Natacha Akide (Symply Tacha) Biography: Early life, Instagram fame, BBNaija, Controversies, and more

Tacha, also known as Symply Tacha, is a reality TV star, businesswoman and an influencer. 

Tacha, whose full name is Anita Natacha Akide, was an Instagram celebrity before she got into the Big brother Naija (BBNaija) house. She had almost 400,000 followers on Instagram where she dished out relationship advice to her followers and shared twerking videos.

She was (and still is) known for her Davido tattoo which she claims she got because of her immense love for Davido.

She also showed her enviable business acumen by optimising the use of her account. She had another Instagram account, a business page through which she sold items to followers and further lined her pockets.

Seemingly dissatisfied with her moderate fame, Tacha applied to become part of the Big Brother Nigeria show and exploded into the limelight.

This Tacha biography is interesting and filled with facts, following the dogged way she has seized control of her life and steered it how she wants to, not the other way around.

Quick facts about Symply Tacha

  1. Full name: Anita Natacha Akide.
  2. Age: Tacha was born on 23 December 1995. She is 23 years old.
  3. State of origin: The self-styled Port Harcourt first daughter is from Rivers State, Nigeria.
  4. Occupation: Reality star, Businesswoman, Vlogger, Queen of the Titans.
  5. Alma mater: Ignatius Ajuru University of Education.
  6. Known for: Davido tattoo, Big Brother BBNaija.

Natacha Akide (Symply Tacha) Biography: Early life, Instagram fame, BBNaija, Controversies, and more

Tacha’s childhood and early life

Tacha Akide was born on 23 December 1995 to Ijaw parents. Ijaw is a Kalabari tribe in Rivers State, Nigeria. She completed her primary, secondary and tertiary education all in the same state.

She is 23 years old. However, her age was called into question after one of her infamous fights with fellow housemate, Diane Russet, where she called her a toddler.

During this disagreement, she also mentioned a younger sister, although Tacha has never spoken of any of her siblings asides from that. Because of this, it is unclear how many siblings she has.

She graduated from the Ignatius Ajuru University of Education in 2016 with a Bachelor’s degree in English Language.

Tacha lost her mother at a young age and she has revealed that the loss weighs heavily on her.

However, instead of letting it weigh her down, she has learnt to draw strength from it, and forge ahead.

Tacha’s pre-BBNaija life

Tacha was relatively known before she registered for, and got into the Big brother Nigeria house. She had a large following of almost 400,000 followers before she entered the BBNaija house.

On her Instagram page, Tacha was known for showing off her body in revealing clothing as well as through twerking videos.

She also showed off her business acumen, even then, by creating a separate Instagram account where she sold items to her followers.

Through this, Tacha showed that she is a very business savvy young woman, something she kept hammering on during her stay in the Big Brother house.

Tacha tattoo of Davido and what came of it

Tacha has always been a huge fan of popular DMW boss, Davido. She claims that she has loved the singer ever since she heard his 2011 hit song, Dami Duro.

In 2018, Tacha tattooed a photo of the DMW logo onto her chest, in between her breasts. Throughout the BBNaija show, she was seen flaunting the tattoo around the house.

Something lovely to note about Tacha is that she is not ashamed of her body. She wears her self-confidence well.

She also revealed in one of her Instagram videos that she has 35 strokes of stretch marks on her breasts, something she makes sure to flaunt at any given opportunity.

After Tacha tattooed the DMW logo onto her body, she trended widely for it until it caught the attention of the OBO himself.

Davido liked the picture of the tattoo which Tacha shared, then he followed her. After that, Tacha gained more popularity.

After she left the Big Brother house, Tacha spoke about her tattoo during an interview with Cool FM’s Do2dtun.

She said: “Yeah, I love Davido. David was the inspiration behind my having the OBO tattoo. You know David has this drive regardless of everything, he still has that drive and strength and it’s what I admire.

“I want to be Tacha that the world will know and still act like upcoming.”

In some of her most recent pictures, however, she airbrushes the tattoo out of the pictures.

The unconfirmed story of her alleged staged kidnap

After the entire drama with Davido, Tacha’s notoriety spread even further, this time regarding an alleged staged kidnap.

News broke that the PHCity first daughter had been kidnapped. Her friends and family raised awareness about the matter and even tried to get the attention of Davido while raising funds for the cause.

She was later released after a few days. Many did not believe the story, however, claiming that Tacha staged her own kidnap in order to gain more fame.

She has neither denied nor confirmed the rumours.

Tacha’s businesses

Tacha, not to be confused for the Japanese beauty brand Tatcha, is a seasoned businesswoman. Even before she went into the BBNaija house, she’d been running an online store on Instagram with the handle, @everythingtacha.

At the time of this article, the page has over 121 thousand followers.

There, she sells Watches, Beard kits, Pink lips kit, False eyelashes, Smile Tacha (which is a teeth whitening kit), Glow Tacha (a power bank), and more.

