Who is antiques auctioneer Christina Trevillian on BBC Bargain Hunt? See age and weight loss

Christina Trevillian is a British-American auctioneer and entrepreneur, as well as a TV personality. She is a famous face on television because she has made several appearances in various antique collections shows including, “Antiques Road Trip” and BBC “Bargain Hunt”.

Trevillian is devout to ancient and antique matters and owns her own antique company, Trevanion & Dean, which deals in antiquities. She is a private person, especially concerning her personal life, and it’s unverified whether she is married or not. She’s also not on various social media platforms and only has a Twitter and an Instagram account, where she mostly post things relating to work and her social life.

Additionally, Christina Trevillian is a mother to two beautiful daughters and posts about her experiences with the children often on Twitter. To get started on her biography, we look at the top ten facts everyone must know about Trevillian.

Top 10 facts about Christina Trevillian

  1. Christina Trevillian is a passionate antique lover that specializes in valuing jewelry, silver, and watches.
  2. She talks, writes, and auctions antiquities for a living and has worked in the industry for 15 years.
  3. Trevillian owns and runs an antique company named Trevanion Auctioneers and Valuers, which she founded in 2014.
  4. She graduated from Ferris State University (FSU), Michigan, and holds a degree in Fine Arts Valuation from the University of Southampton.
  5. Christina Trevillian is a member of the National Association of Valuers and Auctioneers and Society of Jewellery Historians and the Arts Society.
  6. In recent years, she has worked as a presenter on the BBC TV show “Bargain Hunt”, and an expert on “Antiques Road Trip”, “Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is”, and “Flog it!”.
  7. Trevillian is married but very private about her relationship, she has two daughters, and the oldest was born in 2012.
  8. She is a pet lover and would often be found in the company of her dog.
  9. She has a sister, Nicky, who has Down Syndrome.
  10. While her specific date of birth is not known, she appears to be in her 40s in 2021 and has an estimated net worth of $5 million.

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Early life and education

Christina Trevillian was born in America although, the actual date has not been revealed by the auctioneer. In addition to her American status, Trevillian also holds British citizenship. The consensus is that she is around 40-42 years old (basically in her early 40s), and she recently celebrated her birthday, if hints from her Twitter page is to be believed.

On 11 June 2021, Christina posted about approaching yet another year as she captioned a picture of a wine bottle and two glasses filled with the drink “Birthday weekend.” If that is any indication, she was born between 11 and 13 June.

Also, she is said to have earned her first degree at the Ferris State University (FSU), Michigan, before obtaining another one in a Fine Arts Valuation from the University of Southampton.

Career as an auctioneer

Christina Trevillian auctioneer, age, weight loss, bargain hunt, antiques
Christina standing beside a stunning full length portrait dated 1916 by #RoseBonnor of Lloyd Tyrell Kenyon 4th

Christina Trevillian is a famous auctioneer and TV personality. As a graduate of Fine Arts Valuation from one of the best art schools in the UK and with her passion for antiques, she quickly found her niche in the antique industry.

Immediately after school, she went on to work in some of the biggest auction houses in the UK, according to her company’s bio. Then, in 2014, she founded her auction house.

Trevanion Auctioneers & Valuers

Christina Trevallian is someone who is passionate about her craft. She loves antiques, and it’s been her go-to for a very long time. She founded Trevanion Auctioneers and Valuers after 15 years in the antique business.

It is located in Whitchurch, England, on the Shropshire and Cheshire borders, and has a Twitter page with the name Trevanion Auctioneers & Valuers.

The company is known to hold monthly auctions of Fine Arts, Antiques and Collectables. As part of its services, the company offers a free, no-obligation examination of items or property and provide customers with an open market valuation.

Christina is also a presenter on BBC’s TV show, Bargain Hunt. Her TV gig is also a show about antiques and she’s also featured her collection on Antiques Road Trip show.

