Tasha McCauley Biography: Education, Joseph Gordon Levitt wife, net worth & more

Tasha McCauley is an American technology entrepreneur and robotics expert living in Los Angeles. A biography about Tasha McCauley is a must-read because many do not know important details about her. The few people who recognise her name are quick to tie it to the fact that she is married to American actor and filmmaker, Joseph Leonard Gordon-Levitt.

While Tasha McCauley is not a prominent public figure nor a celebrity; the details that this biography will reveal is quite interesting. For a summary of all the important facts we have on McCauley, see the next section.

10 important facts about Tasha McCauley

  1. Tasha McCauley and her husband, Joseph Leonard Gordon-Levitt both grew up in Los Angeles, California.
  2. She was born in 1983 and is 37 years old in 2020.
  3. During her childhood, for unknown reasons, Tasha McCauley went to about six different schools before completing her high school in 1996 at Crossroads High School.
  4. Her first degree was a bachelor in arts, which s she obtained from Bard College, New York in 2004.
  5. She got her certification as a robotics engineer from the Singularity University in San Jose in 2011.
  6. While she was at the Singularity University, she taught students, was enrolled as a faculty member and was appointed as the Director of the Autodesk Innovation Lab.
  7. Tasha McCauley co-founded Fellow Robots; a robotics company based at NASA Research Park in Silicon Valley.
  8. She joined GeoSim Systems in 2014, a company involved modelling systems for smart cities. She also serves as the CEO of the company.
  9. Tasha McCauley and Joseph Leonard Gordon-Levitt got married in December 2014. The couple has two sons together.
  10. She and her team built a telepresence robot called Helo in 2014.

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Tasha McCauley birthday and early life

Tasha McCauley was likely born in Los Angeles, California in the 1980s. While we could not find an exact date, an online magazine named Tuko claims that Tasha McCauley was born in 1983. If this were correct, that will place her age at about 38 years old as of her 2021 birthday.

Another missing piece of information about her is her family before she became an adult. We were only able to find a picture of Tasha McCauley and an unnamed man, whom she claimed was her brother. Tasha shared the photo in a 2012 Facebook post. You can see the image below.

Tasha McCauley shared the photo on Facebook in 2012. She captions it: "My brother"
Tasha Macauley and her brother (February 2012) Image via Facebook

Tasha McCauley education

Tasha McCauley began her elementary school education in Los Angeles and moved to another elementary institution in Santa Monica two years after that in 1987. Then in 1991, young Tasha McCauley returned to schooling in Los Angeles and was enrolled at Open Margaret Charter School. Then she again went to Santa Monica’s Lincoln Middle School where she continued her early education. She shuffled back and forth between schools in both cities for a couple of years.

In 1996, Tasha McCauley completed her high school education at Crossroads High School and moved on to a higher institution. While McCauley did not continue the habit of changing schools as she had done during childhood, she did change discipline in higher institutions quite a lot.

Her first degree, obtained in 2004, was a Bachelor of Arts certificate from Bard College, New York. One would have expected that she would continue to pursue interests in arts but Tasha McCauley had other plans. She got admission into Singularity University in San Jose and pursued a degree in robotics engineering. In 2011, Tasha McCauley became a certified robotics engineer.

However, she topped her academic achievements with a master’s degree in Business Administration from Marshall School of Business in 2014. Marshall School of Business is the business school of the University of Southern California.

Tasha McCauley Biography: Career

The robotics engineer had started out as a teacher during her years at Singularity University, San Jose. It is still unclear why she had initially ventured into the arts for her first degree because we know that most of McCauley’s professional career has centred around robotics engineering.

By the time she was rounding up from the University, Tasha McCauley was already showing potential in innovative technology. This led to her appointment to the faculty of Singularity University as the Director of the Autodesk Innovation Lab. She was likely involved in 2D and 3D designs as well as other engineering prospects that Autodesk provided.

Tasha McCauley claims on her LinkedIn page to be a co-founder of Fellow Robots (now Fellow AI), a robotics company based at NASA Research Park in Silicon Valley. Fellow Robots is into artificial intelligence, computer vision, Internet of Things (IoT), retails technology and robotics. It has reputable investors that are among Fortune 100 companies. Her LinkedIn profile stated that she also worked at the company from 2011-2014. However, according to a 2015 report by Vocativ, Fellow AI did not list Tasha McCauley as a co-founder in the “About Us” page of the website. The company’s current “About Us” page does not include information on the founders. On LinkedIn, the company lists Marco Mascorro as the CEO.

