Where is Crystal Bowersox now? – See facts about American Idol season 9 singer

Crystal Bowersox was a contestant on American Idol season 9, and despite finishing the show as a runner-up, she is one of the most popular from the edition. Her debut album was title “Farmer’s Daughter”, and her most famous works include her 2017 album “Alive” and the 2020 single “Courage to be Kind”.

She has had quite an interesting life and career, enough to inspire upcoming musicians to stay true to their creative path while hoping for groundbreaking success like hers. 

Bowersox made her life revolve around music and entertainment, building a career as a singer, songwriter, and actress. She competed on the ninth season of American Idol and became the first female finalist on the reality show in three years since Jordin Sparks won in 2007. 

For Crystal Bowersox, music has always been a passion, and she performed professionally for the first time at the age of 10. Since then, she relentlessly pursued music, playing in local bars in her teens. 

She gave birth to her son, Anthony Levi Mason, in 2009, and in 2010, she auditioned for American Idol. She has released three albums, two EPs, and several singles since her time on the show. Bowersox is working on a theatrical autobiographical rock concert, “Trauma Concert”.

Top 10 facts about Crystal Bowersox

  1. Crystal Bowersox was born on the 4th of August, 1985, and is 35 years old in 2021.
  2. She was a runner-up on the 9th season of American Idol and got a record deal from Jive Records.
  3. Crystal Bowersox has a twin brother named Karl.
  4. She was diagnosed with type 1 Diabetes at just six years old.
  5. Bowersox performed professionally for the first time when she was 10.
  6. Crystal Bowersox has a net worth of $600,000 in 2020, according to celebrity net worth.
  7. She welcomed a son named Anthony Levi Mason with a man she identified as Tony in 2009.
  8. In 2013, six months after announcing a divorce from her husband, Crystal Bowersox revealed that she is bisexual.
  9. She has released three albums so far, namely “Farmer’s Daughter” (2010), ” All That for This” (2013), and “Alive” (2017).
  10. During her time on American Idol, host Ryan Seacrest made an offensive comment on Crystal Bowersox’s teeth. 

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Early life

On her website, Crystal Bowersox says that music has always been the most effective form of catharsis for her. She and her twin brother, Karl, were born in Elliston, Ohio, to Kelly and William Bowersox. However, only two years after the children were born, their parents divorced. 

Her love for music developed at an early age as a way for her to find peace in a frenzied world. Through this newfound love for art and creating music, she was able to find a way to occupy her young mind, which was in turmoil.

At the age of six, Bowersox was diagnosed with type 1 Diabetes. This diagnosis did not affect her pursuit of music, however. She went on to attend the Toledo School for the Arts in Toledo, Ohio, where she was actively involved in the music scene, joining the choir and playing the flute in the school’s marching band. 


Early career

At the age of ten, Crystal got the opportunity to perform professionally for the first time. After that and through her teenage years, she performed at a host of local bars, with the most popular being Papa’s Tavern and The Village Idiot in Maumee, Ohio. 

After spending many years performing at these local bars, she decided to seriously pursue music, and moved to Chicago at 17. In Chicago, Crystal Bowersox became a busker, playing by the roadside at train stations and performing at open mics, with an almost exclusive show in the Lakeview neighbourhood of Chicago. 

It was during this time that her Diabetes reared its head again. Bowersox lived in poverty after moving to Chicago and struggled with her illness, often having to beg pharmacists for insulin to manage her Diabetes after her health insurance expired. 

Music did reward Bowersox for her tenacity. In 2007, she went on a small international tour during which she visited the following cities: Istanbul, Memphis, Ankara, and Oaxaca city in Mexico. 

American Idol Season 9

In 2010, just over a year after she welcomed her son, Crystal Bowersox auditioned for American Idol season 9 in the city of Chicago, Illinois. She was 23 and sang a rendition of Erma Franklin’s “Piece of my Heart” after which judge Shania Twain commented that she had a “raw, natural talent”.

Throughout her time on the show, she delivered amazing performances, which helped her stand out among the contestants. However, some time into the show, Bowersox had to be hospitalised for Diabetic Ketoacidosis, a potentially life-threatening complication arising from type 1 Diabetes. Her previously scheduled performance for that day was postponed to allow her to recuperate. 

When Crystal returned for her performance the next day, she gave such a moving performance that she impressed all the judges. In fact, the next week, judge Simon Cowell declared her the contestant to beat for the ninth season of American Idol. 

Towards the end of American Idol season 9, singer Siobhan Magnus was eliminated from the top 6 line-ups of the competition, leaving Bowersox as the last female contestant standing.

Bowersox broke a number of records during her time on the show. She was the first female contestant to make it to the show’s finale since Jordin Sparks in 2007. Also, she became the first contestant in the show’s history to have their original song played, which happened when Crystal returned to her hometown in Ohio as part of her homecoming package, her song, “Holy Toledo” was played as the background music. 

Crystal Bowersox performed “Up the Mountain” on the day of the final performance, delivering such a powerful performance that Simon Cowell called her rendition “by far, the best performance and song of the night.” However, she was runner up to Lee DeWyze, who eventually became the American Idol season 9 winner. 

Bowersox stated then that she wanted to bring awareness to type 1 Diabetes by coming on the show. 

Crystal Bowersox new song(s) — Human, Courage to be kind, Trauma Queen

Only a day after Crystal Bowersox finished in second place on American Idol season nine, she announced that she had signed a deal with the record label Jive Records. 

In December 2010, she released her debut album, “Farmer’s Daughter” and performed the title song “Farmer’s Daughter” on the Ellen Degeneres show. 

