Who is Kaitlyn Dever? – See facts about the actress, lifestyle, career, net worth and more

Kaitlyn Dever is a 24-year-old American actress famous for her roles in the crime drama series “Justified”, which aired on the FX channel from 2011 to 2015.

Many teenagers have risen through the ranks in the movie industry over the years, and while many of them might have fallen off the pecking order, a few of them still hold quite an honourable stand. Miss Dever falls in the category of the latter.

She’s also earned a couple of followers from the ABC/Fox sitcom “Last Man Standing” (2011–2021) and the Netflix drama miniseries “Unbelievable” (2019), which earned her a Golden Globe Award nomination for Best Actress – Miniseries.

Kaitlyn was named one of Variety’s “10 Actors to Watch” back in 2014, and ever since, she has become one of Hollywood’s top emerging young actresses.

She has put her versatility on full display, appearing in movies such as “J. Edgar” (2011) directed by Clint Eastwood, 2013’s American coming-of-age romantic drama “The Spectacular Now” directed by James Ponsoldt, as well as many others. Also, she was one of the female leads in Kathryn Bigelow’s 2017 American period crime drama film “Detroit”.

10 need to know facts about Kaitlyn Dever

  1. The 24-year-old is the eldest daughter of Tim and Kathy Dever, who were ice skating coaches in Phoenix before moving to Dallas. She has two sisters Mady and Jane Dever.
  2. Kaitlyn Dever’s nickname is KD or Deevs.
  3. She revealed in an answering session with Vanity Fair that her most treasured possession is her Spotify account.
  4. Her first notable acting role was playing Gwen Thompson, a bullied homeless girl in the film “An American Girl: Chrissa Stands Strong” (2009).
  5. Kaitlyn Dever worked alongside DiCaprio for the 2011 film “J. Edgar” at 14.
  6. Acting is Kaitlyn’s main priority, but she is also part of a folk-rock band named Beulahbelle with her sister Mady.
  7. Her father was the voice of the popular TV character Barney for several years.
  8. Kaitlyn Dever has participated in gymnastics, ballet and skating activities.
  9. She was nominated for the Golden Globe Awards for Best Actress – Miniseries for her role in “Unbelievable” (2019).
  10. The actress appears to be single at the moment, but she was rumoured to be dating “Baby Driver” star Ansel Elgort at one point.

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Early life and education

Kaitlyn Dever biography: Outside In, All Summers End, Movies and TV
Kaitlyn in a sleeveless black mini-dress with a feathered skirt at the 2011 Young Artist Awards.

Kaitlyn Dever was born on 21 December 1996 in Phoenix, Arizona, USA, according to her IMDB profile. Her parents are Tim and Kathy Dever, and she has two younger sisters named Mady and Jane Dever.

Dever developed an interest in the performing arts at a very tender age. She revealed that she first picked up a strong interest in it while trying to make her parents laugh.

“That turned into loving the feeling of moving someone. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve been able to take part in projects where people can really see themselves in the character I’m playing, or in the movie in general. That’s been really gratifying. I always go for things that I really love and care about,” she said during a fashion interview with InStyle.

She was five years old when her parents decided to send her to an acting school. It is safe to say her parents discovered what a talent she could become very early and helped to nurture it.

Kaitlyn Dever participated in gymnastics, ballet and skating, but eventually placed all focus on acting. She was properly enrolled into an acting school, Dallas Young Actors Studio, for a month-long acting program, when her family moved to Dallas. In school, she sharpened her acting skills at the studio, and booked a number of commercials, before moving to Los Angeles.

Kaitlyn is really close to her parents and sisters, and they have a strong relationship.

Career as an actress

Kaitlyn Dever biography: Outside In, All Summers End, Movies and TV
Kaitlyn Dever headshot

Kaitlyn got into the acting business at a very tender age and she made her first notable appearance in a movie in 2009. She played the role of Gwen Thompson in the 2009 film “An American Girl: Chrissa Stands Strong”.

