Who is Justaminx? Biography and facts about famous Twitch streamer

Born 3 November 1996, Justaminx is an Irish Twitch streamer, gamer, and singer. She is best known for her Twitch channel, where she streams while singing and/or playing the psychological horror game “Phasmophobia”. She has become famous and garnered a cult following since September 2018, when she started posting on her Twitch account. As of 2021, the 24-year-old boasts over 4 million followers across her social media channels.

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The new generation will undoubtedly have a much easier life than has been recorded or ever experienced in human existence. While this in no way suggests the absence of hard work, the level and pattern of struggles and grinding are definitely worlds apart. This brings us once again to the limitlessness technology has introduced to mankind.

There is an endless list of youngsters who are getting ahead by harnessing the possibilities presented by the internet. They are breaking very little sweat, doing what they absolutely enjoy doing, and making it big while at it. Is there anything better? If “do what you love, and you will never work a day in your life” was a person.

We have shed light on a number of them, but it is nowhere near doing justice to the population of young people maximizing the internet. Justaminx is yet another prominent name and character in this category of people, and you are about to know her more in this biography. First, we’ll take a look at ten facts about her.

10 facts about Justaminx

  1. She was born in November 1996 and will clock 25 on her birthday in 2021.
  2. Although Justaminx’s real name is unknown, a close friend of hers once suggested that her name is Rebecca.
  3. She opened her Twitch account in September 2018, and has garnered 1.2 million followers since then.
  4. Justaminx enjoys singing and dancing as hobbies, that is of course asides playing the video game Phasmophobia.
  5. She has a curvaceous body which she generously shows by wearing revealing outfits while streaming on Twitch.
  6. She has a vested interest in domestic and world politics, and has been seen discussing politics on her streamed chats.
  7. Before her foray into social media, Justaminx planned to become a prison officer, she still has time to do so if she so wishes.
  8. While there is not much information about her childhood, the Ireland-born megastar reportedly had almost all of her education in USA.
  9. About her sexuality, Minx once declared in the past that she is pansexual and as such identifies with any pronoun.
  10. She is estimated to be currently worth between $800,000 and $1,000,000

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Early life and education

There is not much known to the public about Minx early years and childhood. It is known that she was born and raised in Ireland alongside her siblings. Her father is an accountant, and her mother teaches English at a local high school. JustAMinx (as her name is stylised) showed an early interest in singing, so her mother enrolled her at a school of the arts for children at seven.

While growing up, she spent more time with boys than she did with girls. By virtue of this, she picked up an interest in video games and soon became quite good at them, which explains how she became the gamer that she is today. Minx was active in sporting activities in her school days and played soccer. After graduating from high school, she decided to focus on her passion and dedicated her time to growing her internet presence.


JustaMinx’s career is built on social media, online followership and content creation. She has made a name for herself on various social media platforms, where she simply does what she loves and shares it with the audience from all over the world. She runs Twitch, TikTok, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram accounts, with a combined following of over 4 million users. On these platforms, she makes her living through adverts, video views, and endorsements.

Minx Twitch

JustAMinx joined Twitch on 13 September 2016, although she did not become active until 2018, when she started live-streaming nearly every day. She began by streaming herself singing popular pop songs covers and talking to her fans. Her growth on the platform was fast, and she currently has close to 15 million total views. Minx began collaborating with other streamers by making duets and later expanded her field to include streaming gaming videos such as Minecraft, Poker, Apex, and more. She currently has 1.6 million followers, and as of the time of writing this article, Minx is a Twitch partner.

She is known to enjoy long hours of streaming. Minx usually streams for over 50 hours each week, and her live streams have an average of 3,500 unique viewers. JustAMinx is the 542nd most followed person on Twitch and ranks 88th on follower gains.

Minx in action on Twitch

The Irish video steamer, however, got banned from Twitch for a short period in December 2020. She allegedly broke the rules and regulations of the Twitch community, as she mentioned the words “simp,” “virgin,” “incel,” all of which are considered to be hate speech according to their Twitch community guidelines.

Minx YouTube

Minx launched her YouTube channel in July 2016 and, as of 2021, it has 632,000 subscribers. She has a combined total of 23,260,017 views on the video-sharing platform. She mostly uploads funny videos, and her currently most popular video is “Schlatt and Carson roasting Minx for 10 minutes”, as it has been viewed 2.1 million times since it was uploaded in September 2020.

Minx Twitter

Minx is equally very active on Twitter. The current statistics prove that she makes a tweet at least once every day. As of the time of writing this, she has 1.3 million followers while she follows only 600 people. She joined the Twitter community in February 2016.

While she is not as active on Instagram as on other platforms, one million people still follow her there. She has a meagre 98 posts on the platform, with majority of them being photos of her face.

JustaMinx also has her own merchandise, which she sells on dreamsruleme.com. They include joggers and hoodies that range from $55 to $77.

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Personal life

Much of her personal life is not made public, except her relationships and sexuality, which has come up a couple of times.

Justaminx has never shied away from her sexuality. She once declared that she is pansexual and has on several occasions admitted that she is a lesbian. On 4 July 2020, when asked by a Twitter user called @aksually whether or not she is a lesbian, Minx responded that she is. Unconfirmed rumours also have it that she had acknowledged her sexuality since the early age of 12 but kept it hidden and tried dating boys to eliminate all doubts.

Minx dated fellow YouTuber and former streamer Jschlatt for some time in 2020. They first got introduced to each other during a meeting with a wrestler named Fitz. The pair were fond of featuring on each other’s streams where they made jokes, sang, and roasted each other amongst other things. She even once referred to him as her future husband. There, however, hasn’t been much seen of them in recent times, and it would seem they are no longer together.

Jschlatt age

Born 10 September 1999, Jschlatt is an American YouTuber, video game streamer, and podcaster. He is well known for his gameplay and his streams of playing Minecraft. He is arguably more known for using the funny mic, Logitech C920 microphone, which makes his voice hilarious and differentiates him from other streamers.

Probably an interesting dynamic in his relationship with Justaminx is the three-year gap between them. His age became a thing of interest among fans and audiences when the two were dating. Jschlatt was on in September 1999, and that makes him 21, three years younger than Justaminx.

Justaminx (minx meaning)

The name Justaminx is, without a doubt, unique. It is not surprising that fans have been curious about it and what it possibly means. Several sources claim that the name Minx is in fact the name of Justaminx’s dad. That will suggest that her real name is Rebecca Minx; this is unconfirmed.

Minx, according to slang.org, has quite a number of interesting meanings.

  1. A pert or flirtatious young woman.
  2. A flirtatious girl or young lady who is alluring and seductive.
  3. A seductive temptress of a woman who will play with your heart so easily it’ll leave you chilled.

It will not be farfetched to think these are the intended meaning of the ‘minx’ in her online moniker, given her sexy and alluring persona.

Net worth

As of late 2020, which is the latest update, Justaminx is estimated to have a net worth of around $800,000 to $1,000,000. She earns from views on her Youtube channel, paid promotions, and sales of her merchandise.


Like many others like herself, Justaminx is reaping the dividends of technology and enjoying herself while at it. And at just 24, there is so much the future holds for the streaming star. For her and her generation, the stars are indeed within reach.

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