Sophie Mudd biography: boyfriend, age, net worth, career, topless photos

Sophie Mudd (sometimes wrongly spelt as Sophia Mudd) is an American model and social media star who gained widespread fame thanks to a series of topless photos, hot and sexy pics, and videos on social media channels, including Instagram and Snapchat.

Thanks to the advent of social media, several people have now taken advantage of this innovation to build an audience for themselves to achieve their goals faster than they would without the use of social media to meet and connect with people worldwide.

In the past, people had to hope to meet the right person or go through difficult paths to get access to little chances, but now that social media has shortened the gap, it is easier for models like Sophie Mudd to showcase their talents on social media, just like this gifted star has been doing.

She has been very successful at it too. Mudd has worked with several big-name brands and amassed an impressive net worth for herself. She didn’t do all this alone, though. Among her biggest supporters, she has counted her family, who are undoubtedly important in everything a person wants to do, just to make things easier.

In this article is all the information you should have about the fast-rising American model, Sophie Mudd, right from 10 facts about her.

Top 10 facts about Sophie Mudd

  1. Sophie Mudd was born on 27 July 1998 and is 23 years old in 2021.
  2. Sophie Mudd height has been revealed to be 5 feet and 5 inches (5’5″) or 168 cm.
  3. She is an animal lover and owns a pet dog named Alfie, who was gifted to her by her boyfriend, Austin Dash.
  4. She was quite sporty in high school and excelled at the Long Jump event.
  5. Sophie Mudd is worth approximately 1 million dollars ($1 million).
  6. Sophie Mudd previously dated Paris Hilton’s brother Conrad Hughes Hilton Jr. and is now dating model Austin Dash.
  7. Mudd has worked with several top brands during the course of her career, including Nike and Le Jolie.
  8. Her content has attracted some controversy from people who think that she does too much for attention.
  9. Sophie Mudd is a huge anime fan who enjoys films such as “Princess Mononoke”, “Sailor Moon”, and “Spirited Away”.
  10. She also loves travelling, which is convenient considering the nature of her job.

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Sophie Mudd biography: boyfriend, age, net worth, career, personal life

Early life

Sophie Mudd was born on 27 July 1998 in Los Angeles, California. Absolutely nothing is known about her parents except that they are incredibly supportive of her and her exploits. On Mother’s day, Mudd shared a picture of her mother cradling a much younger version of her; she described her mother as her BFF (Best Friend Forever). This is a testament to how close she is to her parents. Mudd has one sibling, a brother named Nicholas Mudd.

Sophie Mudd grew up in affluence, and while she was born in Los Angeles, her family to Beverly Hills in 2013. Beverly Hills is known for being home to many Hollywood stars; in order words, it is home to the rich. It is one of the most expensive cities to live in in the United States, thanks to the population of rich people that live there. As such, no average Joe can move there and hope to get by. This is where Mudd lived with her parents.

For her high school education, Mudd attended the prestigious Campbell Hall School and was actively involved in sports. She even participated in the track and field event at the Delphic League Meet and nabbed the 12th place position during the long jump event.

Sophie’s friends and family have reportedly described her as completely antithetical to her online persona—as opposed to how outgoing she is on social media, she is quite shy and soft-spoken in real life.

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Sophie Mudd’s journey to social media greatness started in 2013 when she shared the first-ever picture of herself. This picture was taken at the Las Vegas sparkle factory. Since then, she has shared hundreds more across several social media channels and made quite a nest egg for herself.

Sophie Mudd gained popularity quickly after joining Instagram. Within six months, she had gained half a million followers and attracted attention from some of the world’s top brands.

Mudd has over 2.2 million followers on Instagram in 2021 and continues to shares beautiful and sultry pictures of herself to the delight of her fans.

However, she has been the subject of a lot of controversies. One of the earliest ones happened after she shared a bikini picture of herself with the model, Anya Nicolodi, which quickly went viral. Despite the onslaught of positive messages they received, several people still criticised the two beautiful women. 

The next time she was mired in controversy also involved a bikini. She shared a video in which she was wearing a bikini with an American flag and some jean shorts. In the video, she was jumping, which she repeated until she had a wardrobe malfunction. This video also went viral. She received a lot of backlash for the video as people said that she only did it for publicity. Well, it definitely worked, as it got her a lot of new followers.

