Umbrella Academy actor Tom Hopper height, wife, net worth, and more

Tom Hopper, whose full name is Thomas Edward Hopper, is an English actor who has made appearances in several movies and television series, with the most popular of them being “Merlin”, “Game of Thrones”, and “Umbrella Academy”.

net worth
net worth

While Hopper has been recognised for his roles in these outstanding shows, his most recent role as Number One in “Umbrella Academy” helped him gain worldwide acclaim and earned him the title of the internet’s new boyfriend.

He played the sensitive but gruff leader of the Hargreeves clan, Luther Hargreeves, who was also known as Number One. Hopper’s success has been a long time coming and is very well documented.

Hopper enjoys the following sports in his free time, basketball, boxing, cricket, football, pool, rugby, stage combat, swimming, horse riding, and tennis. He is married Laura Hopper and they have two children together.

Top 10 facts about Tom Hopper

  1. Tom Hopper was born on the 28th of January 1985, which means that he is 36 years old in 2021.
  2. Hopper was born in Leicestershire county, UK, and contrary to what many think, he is not American.
  3. Hopper has three siblings, two sisters and a brother, they are not famous and not much is known about them.
  4. He decided to become an actor after watching the popular TV show “Friends”.
  5. After enrolling in a drama class and starring in a musical production, Hopper went on to study acting at Rose Bruford College.
  6. Tom Hopper is one of the tallest actors in the UK, standing at a height of 1.96 meters, approximately six feet five inches tall.
  7. Hopper is married to fellow actor, Laura Higgins, in 2014, and they have two children.
  8. He is an advocate for male-specific cancers awareness such as testicular and penile cancer.
  9. While he buffed up his muscles, Hopper had to wear a muscle suit for his beastly role in “Umbrella Academy”.
  10. In 2020, Tom Hopper net worth was estimated to be about $5 million.

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Early life

Umbrella Academy actor Tom Hopper height, wife, net worth, and more
Tom Hopper (as a baby) and his mother

Tom Hopper was born on 29 January 1985 in Coalville, Leicestershire, England, and he turned 36 on his birthday in 2021. Not much is known about Hopper’s private life as he loves to keep his parents and siblings out of the limelight.

Nonetheless, it is well documented that he has three siblings, two brothers and a sister: Ben Hopper, Jack Hopper, and Emily Hopper. Hopper also dedicated a post to his father, Phil Hopper on father’s day while making jokes about their heights.


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He discovered his love for acting after watching all ten seasons of the sitcom “Friends”, which was quite the rage in the 90s and remains so today, especially with the release of the much-anticipated reunion show in 2021.

It was after going through all ten seasons of the show that Tom decided that acting is for him.

He said during an interview“I was also 10 or 11 years old when Friends started. It was something that my brother, my mum, and I would watch. Over the years, we watched all 10 seasons as a family, and I ended up becoming a huge fan. So I pretty much grew up with Friends, and I now know everything about it.

“It was hugely influential for me in deciding to become an actor, too. I really enjoy doing comedy, and a lot of my influences come from Friends; certain choices that I make in my characters, I think: that’s like when Ross did that or Joey did this. I always relate back to Friends.”

As a young boy, he attended Ashby High School, where he played rugby for the school team. He was also involved in many of the school’s theatre productions, playing the hero thanks to his height and build.

After high school, Hopper proceeded to study acting at Rose Bruford College. He graduated with honours, then entered the Watford Palace Theater troupe. It was during his time here that he played his first stage role, acting in the production of “As You Like It”. He continued to do very well until 2007 when he landed his first major acting gig.

Tom Hopper movies and TV shows

Umbrella Academy actor Tom Hopper height, wife, net worth, and more
Tom Hopper as Sir Percival in Merlin

Tom Hopper has been in several movies, acting in several capacities, right from his time in High School when he was the dashing hero on the small stage.

Since Hopper was cast in the Watford Palace Theatre production, “As You Like It”, he has acted in several other movies, some of which you might even know. Hopper played a character called Fishmonger in “Saxon” in 2007. In the same year, he also landed a role as Hugh ‘Chewy’ Mullen appearing in one episode of the show “Casualty”.

These parts were followed by two single-episode roles in the television series “Doctors” and “Kingdom”, where he played Josh Mullen and a soldier, respectively.

In 2009, Hopper played Marcus in the comedy-horror film “Tormented”, about a bullied teenage boy who returns from the dead to take revenge on his classmates who bullied him. Tom Hopper has also appeared in the following TV series: 2010’s “Doctor Who”, 2012’s “Good Cop”, 2016’s “Barbarians Rising”, and most recently, 2020’s “Robot Chicken”.