Her big break came in 2011 when she starred in the memorable 4-season long arc playing Loretta McCready on the FX drama “Justified”. After receiving critical acclaim for her efforts on “Justified”, she got yet another role in 2011 alongside Tim Allen in the sitcom, “Last Man Standing”.

Other television appearances Kaitlyn Dever made from 2009 down to 2012 includes “Make It or Break It”, “Modern Family”, “Private Practice”, “Party Down”, “The Mentalist”, and “Curb Your Enthusiasm”.

Maddy Belle or Mady Dever?

There has been a misconception between these two names on the internet. Maddy Belle is also not Kaitlyn Dever’s sister or related to her in any way.

Maddy Belle is famously known as a sensational social media personality and model. She is very popular on social networking sites such as Instagram, Twitter, and others.

Kaitlyn Dever biography: Outside In, All Summers End, Movies and TV
Popular social media sensation Maddy Belle in a lingerie.

Mady Dever on the other hand is one of the two younger sisters Kaitlyn Dever has. The duo are also part of a band called Beulahbelle. Who would have thought the amazing actress, Kaitlyn Dever, also doubles as a singer? Well the sisters strengthened their sisterly bond with some studio time and it produced their first ever single, a track titled “Raleigh,” and both of them also appeared in its video.

Hopefully this clears up the confusion.

Watch Beulahbelle’s ‘Raleigh’ below:


Outside In

Outside In

“Outside In” is a 2017 American drama film that featured Kaitlyn Dever starred. She played the role of Hildy Beasley, the daughter of Tom and Carol Beasley. The film is about a love affair which develops between an ex-con, Chris, and Carol.

Carol was Chris’ former high school teacher, and the pair reunited after Chris had just been released from prison after 20 years for murder. Their affair continues to grow, and at some point, they were caught in the act, which resulted in Hildy going missing, and Carol and Chris later found her.

All Summers End

In the 2017 American drama, “All Summers End”, Kaitlyn Dever played a more revered role alongside Tye Sheridan. Kaitlyn (Grace) took a liking to Conrad (played by Tye Sheridan), and the pair starts to spend so much time together.

Conrad, in turn, slowly stopped having enough time for his friends, who because of mischievous dare, had to steal a plant from Grace’s family home. Unknown to them, Eric (Grace’s brother) was home, and he chased them to the outskirts of the town in a car, but an unfortunate accident happened to cause Eric’s car to crash. The boys left him hoping someone else would help him, but he died as a result.

Conrad found out but was unable to tell Grace due to interruptions, and when Grace finally found out, she broke up with him.

Eve Baxter

Eve Baxter is a fictional character played by Kaitlyn Dever in the TV series “Last Man Standing”. She’s been on the show since its inception in 2011.

Eve Baxter is the youngest daughter of Vanessa and Mike Baxter, and she lived quite a youth because her mother and father expect way more from her. Eve loves her dad very much as they have the same interests and is usually on his side rather than Kristin’s or Mandy’s, her sisters.

But her newfound interest in boys began to strain their relationship. Eve joined the junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) to become the first female sniper in the marine corps. She wanted to get into West Point but got rejected before the Air Force Academy later accepted her.

Kaitlyn Dever movies and TV shows

Kaitlyn has been in several roles on screen and got praises for how she can play different roles given to her. This talent has also helped her develop as well as add to her ever-growing filmography.

Here is a list of Kaitlyn Dever Movies

  • Bad Teacher (2011) – played the role of Sasha Abernathy
  • J. Edgar (2011) – played the role of Palmer’s Daughter
  • The Spectacular Now (2013) – played the role of Krystal
  • Short Term 12 (2013) – played the role of Jayden Cole
  • Laggies (2014) – played the role of Misty
  • Men, Women & Children (2014) – played the role of Brandy Beltmeyer
  • All Summers End (2017) – played the role of Grace Turner
  • We Don’t Belong Here (2017) – played the role of Lily Green
  • Detroit (2017) – played the role of Karen Malloy
  • Outside In (2017) – played the role of Hildy Beasley
  • The Front Runner (2018) – played the role of Andrea Hart
  • Beautiful Boy (2018) – played the role of Lauren
  • Them That Follow (2019) – played the role of Dilly Picket
  • Booksmart (2019) – played the role of Amy Antsler
  • Dear Evan Hansen (2021) – played the role of Zoe Murphy

