Hidden Colours star Tareeq Nasheed biography, controversy, net worth and wife

Born Tariq Allah Nasheed on 1 July 1974 in Detroit, Michigan, United States, he is an American author, film producer and social media commentator. Fondly referred to by his funky monikers like Tariq Elite, King Flex, and K-Flex, he is one of the world’s leading dating and relationship speakers who always serves as a source of motivation to both the young and old.

Tariq broke into the spotlight from the success of his relationship advice book “The Art of Mackin”, published in 2000, a book that later became a New York Times Best Seller. He has gone on to write many other successful books like “Play or Be Played: What Every Female Should Know About Men, Dating, and Relationships” (2004), “The Mack Within”, among others.

It was, however, his documentary series “Hidden Colors: The Untold History Of People Of Aboriginal, Moor And African Descent” that established him as a star. Tariq is a jack of many trades who seems to have mastered all considerably well. He is also an actor, screenwriter, musician, satirist, podcaster, and so much more.

In addition to the aforementioned, Tariq is also an activist who advocates against racism and discrimination against black people. He doesn’t hesitate to speak up about any social injustices faced by black people on his social media. Some of his commentaries have caused many controversies and discussions on the internet. In this piece, we dig deeper into the professional and personal life of this celebrated creative. Let’s begin with these ten interesting facts about him.

10 interesting Tariq Nasheed facts

  1. As earlier stated, Tariq is a jack of all trades, and has seen success in all his endeavours. Asides from his writing credits, he has produced over 10 films, all of which enjoyed considerable degrees of success.
  2. Tariq was reportedly barred from entering the UK for the premiere of his film “Hidden Colors 5”, and the official explanation from the UK authorities was that his presence was not conducive for the good of the people.
  3. Nasheed is an entrepreneur of general merchandise. He has a cologne label named Risqué Elite and a sunglass label called Tariq Elite. He also owns mobile games including, Crispy’s Biscuits and the Moorish Kingdom.
  4. Tariq also loves to shoot, and he spends a good amount of his free time doing shooting practice.
  5. Nasheed possesses some rapping skills, and he used to be a member of the rap group called The Ghetto Dynasty.
  6. He has worked as a fashion intern with several fashion designers in the past, which may explain the inspiration for his line of designer sunglasses called Tariq Elite.
  7. Tariq is an internet radio host of the Tariq Elite Radio Show, and he is famous in that line for hosting the podcast “The Mack Lessons”.
  8. In addition to his podcast and radio shows, Tariq also maintains his own eponymous YouTube channel, where he is known for his consistent vlogging.
  9. Prior to writing the critically acclaimed “Art of Mackin”, Nasheed first wrote a book about social and media issues that were covered by The Source Magazine, and the book was a commercial failure as it only sold about 100 copies.
  10. According to several sources, Tariq is reported to have a net worth of $3 million.

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Early life and education

Tariq was born on 1 July 1974 in Detroit, Michigan, United States. He is the oldest of all his siblings and has a brother and sister. Following his completion of high school, he obtained his degree from Yale University, United States.

He was known as a rebel and ‘street god’ during the 1990s while he lives in Los Angeles. Yet, he was an avid reader, and through his years of reading books and travelling around the world, he was exposed to many cultures.

Tariq however always had his sight set on bigger things. He knew he was destined for the limelight. So, at the tender age of 17, he gathered enough money for a plane ticket and left for Los Angeles to put his dreams to work.


Tariq Nasheed rise started after Michael Moore, who was really impressed with his talent, scouted him for a writing job. Moore went on to employ Tariq to do some political satire material on his Bravo Network show. Before penning his critically acclaimed New York Times bestselling relationship book “The Art of Mackin”, which sold hundreds of thousands of copies, Nasheed had first tried his hands at writing with a book he did about social and media issues that were covered by The Source Magazine. The book was, however, a commercial failure because it only sold about 100 copies. Safe to say that was a learning curve for him as his next attempt was a hit. Here are some of Tariq’s notable works:

The Art of Mackin

Published in 2000, “The Art of Mackin” is the first book that teaches men how to become players and macks. It also touches on how to use the pimp game to get what they want from women. In this book, Tariq Nasheed teaches guys how to stay on top of their game when dealing with women, by telling them what to say, word for word. He also offers fresh advice on the dos and don’ts of ‘manipulation and peepin’ out gold diggers’, among other things. The book became a New York Bestseller and sold almost half a million copies.

The Art of Gold digging

In the “Art of Gold digging”, Tariq tries to clear up a lot of “myths and misconceptions” about gold-digging. He also looks to liberate women across the world who suppress their gold-digging desires because of societal expectations and ethics. The writer explains that there is nothing wrong with wanting the best out of life, and he tries to help women own and achieve their gold-digging desires without hiding behind moral smokescreens. In other words, the main purpose of the book is to create activate guilt-free gold-digging.

Hidden Colours 1

“Hidden Colors” is a series of documentary films directed by Tariq Nasheed and produced by King Flex Entertainment. The series looks to explain and describe the marginalisation of people of African descent in America and the world. The first film in the series, “Hidden Colors: The Untold History Of People Of Aboriginal, Moor, and African Descent” or “Hidden Colors 1” had a limited theatrical release on 14 April 2011.