Going into the Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) house

According to those who know Tacha, she has always wanted to be on the Big brother Nigeria show and made it into the season 4 of the show, titled Pepper Dem, which kicked off on 30th June 2019.

So, it was not a surprise when the news was revealed that Tacha was rejected at the Port Harcourt BBNaija audition centre and she had to go to Enugu to be selected instead.

Anyone who wants something passionately will connect with this dogged trait of Tacha’s, something that her arch-rival, Mercy also shares.

After successfully being accepted to participate in the reality show, Tacha was no doubt elated, considering the bounties that the show has brought her.

During her pre-BBNaija interview, she revealed key traits of herself that she believes people will love about her.

She revealed that she will bring all the drama but live by her favourite artist, Cardi B’s quote: “do no harm but take no mess”.

She also revealed that she has anger issues, but that she’s is also a goofy person.

She had planned to use the prize money to invest in new business ideas, increase her family’s standard of living and start a charity foundation.

Tacha’s most controversial moments in the house

Tacha has so many controversial moments in the Big Brother Naija house. She was famous for her fights in the house. She also insulted people without reservations, saying what’s on her mind without holding back.

Many people disliked her for these displays, but she also acquired lots of celebrity friends who admired her directness and her unabashed way of speaking her mind.

Among them are Jaruma, Naira Marley, Bobrisky, Moesha Buduong and Wofai Fada, Twyse Ereme, and Davido’s brother, Adewale Adeleke.

Tacha vs Mike

Tacha probably had the most number of fights with Olympic athlete, Mike Edwards.

During one of their early fights, Mike got drunk at the Saturday night party and was extra playful with the rest of the housemates.

Tacha, however, was having none of it. When Mike accidentally splashed her with water, she got angry and fought with him, throwing insults at him, and tossing wipes in his face.

Mike, however, remained calm through it all, causing the fight to be over very quickly.

At some point during the show, Tacha and Seyi were fake evicted from the big brother house. They were taken to a secret room from where they watched the other housemates’ reactions to their eviction.

When they returned to the house, they had a sit-down, during which Mike revealed to Tacha that her attitude was disliked by him and many other housemates.

He said: “Tacha, I’m going to keep it hundred with you. Before you left, I didn’t like your energy, and when you left, I felt elated, even the house could agree.”

Tacha was visibly displeased with his words, but she said nothing.

Tacha and Mike had another fight in the house, during which she told him to stop cheering her on during the arena games.

Mike refused to listen, insisting that cheering was part of team spirit.

An incensed Tacha then rained insults on Mike, something that he shrugged off.

She said: ”You don’t want to have sense, you carried ‘busy-body’ from secondary school to Big Brother House.

”I have been saying the same thing every time. Keep your freaking encouragement to yourself, I don’t want it,” she added.

Natacha Akide (Symply Tacha) Biography: Early life, Instagram fame, BBNaija, Controversies, and more

Tacha vs Seyi

Tacha and Seyi formed a close bond during their three-day stay in the secret room when they were fake-evicted from the Big brother Naija house.

The two spent those days getting to know each other. Following their exit from the secret room, they remained friends despite their little misunderstandings. Many even started the hashtag #SeyCha with the hope that the two would begin a romantic relationship.

But, remember that epic night when Tacha said Seyi hasn’t achieved at 30 all she has achieved at 23?

Their relationship devolved very quickly following a VETO power episode during which Seyi replaced himself with Khafi, who is infamously Tacha’s BFF.

The two had a series of small misunderstandings that built up, until one Saturday night party when the two tried to talk through their differences.

However, Tacha exploded with anger in the middle of their conversation, telling Seyi not to call anyone in the house her friend.

Following this, Seyi promised to make Tacha earn her third strike in the house, but failed.

Tacha vs Diane

Tacha’s infamous fight with Diane earned the latter some names and caused them both to trend on social media for days following the event.

Towards the end of the show, Tuface Idibia visited the Big Brother house during which the housemates were fed, enjoyed sweet music, and generally had fun.

Prior to this, Biggie had given the housemates a red box to take care of with the promise that losing it would attract stern punishment.

On this night, Diane and Elozonam were watching the box. But when the housemates went back into the house, they realised that the box was missing.

This drove everyone into a panic mode, with Mercy screaming for the arena door to be broken down.

Tacha began to rain insults on Diane, telling her not to drink alcohol if she could not handle it.

She said to her: “You are stupid for leaving that box, don’t take alcohol if you cannot handle it.

“Don’t talk back at me, you cannot approach me outside this place just so you know.”

She also called Diane a toddler. Instead of taking it, however, Diane spoke back to her, dropping what was the standout line of the night.

She told Tacha that her heart is darker than her knuckles. Elozonam bodily carried Diane out of the room before the fight could devolve.