Kaitlyn Dever TV lineup

  • An American Girl: Chrissa Stands Strong (2009) – played the role of Gwen Thompson
  • Make It or Break It (2009) – played the role of Adorable Girl in the Episode: “Pilot”
  • Modern Family (2009) – played the role of Bianca Douglas in the Episode: “Fizbo”
  • Private Practice (2010) – played the role of Paige in the Episode: “Love Bites”
  • Party Down (2010) – played the role of Escapade Dunfree in the Episode: “Party Down Company Picnic”
  • Cinema Verite (2011) – played the role of Michelle Loud
  • The Mentalist (2011) – played the role of Trina in the Episode: “Blood for Blood”
  • Justified (2011 – 2015) – played the role of Loretta McCready
  • Curb Your Enthusiasm (2011) – played the role of Kyra O’Donnell in the Episode: “The Divorce”
  • Last Man Standing (2011 – 2021) – played the role of Eve Baxter Main role (seasons 1–6); recurring role (season 7–9)
  • Unbelievable (2019) – played the role of Marie Adler
  • Home Movie: The Princess Bride (2020) – played the role of Westley in the Episode: “Battle of the Wits”
  • Coastal Elites (2020) – played the role of Sharynn Tarrows
  • Monsterland (2020) – played the role of Toni
  • Dopesick (2021) – played the role of Betsy in the Upcoming miniseries

Booksmart: Cast of Booksmart

Booksmart is an American comedy film directed by Olivia Wilde and it is about two graduating high school girls who set out to finally break the rules and party on their last day of classes.


  • Beanie Feldstein as Molly Davidson
  • Kaitlyn Dever as Amy Antsler
  • Jessica Williams as Miss Fine
  • Lisa Kudrow as Charmaine Antsler
  • Will Forte as Doug Antsler
  • Jason Sudeikis as Principal Jordan Brown
  • Billie Lourd as Gigi
  • Diana Silvers as Hope
  • Skyler Gisondo as Jared
  • Molly Gordon as Annabelle aka “Triple A”
  • Noah Galvin as George
  • Austin Crute as Alan
  • Victoria Ruesga as Ryan
  • Eduardo Franco as Theo
  • Nico Hiraga as Tanner
  • Mason Gooding as Nick Howland
  • Mike O’Brien as Pat the Pizza Guy
  • Bluesy Burke as Cindy
  • Christopher Avila as Rob
  • Stephanie Styles as Alison
  • Adam Simon Krist as D--k
  • Gideon Lang as Skip
  • Maya Rudolph as Motivational Voice

Personal life

Kaitlyn Dever and her sister Mady Dever
Kaitlyn Dever and her sister Mady Dever

Kaitlyn Dever, despite being thrown into the mix at a very tender age, learned to keep her affairs private.

Aside from being an actress and a part-time singer, many other details about Kaitlyn Dever is relatively known as she keeps them away from the prying eyes of the media.

Kaitlyn’s boyfriend or lover is not known as well, but it was rumoured she was dating “Baby Driver” star Ansel Elgort. They never confirmed the relationship.

One thing is certain, Kaitlyn and her family spend a lot of time together.

Net worth

Kaitlyn has been acting since a very tender age and rarely had time to explore other creative paths aside from singing, which she does alongside her sister, Mady.

However, her main source of wealth comes from her acting career, and according to Legit.ng, she has a net worth of over $3 million.


It is okay to start anything one desires to pursue from a very tender age so long it is a cherished passion. Kaitlyn Dever started her career in acting at a very young age. In fact, her parents had a huge role to play as they quickly noticed her flair for it and helped her build a career out of it from a tender age.

Kaitlyn has since starred in several movies, and she is only still 24 years old. There is a long way for her to go, and we hope she keeps entertaining us with her incredible talent.

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