 2004 to 25 June 2006, Paget Brewster’s character had a nude scene. She played Beth Huffstodt, Huff’s loving yet capricious wife, who helps Huff avoid meltdowns while providing welcome, wifely support and amenities.

Della Duck

You would recall earlier we mentioned Paget Brewster held down a career as host of a late-night talk show, well you need to listen to her talk.

She is an actress through and through, and sometimes you find her playing voice to animated characters. One of such occasions puts her in the shoes of Della Duck, Donald’s twin sister in the 2017 series of DuckTales.

Paget Brewster also got nominated for her performance as Della Duck during the 2020 Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Performer in an Animated Program.


According to Paget Brewster, starring in the TV series “Friends” was her first real experience as an actress.

She joined the cast of the popular sitcom “Friends” in its fourth season, starring as Kathy. During her time on the hit comedy series, Brewster appeared in six episodes and revealed she broke quite a few rules when she wasn’t shooting.

Criminal Minds (Season 5)

Brewster portrayed Emily Prentiss on CBS’s crime drama TV series “Criminal Minds”. She (Prentiss) made her first appearance in episode nine of season two, replacing Agent Elle Greenaway (Lola Glaudini), who had quit in “The Boogeyman”.

Paget got a reduced role in the show’s sixth season, which she believed to be financial reasons but returned to her role during the show’s seventh season. She made her final appearance as a main cast member on 16 May 2012 in the episode “Run” but reprised the role again in 2014 for the 200th episode. Following the departure of co-star Shemar Moore during the season 11 episode “Tribute”, Prentiss returned, again. In season 12, she became a regular after co-star Thomas Gibson was dismissed from the show.

Uncle Nicks

“Uncle Nick” is another film that Paget Brewster was cast in. She played Sophie in the comedy film, which was released on 4 December 2015.


Paget Brewster (Francesca “Frankie” Dart) played the role of a consultant hired to help improve Greendale School in the American television sitcom “Community”.

She joined the show in its sixth season playing a no-nonsense adviser tasked with turning the school around. She answers some questions in an interview with Variety about the show. You can read up.

Personal life

Outside of her career as an actress, Paget Brewster is a happily married woman with no children. In fact, this is a decision she reached with her partner.

She grew up in Concord, Massachusetts, with her younger brother Ivan and her parents Galen Brewster and Hathaway Brewster.

Also, according to IMDB, Answers believes Paget Brewster is a descendant of Mayflower passenger William Brewster‘s son Love. According to them, Paget is William’s 9th-great-granddaughter.

She moved around a lot and after her high school education, including a move to New York before finally settling in San Francisco.

She married her heartthrob, Steve Damstra, on 28 November 2014. Steve is a singer, songwriter and film score composer and has worked as the composer for movies like “Cheap Thrills”, “The Hot Chick”, “The Saint Bernard Syndicate”, “Teenage Cocktail”, “The Learning Curve”, and “Excision”.

A year before the wedding, she took to Twitter to announce her engagement by posting a photograph of the jade engagement ring on her finger.

Their wedding ceremony took place in Los Angeles, and the procession was officiated by “Criminal Minds” co-star Matthew Gray Gubler, their best friend.

Back in 2006, during the episode of “Late Night with Conan O’Brien”, Paget Brewster revealed that she had received a handwritten note indicating Hugh Hefner himself would like her to pose for Playboy magazine. Her parents even gave her their blessing to do it, but she eventually refused.

She seems to love cooking a lot, and her IG page is decorated with images of her cooking.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Paget Brewster (@pagetpagetgram)

Paget Brewster on social media

She can be found on Instagram as @pagetpagetgram with over 437k followers, while on Twitter, her handle is @pagetpaget. She also has a website pagetbrewster.com.

You can give her a follow to find out about her day to day living there.

Net worth

This actress has a very long list of jobs (acting and voicing) that she has been recruited for over the years, and this means she’s a long list of paychecks too. She has been estimated to be worth over $9 million.


Paget Brewster is a self-aware celebrity who believes people shouldn’t allow their lives to be reduced to things they own, and even if she picks the wrong men she believes it’s amazing.

Who is "Friends" Kathy actress Paget Brewster? Facts, sexy photos, more
Paget Brewster holding an ostrich egg

She’s grown her capacity over the years from wanting to become a designer to delving into acting and the likes. She even works occasionally as a photographer.

Paget has laid the foundation to a long and happy life for herself, and she continues to do the groundwork in hopes of a better tomorrow. Her life is really worth emulating.

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