It discussed the role of African and aboriginal people in history and argues that some achievements have not been properly recorded or credited to them. The series features several interviews with commentators on subjects such as the race and appearance of Jesus Christ and the reasons behind the end of slavery.

Hidden Colors promotional poster

The film also states that Africans were the first to circumnavigate the globe, that there was a pre-European settlement in the US, and that Africans created the first Asian dynasties amongst other things. Its first instalment has been followed by four other parts, the most latest being in 2019.

“Hidden Colors” has received mixed reactions from critics. While some say it is just a bunch of Gibble-gabble and a product of inefficient research, some have called it the most successful black independent documentary.

Dark Medicine

“Dark Medicine” is a 2013 American horror film produced, written and directed by Tariq Nasheed. It follows several college students who find an abandoned school and explore the building for fun. They have no idea the school is home to monsters created by a eugenics experiment, and they are hunted down one by one.

Tariq Nasheed Dark Medicine

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The term “Bed Wench”

Nasheed has referred to black women who date interracially as “bed wenches” on social media. The term was historically used to disparage black women who were sexually assaulted by their masters during slavery. Tariq’s new use of it has revived and popularised the term over again. His use of the term has, however, been criticised because a black woman who chooses to have relationships and consensual sex outside of her race is not included within the traditional definition of the term.

Nasheed also coined the term “Negro bed wench mentality”, which he has expanded upon in great detail on his podcast. Here is what you should know about his radio and podcast presence.

Tariq radio and podcasts

Tariq began his podcast journey with “The Mack Lessons Radio”The podcast continued up to 411 episodes presenting relationship advice. Several episodes of the show also became controversial for their depiction of women. His use of the term ‘bed wench’ received many backlashes.

He has also launched a new podcast “The Tariq Elite Radio Show”, and there he comments on current happenings and racial subjects. The show takes a no-holds-barred approach in expressing opinions, and Tariq fearlessly takes on trolls and detractors on the show. His bold counterattacks have increased the popularity of the show.

Tariq Nasheed Twitter Instagram, wife Peanut Nasheed, Hidden Colors
Tariq Nasheed on set of his podcast

Personal life

For the most part, Tariq’s personal life is pretty straightforward. He is a family man who is married to his long time lover and openly showers love and adoration for her. The pair have three children together, all boys. It is worthy of note that Tariq had a relationship before meeting his wife, and from it, he had a daughter.

Tariq Nasheed wife – Peanut Nasheed

Born Alexis Cobb on 30 December, Peanut Nasheed is an African-American known mainly as the wife of author and filmmaker Tariq Nasheed. Not so much is known about her background, education or family. Some sources, however, say she used to be a professional model, though there are hardly any records to substantiate such claims.

Peanut got married to Tariq in a private function attended by a few of their family members in 2014. She is the mother of three boys Asir Cairo Nasheed, Mateo Cress Nasheed, and Tariq Alexandar Nasheed. She is also a step-mom to Tariq Nasheed’s daughter from his previous relationship, Taria Nasheed.

Tariq Nasheed Twitter Instagram, wife Peanut Nasheed, Hidden Colors
Peanut Rasheed with her husband, children and mom

Tariq Nasheed net worth

According to the latest reports, Tariq Nasheed net worth is $3 million. As earlier mentioned, other than his books and film production, Tariq has also designed a range of sunglasses and signature cologne called Tariq Elite and Risque Elite respectively. He also has an entertainment company, King Flex Entertainment which he set up in 2010.

Latest on Tariq Nasheed Twitter controversy

Tariq sparked a controversial discussion online some months ago when he shared a video of a recorded incident. In the video a Black customer (who made the recording) was seemingly harassing a distressed Holiday Inn employee. According to The Carletonian.com, the customer was apparently upset about a mistake in the reservation system, which he was attempting to get fixed. The employee, however, seemed to be unable to do this and communicated that he has mental health difficulties and that he’s going to presumably need some time to work, but the customer continued to follow and hound him.

Eventually, the employee becomes so distressed that he proceeds to repeatedly smash his head into the computer monitor. He soon breaks down in tears, and attempted to leave the area. The customer continues to film and follows the man while mocking him. Nasheed posted the video under the narrative that the employee was being racist by reacting like that towards a Black man scolding him for a mistake. He also claimed the employee had called the customer the “N-word” before they started recording. The employee claimed the customer had hurled homophobic slurs at him too, which didn’t offend him.

Nasheed’s angle and claim of racism sparked controversy and uproar among people of all races. While some agreed with his take, many others believed it was obvious the employee was in distress, and the customer was mean. The whole situation sparked conversations about black entitlement and privilege.

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In a Twitter Space he created on 27 January 2022, Nasheed and his supported lamented that immigration has affected Black Americans adversely. Themed “How Does Immigration Benefit Black Americans?” he did not spare anyone from the blaming game. As expected, the controversial topic and opinions got him on the top 10 trending Twitter topics in many African countries. Majority of the opinions outside his Space were in direct contrast to what he was saying. Many called him out for his ignorance and victim mentality. However, you were only allowed to do so on your TL as he booted any dissenting opinion out of his Space.


Success doesn’t always mean being widely accepted or liked. By virtue of his work and the nature of it, Tariq is a controversial public figure, however, nothing can be taken away from his work rate, industriousness, and the success he has achieved. He lives for the controversy and is here to stay. You can check out any of his works and decide for yourself where you stand.

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