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Tasha McCauley also joined GeoSim Systems in 2014, a company involved in modelling systems for smart cities. McCauley likely joined the company because it offered her an opportunity to apply her knowledge of robotics to its many projects that include 3D city models and 3D objects. In 2017, she became a board member of the company and by 2019, was appointed CEO of the company.

The engineer is also on the board of Open AI, a company involved in the development and deployment of artificial intelligence. According to their website, their mission is “to ensure that artificial general intelligence benefits all of humanity.”

Tacha MaCauley’s LinkedIn profile also states that she’s a director at Ten to the Ninth Plus Foundation, a company that is “focused on empowering exponential technological change worldwide.” She has been with the company since 2012.

Tasha McCauley is a popular figure in the world of engineering and she gets invited to give talks on many topics ranging from robotics technology to artificial intelligence.

Below is a video of Tasha McCauley delivering a talk on a telepresence robot, “Helo”, “a tablet-based web control robot…that extends human capabilities through state-of-the-art Telepresence technologies.”

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kAbgdJuAaEA[/embedyt]

Basically, Telepresence is a set of technologies which allow a person to feel as if they were present, to give the appearance of being present, or to have an effect at a place other than their true location. This is possible through telepresence robots like Helo, which she had designed.

Tasha McCauley Biography: Personal life

Tasha McCauley is Joseph Gordon Levitt wife

Tasha McCauley is married to popular American actor Joseph Leonard Gordon-Levitt. Like McCauley, Gordon-Levitt was also born and raised in Los Angeles, California. He was a child actor that was already starring in television shows and films by the age of six. He is popular for his roles in G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, Inception, The Dark Night Rises, and so on.

According to many reports, Tasha McCauley and Joseph Gordon-Levitt met in 2013 after a mutual friend introduced them and couple subsequently dated.

According to online reports, Joseph Gordon-Levitt married Tasha McCauley in December 2014. Prior to their wedding, the public was kept in the dark concerning their relationship. While the actor started to mention having a girlfriend in 2014, he did not reveal her identity.

Tasha McCauley has two sons with Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Tasha McCauley and Joseph Gordon-Levitt have two sons together. They had their first child shortly after their wedding in August 2015. Then in early 2017, McCauley’s baby bump announced that they were expecting another child. Their second son came in June 2017.



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Tasha McCauley and Joseph Gordon-Levitt Halloween blood costume

The couple lives together in Siver Lake, Los Angeles, California where they are raising their children. Since their wedding, the couple has sometimes been seen together in public. One of the most memorable times the couple was in the public eye was at the 2016 Hilarity for Charity’s 5th Annual Los Angeles Variety Show. They had appeared on stage in what was described as white outfits drenched in blood, which was matching for the occasion – Seth Rogen’s Halloween at Hollywood Palladium.


Tasha McCauley and Joseph Gordon-Levitt home

The couple sold their first home together in February 2020. They had moved into the 1940s ranch-style home in 2015 weeks after they got married. However, they had put it up for sale in 2019 for undisclosed reasons listing it on a property website. It took several months to get a buyer and they had to even sell it at a loss. According to an online blog, Architectural Digest, the couple sold the home for $3.08 million. They had paid $3.25 million for it in 2015.

Tasha McCauley net worth

There is simply no verified public information on Tasha McCauley’s net worth. But this has not stopped many blogs from guessing and making speculations. An example is Legit, which claims that Tacha McCauley is worth an estimated $10 million. As we have said, this is not a fact and should not be quoted as such.

However, to give us a clue on what Tasha McCauley’s net worth could be, let us consider some other available information. For example, since she is married, her spouse’s net worth could reflect on hers as well. There are claims that Joseph Gordon-Levitt has a net worth between $35 million to $45 million. Again, these are not certain figures. Yet, it surely helps one to put his wife, Tasha McCauley’s net worth into perspective.

In addition to this, recall that she is a CEO in a major tech company based in the United States and serves on the boards of two others. According to Salary.com:

“The average Senior Robotics Engineer salary in the United States is $112,972 as of May 28, 2020, but the salary range typically falls between $98,222 and $129,382.”

We hope that this information on Tasha McCauley’s net worth is sufficient for now until we get verified information from Forbes or other reliable sources.

Final thoughts …

Despite the several blank pages in the biography of Tasha McCauley, we were still able to glean some useful information about this amazing highly intelligent woman. She has led her field in the tech industry for many years and is well respected in the industry.

She is also married to Joseph Leonard Gordon-Levitt, a popular actor and has two sons with him. We can conclude that McCauley is leading a successful life and all we can be is to be happy for her and we wish her the best in her future life endeavours.

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