She’s also appeared on popular television series named ‘Antiques Road Trip’ back in September 2019. She displayed all of her antique items for all to see on the show.

Trevillian also writes and was recently featured on Antique Collecting Magazine, June issue. She has often reiterated her love for her job and that passion drives her to keep looking for valuable items.

Christina Trevillian often showcase what the company has in store on her Twitter page frequently.

Personal life and family

Christina Trevillian auctioneer, age, weight loss, bargain hunt, antiques
Christina Trevillian posing with her dog

Christina Trevillian isn’t your average celebrity. She is quite famous, but only to some extent. At least, only people interested in antique will likely have heard her name.

She anchors the BBC Bargain Hunt antique show and has a decent amount of followers on her social media accounts. On Twitter, she has about 36.1 thousand followers thought to be largely composes of antique lovers and another 11.3k on Instagram.

Christina has no dedicated wikipedia page and as someone who lives a very private life, her family background is unknown. Although, she has a sister named Vicky who has down syndrome.

While she was born American, she also holds a British citizenship and has lived most of her life in the UK. Trevillian is a Christian but she has not revealed if she will bring up her children religiously, that is, taking them to church before they are old enough to make their own decisions.

She has two children but she keeps their identity hidden and rarely shares their photos online. Her first daughter was born in 2012 and turned 9 in 2021 while there is no detail on when she had her second daughter. Christina’s marriage is undisclosed and it is unknown if she’s currently married, divorced, or single as she keeps her family out of her air.

However, she has a wedding ring on her left finger which traditionally indicates that she is married. She rarely puts her family in the public eye. Christina separates her personal life from media attention and keeps it as private as possible.

Breaking habit, on 22 January 2021, while speaking of the impact of the lockdown, she posted a picture of her children, her husband, and her dog playing in the snow. The photo is taken from behind and their faces do not show.

Physical appearance and weight loss

Christina Trevillian is a white woman believed to be in her early 40s. She is a true beauty with a long blonde hair. Oh, Christina looks like someone who is quite tall, with a height of about 5′ 6”, but she wishes she were taller.

There is a lot of interest in Christina Trevillian weight loss as she currently weighs about 58 kg. It appears that the interest arose after a Pinterest photo of her snatched waist started circulating in February 2021. We are not sure how she did it but her weight loss gave her an awesome figure as you can see below.

Christina Trevillian auctioneer, age, weight loss, bargain hunt, antiques

Other people have also tried using the Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic to lose weight and they are testifying to its effectiveness.

Christina Trevallian Net Worth

For someone whose life is mostly private except for her work life, her net worth is also pretty difficult to estimate. To date, Christina Trevillian is yet to be featured on a wikipedia page and she seems to only be somewhat famous on TV for being an antique show presenter for BBC.

Speaking of antiques, she should be worth a couple of millions since she would make some from auctioning and selling off antiques. Some unverified sources estimate that Christina Trevallian net worth in 2020 was about $5 million.

She likely earns most of her income from her company, Trevanion Auctioneers & Valuers, that deals with auctions of Fine Arts, Antiques and Collectables. Also, she writes for Antique Collection magazine and she is a presenter on “Bargain Hunt” for BBC.


Christina Trevillian is an accomplished antique auctioneer, dealer, and show presenter. She has been on the BBC Bargain Hunt TV show and it’s partly responsible for her fame.

Christina has been on the BBC TV show “Bargain Hunt” for some time. It is a game show that pits two teams against one another in order to see who gets the best bargains on antiques. The goods (antiques) are bought and later sold at a profit.

She has also featured on “Antiques Road Trip”, another TV show, and is also one of the antique experts on it. The show is about antique experts going on road trips across the United Kingdom in search of valuable antiques and competing to make the most money from auctioning them.

Trevillian has also graced ‘Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is” and she is a columnist on Antique Collection magazine all due to her passion and love for antiques. Asides all the above, she owns an antiques and fine art auction company called Trevanion Auctioneers & Valuers.

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