Tammy Slaton and Amy Slaton now: Did the 1000 lb sisters lose weight?

Tammy Slaton and Amy Slaton are the stars of the popular show, ‘1000-lb sisters’, which follows the Slatons as they try to lose enough weight to qualify for and have life-saving surgery.

The decision to turn your life around is not an easy one. While there are a lot of people who are overweight, it takes a lot of courage to decide to make a much-needed change to your life if it is what you need.

It can be a long, difficult road, especially when the habits that got you there in the first place are coping mechanisms that have helped you get to a comfortable place.

Amy and Tammy Slaton are two sisters who weighed a combined 1000 pounds at the beginning of the show, which led to the show’s name. In the time since the show has started airing, though, a lot had happened to and between the sisters that they are no longer the same as when they started.

Top 10 early facts about Tammy Slaton and Amy Slaton

  1. Amy Slaton is married and has a son who she conceived against her doctor’s advice.
  2. Amy and Tammy have a tumultuous relationship with their mother, Darlene.
  3. Tammy has ended up in the hospital for several reasons, including gout, blood clots, pneumonia, and was once placed on life support.
  4. Amy and Tammy Slaton were originally YouTube stars, and their fans reached out to TLC, a real life entertainment media house, on their behalf to give them a show.
  5. Tammy tried to kill herself once before the show aired as she is suffering from severe depression.
  6. According to Metro UK, TLC paid the Slaton sisters between $1,500 and $3,000 per episode.
  7. Tammy is hoping to be able to move in with her boyfriend after losing weight.
  8. While Amy has managed to lose some weight, Tammy is struggling not to gain more weight.
  9. Amy and Tammy are reportedly worth a combined three hundred and fifty thousand dollars ($350,000).
  10. Tammy Slaton forehead bulge is called a fat socket, and it happens when the body begins to seek other places to store excess fat. Her doctors say that when she loses some weight, her forehead will gradually return to normal.

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Tammy Slaton and Amy Slaton now: Did the 1000 lb sisters lose weight:

Early life of the 1000 lb sisters

Amy and Tammy Slaton are sisters from Kentucky in the Southern area of the USA. Amy was born in 1988, while Tammy was born in 1987 in Dixon, Kentucky. They were born to Darlene, a single mother who had to spend all her time working, so they lived with their grandmother.

Through their early years, they lived happily while being taken care of by their grandmother. However, when Amy and Tammy were 10 and 11 years old, respectively, their grandmother died, and the two sisters had to start taking care of themselves.

Amy has said about this, “My mom worked two to three jobs at a time, and my grandma was basically our mom. When she died, our whole world changed.”

After their grandmother’s death, the two young children had to feed themselves with ramen and pizza, and this is where their struggles with their weight started.

“It’s what we ate to survive, and that stuff is not good for you. Depression and just trying to live all kind of caught up with us. You go to McDonald’s, and you can get a cheeseburger for a dollar, but a salad costs like five,” Amy said.

Over the years, the two gained even more weight and started to develop chronic physical and mental health issues. At first, they documented their weight struggles on Amy’s YouTube channel, which now has almost 500 thousand subscribers.

Their fans became very concerned for them and got in touch with TLC to get them some help with their weight. TLC, which used to be known as The Learning Channel, is famous for its human-interest stories.

Of their shows, though, the story of Amy and Tammy Slaton captured viewers’ hearts the most. This is probably because of how their food addiction started and their motivation for trying to lose weight.

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Tammy Slaton

Tammy Slaton got her start on fame through her sister’s YouTube channel, where the two shared lighthearted videos about themselves. With the fame came hate comments, however, and the sisters had to share a video responding to the hate comments.

Tammy Slaton forehead

Tammy’s health got very bad, so much that she was hospitalized more than once for gout, blood clots, and pneumonia. She also suffers from extreme diabetes and has very high blood pressure. Once, she was even placed on life support.

During an interview with People, she mentioned that she tried committing suicide because she suffered from extreme depression.

“I attempted to kill myself last January,” she told the publication. “I had a feeling that if I didn’t make changes now, I wasn’t going to live past 35.”

After having to visit a recycling facility to use their large scale to confirm her 605-pound weight, she realized that she had her work cut out for her. To aid Tammy Slaton weight loss and get help with everyday tasks, she moved in with her sister, Amy, and Amy’s husband.

What’s wrong with Tammy Slaton’s forehead?

Tammy Slaton has a fat pocket on her forehead as she is so overweight that her body needed to find new places to store extra fat. Her doctors say that her forehead will become normal as soon as she loses some weight.

Amy Slaton

Amy Slaton is the second Slaton sister, a year younger than Tammy and weighs 406 pounds, almost 200 pounds less than her sister.

Amy’s motivation for trying to lose weight is a little heart-melting. She has said that for a long time, she has wanted to be a mother. She was trying to have a baby with her husband, Michael Halterman. However, she was overweight and could not successfully get pregnant.

Amy Slaton 1000 Ib Sisters star loses weight

After putting in a lot of work, Amy successfully lost weight but was advised by her doctor to wait for a while before getting pregnant. However, against her doctor’s advice, she did conceive and she bore a healthy baby boy.

Where are the 1000lb sisters now?

The Slaton sisters are still filming their show as Amy has lost considerable weight while her sister, Tammy, struggles to gain more weight.

Since the start of their show, Amy has lost almost 200 pounds of weight and she now looks and feels better than she did before. Before she had her child, Amy was on a constant weight loss journey.

While she was pregnant, however, she relapsed and started eating all sorts of junk again and her weight loss journey stalled. When she had her child, she immediately got back on the train and kept working to get healthier.

Now, Amy has lost almost 200 pounds and currently weighs 270 pounds according to SoapDirt.

Tammy on the other hand is having a little more trouble losing the extra weight. While staying with her sister, she hurled abuse at Amy’s son and ate 30 planned meals in only two days. Doctors gave Tammy five years to live due to her health challenges and that’s when Tammy agreed to live at an assisted care facility.

1000 lb sisters net worth

Amy and Tammy Slaton try to keep their earnings out of the public eye, but they have quite a few income streams. They have become successful reality TV stars thanks to their show “1000-lb Sisters”.

Before this though, they were famous YouTube stars, and this is where their reality TV journey began. Tammy has slammed people who called her rich, saying that TLC is rich, not her. Her reaction could mean that the stars don’t get very much money from their reality TV show.

According to Metro UK, TLC paid the Slaton sisters between $1,500 and $3,000 per episode.

However, Stars Offline estimates that Amy Slaton is worth $250,000 while Tammy Slaton is worth $100,000. This number could be higher, though, as there’s really no way to find out the exact amount they earn.

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Amy and Tammy Slaton are two sisters from the south who have struggled with being overweight since their teenage years. They started as famous YouTubers before becoming reality TV stars thanks to their YouTube subscribers who wanted to help them because they were overweight.

Amy Slaton managed to do the work and lose weight to achieve her dream of having a child. Her sister, Tammy, on the other hand, is still struggling with her weight.

While the two sisters are on different parts of their journey, they both deserve applause for putting in any effort at all to turn their lives around. As they get ready to release the show’s third season, we can only hope that they both continue their upwards trajectory and reap positive fruits from their efforts.

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