In October 2011, RCA Records announced that it was disbanding Jive Records alongside Arista Records and J Records. Subsequently, all the artists under these record labels would have future music projects released under RCA Records. However, Crystal Bowersox did not make the move, and this left her without a record label until October 2012, when she signed a record deal with Shanachie Records. 

In the period before she signed a new record deal, she made her acting debut in the second season of “Body of Proof”. She also released an EP titled “Once Upon a Time…”, which contained songs that she recorded before appearing on American Idol season 9. 

On 26 March 2013, Bowersox released her second studio album, “All That for This”, which featured the song “Dead Weight”. Her most recent album, “Alive”, was released in 2017. 

She has been hard at work on an autobiographical theatrical rock concert titled “Trauma Queen”. Not much has been revealed about the concert, especially as the world is emerging from several lockdowns thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, but one thing is certain, it will about the singer’s life. “Trauma Queen” is the story of the American Idol alum’s journey as an artist, woman, and mother.

The American Idol season 9 singer released a song in July 2020 called “Courage to be Kind”. The new single is the first song she has released since 2017’s “Alive”, and was written as a way for the singer to deal with the Charleston, North Carolina school shooting that happened in 2017. 


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“Courage to be Kind” is off Crystal Bowersox’s upcoming album, “Hitchhiker”, and was produced by musician, Billy Harvey. She said about the album, “I absolutely cannot wait for fans to hear this record. I could die tomorrow a happy woman, just knowing this record is finished and that it is, I truly believe, the best collection of songs I’ve ever put out into the world. I have Billy and the crew to thank for that.”

Net worth

Crystal Bowersox has done very well for herself as an entertainer. Apart from selling albums, she also plays at live concerts and is an ambassador for brands, including Lilly Diabetes, through which she brings awareness to type 1 Diabetes. According to celebrity net worth, Crystal Bowersox is worth six hundred thousand dollars ($600,000).

Crystal Bowersox Instagram and other social media

Crystal Bowersox is very active on social media especially on Instagram and Twitter. On Instagram, she has almost 16K followers, while on Twitter, she has almost 48K followers. On both social media platforms, she shares content about her life, type 1 Diabetes, her son, her music, politics, and so much more. 

She also connects with fans and brings awareness to causes that are important to her. You can find her on Instagram and Twitter through her verified handle, @crystalbowersox.

Crystal Bowersox teeth

During her time on American Idol Season 9, host Ryan Seacrest made a hurtful comment about Crystal Bowersox’s teeth. While many felt it was offensive, she later said the comment did not offend her. 

Where is Crystal Bowersox now? - American Idol Season 9, new songs, Trauma Queen

However, she recently shared a picture of herself with brand new, gorgeous teeth. During an interview with People, she said that fixing her teeth is something she has always wanted to do but couldn’t. She said, I had braces when I was young and I couldn’t afford to finish treatment,” adding that she now feels confident thanks to her new smile. 

Personal life

On the 19th of January 2009, Crystal Bowersox had a son whom she named Anthony Levi Mason. During an interview with Radar Online, she revealed that her son’s father left her six weeks into her pregnancy and would reveal nothing more about him other than the fact that his first name is Tony. While speaking about her child she said, “whoever he turns out to be, I will love and support him, no matter what. That’s love. True love.”


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While she was on American Idol season 9, Crystal Bowersox was known for her dreadlocks, which led to controversies at different times. Nonetheless, she charmed both viewers and judges during her time on the show. 

In November 2013, Bowersox decided to cut off her dreadlocks. While she has gone back and forth between keeping the dreadlocks and getting rid of them, she has finally settled on a short blonde hairdo which she styles as she needs while embarking on different adventures with her son. 

Crystal Bowersox dated Tony Kusian while she competed on American Idol season nine, but the two broke up the morning of the show finale. She later told Ryan Seacrest on his KIIS FM show that the breakup was mutual, saying, “we’re both logical, grown adults. He’s a small-town guy and it’s fine. But I’m a small-town girl but I want this. I want this more than anything — this career, this lifestyle. I didn’t think he was up for it. He didn’t think he was up for it.”

On 10 October 2010, Crystal Bowersox and Brian Walker got married at Uncommon Underground, the restaurant where they met six years earlier while performing open mics. However, three years later, in May 2013, the couple announced their split. 

“After two and a half years, we have decided to end our marriage,” Crystal and Brian said in a statement. “The friendship and love which brought us together remains strong, and we will continue to support each other in our careers and personal lives.”

In November of that same year, Bowersox came out as bisexual. 

Where is Crystal Bowersox now?

Crystal Bowersox is still as committed to her music as she was when she started performing. As previously stated, she is preparing an autobiographical concert titled “Trauma Queen”. She is also working on her fourth studio album, “Hitchhiker”, which she has declared to be her best album yet. 

Bowersox remains dedicated to raising awareness about type 1 diabetes, which she does on social media. She currently lives in Nashville, Tennessee with her son, Anthony, and her dog, Moses. 


Crystal Bowersox has no doubt served as an inspiration for millions of youth to follow their dreams since her success on American Idol season 9. The singing sensation auditioned for the show, broke some records, and left to continue her journey of being a wonderful singer.

Since her time on the show, she has released three albums and is preparing to release the fourth one. She is also working on sharing her life story with fans through an autobiographical concert while spending time with her son, as they can be seen on her social media channels. 

Crystal Bowersox is also standing up for what she believes in, and as she stated on the night she finished as a runner-up on the show, she is bringing awareness to type 1 Diabetes. The bisexual singer has a son named Anthony with a former lover.

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