After making a splash on social media, Mudd got a lot of attention and eventually signed with MP Management, a network of agencies that manages the world’s top models and entertainment figures.

She has since worked with Nike, Body Glove Girl, Frankies, Revolve, DIFF Eyewear, Bananhot, Beverly Hills Bikini Shop, Romeo Power Technology, Prix Workshop, Shadow Hill, Le Jolie, Cloudten, and so many more brands.

Mudd also has an OnlyFans account and is one of the top models on the platform. She reportedly earns hundreds of thousands of dollars every month from her OnlyFans account alone. As OnlyFans ban on sexually explicit content is coming, it is unclear how this will significantly affect Mudd’s income.

The model has been doing so well career-wise that FHM magazine (an international men’s lifestyle magazine) predicted that she would be the next famous American model, enough to walk the path of Emily Ratajkowski.

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Personal life

Sophie Mudd has been in several relationships but she has gone public with just two. She was briefly linked to Conrad Hughes Hilton Jr, the youngest son of the multi-millionaire, Barron Hilton and sibling of Paris Hilton.

Sophie Mudd biography: boyfriend, age, net worth, career, personal life

Conrad Hilton is not without his own controversies. After he and Mudd broke up in 2016, he went on a tirade, abusing flight attendants during a flight, stealing his ex-girlfriend’s car, and leading police on a chase. All of this led him to court, where he was ordered to enter a psychiatric hospital for diagnosis.

The two were said to have followed each other on Instagram in 2014 after being Facebook friends for a while. They were seen hanging out a few times, but they decided to keep things private due to family issues as well as other issues that kept arising. In 2016, news emerged that the couple had broken up and even unfollowed each other on social media.

After her relationship with Hilton ended, Sophie Mudd began a romance with “Clueless” actress Stacey Dash son Austin Dash. The two began their romance in 2017 and are still together now in 2021.

Sophie Mudd boyfriend Austin Dash is a model, and he is 31 years old in 2021. He has been modelling since he was 20 and has appeared in several campaigns for major brands, including Kid Dangerous.

Sophie Mudd boyfriend Austin Dash
Sophie Mudd boyfriend Austin Dash. Photo Credit: Black Angels NYC

Fans call the couple ‘Ausop’, which is a combination of their first names. In Austin’s album, “Malibu”, he describes their relationship, right from when they met and how attracted they immediately were to each other. The song album was dedicated to Sophie, their adventures in Malibu, and their relationship.

The couple frequently shares pictures of each other on social media, showing that their love continues to wax stronger. Sophie is an animal lover, and for Christmas in 2017, Austin gave her a pet dog named Alfie. The gesture comes across as a thoughtful one.

Sophie Mudd net worth

Sophie Mudd has several income streams: Instagram, modelling, OnlyFans, and so much more. She has worked hard since she was young and has amassed quite a torture for herself.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Sophie Mudd (@sophiemudd)

On OnlyFans alone, she reportedly makes thousands of dollars a month as one of the top models on the platform. That is quite a lot for someone who is still building their career as a top model in the entertainment industry.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Sophie Mudd is worth 1 million dollars ($1 million) in 2021. Considering the fact that she is still working on rising to the top of her field, this is a very impressive figure.

Sophie Mudd topless

Sophie Mudd topless photos have been of great interest to people because of the size of her chest which is quite unusual. The model herself does not refrain from flaunting it for her fans worldwide. She and Julia Rose have collaborated to share hot sexy pics on their OnlyFans accounts as well.


Sophie Mudd is an internet personality, model, and influencer who became popular almost immediately after launching her model career.

She had decided quite early that she wanted to become a model, and this young woman figured out a strategy and got right to work with the help and support of her family. Although she was born into wealth, she has used her other non-monetary skills to pull herself up to the top of the ladder.

She has started to reap the fruits of her labour. She has been predicted to be one of the top models globally and currently enjoys a spot among the top-earning models on the creator-focused platform, OnlyFans.

Sophie Mudd is still very young; as she grows and continues to work on her craft, she will undoubtedly conquer new heights and climb to the top of her chosen field.

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