He has also appeared in other movies including, 2013’s “Cold”, 2014’s “Northmen: A Viking Saga”, 2016’s “Kill Ratio”, 2018’s “I Feel Pretty”, and 2019’s “Terminator: Dark Fate”, “Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard” and the upcoming “Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City”.

Fans particularly love him for his unforgettable appearances in “Merlin”, “Game of Thrones” and “Umbrella Academy”. Let’s take a brief look at the details surrounding these roles.

Merlin (Sir Percival)

Hopper played Sir Percival in the commercially successful TV show “Merlin” from 2010 to 2012. He first appeared in season 3 alongside Sir Lancelot when the two saved Arthur’s life. He also featured throughout Seasons 4 and 5 as one of the knights of the round table.

Fans love Hopper’s character for the easy chemistry between him and his co-star, Eoin Macken, who played Gwaine.

Game of Thrones (Dickon Tarly)

Tom Hopper replaced Freddie Stroma in season 7 of “Game of Thrones” as Dickon Tarly. Stroma had initially played the character in season 6 but had to be replaced, and Hopper got the job.

After Samwell was sent away to the wall, Meleessa Tarly and Lord Randyl Tarly appointed Dickon Tarly as Lord Tarly’s heir, seeing as he was the favourite son of both parents.

Tom Hopper in Umbrella Academy

Tom Hopper’s role in “Umbrella Academy” was what helped him step into the spotlight and become a lot more known to the world. Fortunately, the role also helped him to gain many new fans, who then essentially dubbed him the internet’s boyfriend. These all took place before they sadly found out that he is married.

In “Umbrella Academy”, Hopper plays Luther Hargreeves, the first of the Hargreeves siblings, who is also called Number One or Spaceboy. Hargreeves’ superpower is his super strength, as fans of the show already know. He is also an astronaut with the upper body of a Martian ape, developed after an experiment with his father went wrong.

To maintain the physical look required for this role, Hopper spends a lot of his time working out, but he still has to wear a muscle suit.

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Personal life

Fans of Tom Hopper would be disappointed to learn that he is quite happily married to fellow English actor, Laura Hopper, who used to be known as Laura Higgins.

Umbrella Academy actor Tom Hopper height, wife, net worth, and more

Tom and Laura started dating in 2009 after meeting at a party. Five years later, the couple tied the knot in 2014. The following year, in 2015, they welcomed their first child, a son named Freddie Douglas Hopper. Three years later, in 2018, they were joined by their daughter, Truly Rose Hopper.

The couple shared the screen before in 2014’s “Black Sails”, though sadly, they did not get to play love interests. Laura has appeared in other productions, including soap operas “Hollyoaks” and “Doctors”.

Laura and Tom Hopper have dedicated their social media pages to show off their amazing fun-filled time with friends and family and, of course, promoting their work. Tom loves his wife and children and spends as much time as he can with them, which include movie dates, set visits, and sometimes, cute getaways with his wife.


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Tom Hopper social media

Tom Hopper is very active on social media, as most actors are. He has a Twitter and Instagram account where he shares snippets from things that have captured his attention.

A quick browse through his Instagram profile shows a man obsessed with his wife, his children, his parents, his body, and his career.

On Instagram, Tom Hopper has 1.7 million followers, while on Twitter, where he is a lot less active, he has almost 120 thousand followers. You can find Tom Hopper through his verified Twitter handle, @TomHopperhops or his Instagram handle, @Tom.Hopperhops.

Net worth

Tom Hopper has officially been active in the movie industry since 2007 when he starred in both “Saxon” and “Casualty”. He spent two years as part of the cast of “Merlin” and spent a year, in 2017, playing Dickon Tarly in “Game of Thrones”.

What is more, after “Umbrella Academy”, Hopper is set to take on a new role in the movie “Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City”. He is undoubtedly also involved in some financial investments that the public is not necessarily privy to.

As a result of all this, the top-rated website Celebrity Net Worth estimated Hopper net worth to be approximately 5 million dollars ($5 million).


Tom Hopper has been in the entertainment industry for several years, both in the UK and America, slowly but steadily climbing up the ranks.

The actor has been in several movies, playing well-loved roles like Sir Percival in “Merlin”, the apple of his parents’ eyes Dickon Tarly in “Game of Thrones”, and most recently, the sensitive and lovable Luther Hargreeves in “Umbrella Academy”.

His roles in these films have earned him quite a few fans, and as he continues to accept roles in bigger productions like the upcoming film “Resident Evil”, it is a certainty that Tom Hopper will rise to unprecedented heights.

If you’re a fan of Hollywood and its entertainers, then Tom Hopper is certainly one of the talents you should have your eyes on right now.

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