Tacha, however, accused Diane of poking her in the eye, something that Biggie never addressed.

Tacha vs Omashola

Some fights in the house were hilarious, no matter how serious (or not) they seemed. One of such was the fight between Tacha and Omashola.

The two had fought over a rope, with Tacha calling Omashola a dog, and a goat. Omashola returned the insults, calling Tacha Mbuzo and Chihuahua.

In the background, Frodd and Mercy hilariously danced to their synchronized insults.

The occurrence was so entertaining that famed producer, Lord Sky, turned the episode into a legit song, titled Chiwawa.

Listen below:

Tacha’s epic fight with Mercy

The fight between Tacha and Mercy was probably one of the most epic fights in the BNaija Pepper Dem house, with huge consequences.

A fight had been brewing between the two from the beginning of the reality show, with Tacha doing her best to avoid Mercy, as confirmed by Cindy.

What was meant to happen, however, would happen.

The fight happened on the day that Ebuka entered the house to evict Cindy, who caused one last fight before she left.

Seyi had called all the housemates to the lounge so he could read a scroll from Big Brother.

Mercy was having her bath, however, and was late to the reading. This did not go down well with Tacha, who started to insult her.

Mercy also threw her own insults back at Tacha, something that Cindy did well to shuffle between them both.

A physical fight followed between the two during which Mercy flipped her hair in Tacha’s face and Tacha dragged it.

At some point during the fight, Mercy grabbed an iron to fight Tacha, while Tacha grabbed a bottle.

However, the fight never devolved to that point.

Big Brother was harsh with his punishments though, and a few days later, Tacha was issued three strikes and disqualified from the Big Brother House.

Mercy, on the other hand, was given two strikes. She went on to win the show, becoming the first woman to ever win Big Brother Naija reality tv show.

Life after BBNaija

Tacha has been making the most of her new celebrity status following her exit from BBNaija.

She has her Titans, her army of fans who keep her on the trending list day in, day out.

The hashtags on Twitter change with Tacha’s achievements or with the attribute of their fave that they go about promoting for that day.

Some of the most popular have been TachaXCiroc, when Tacha entered a partnership with the alcohol brand, #SymplyTachaonYouTube, #December4Tacha, #TachaXDespiteMedia, among others.

She is also among the most followed housemates this year. At the time of writing this post, Tacha has almost a million followers on Instagram.

An impediment to her reaching this milestone may have been her shadowban on Instagram.

Tacha’s account suddenly disappeared from the social media site causing people to speculate that her account had been reported and taken down by Instagram.

That was not the case, however, as Tacha appeared on ex-Big Brother housemate, T-Boss’s Instagram live video to explain that she took down her account because she’d been shadowbanned.

Her account was restored a few days later.

She also has a YouTube page with almost 34 thousand subscribers.

On Twitter where she is verified, she has almost 150 thousand followers.

Since she left the house, she has visited her hometown, Port Harcourt, where she was warmly received, as well as Ghana.

Tacha’s relationship with TeeBillz

Many will remember back when Tacha was still in the house, and Tiwa Savage’s ex-manager and ex-husband, TeeBillz, said that he wanted to become Tacha’s manager, promising to make her the Kim Kardashian of Africa.

Well, after she left the house, they somehow found a way to each other.

On 11 October 2019, Tacha shared three photos bearing the Billz Vizion logo and announced that she had signed TeeBillz on as her manager.

While the majority of her fans were happy, some were not.

One of such people was Writer Joy Isi Bewaji, who took to Facebook to share her thoughts on their partnership. She gave many reasons why she thinks the TachaXTeeBillz partnership will end badly, something that Titans slammed her for.

However, it is easy to see that TeeBillz has been doing his job considering the number of heavyweight endorsement deals that she has gotten.

Tacha’s endorsement deals

Many thought Tacha would miss out on the best endorsement deals following her disqualification from the Big Brother house.

That has not been the case as Tacha has bagged some of the most lucrative deals since leaving the house.

She is currently an ambassador of four well-respected brands.

About a month after she left the house, Tacha signed a deal with eyewear company, House of Lunettes to become a brand ambassador. She also launched an eyewear collaboration with the brand that sold out in a matter of days.

Following this, she also became an ambassador for the fitness company, GetFit. She announced the deal on her Instagram page, writing:

“I’m super excited to be announcing that I am officially on-board as a brand ambassador to Nigeria’s BIGGEST fitness wearables solutions Getfit Technologies @getfitng. I’ve always admired TeamFitFAM and I’m so pleased to be starting this journey..”

Her biggest endorsements came, however, with her next two deals.

People were surprised and wowed when Tacha shared on her Instagram page that she’s entered into a partnership with the international alcohol brand, Ciroc. With this partnership, she launched her line of limited edition Ciroc drinks called Tacha Fierce.

Next came the endorsement that she called the biggest in the history of the Royal Hairs brand.

The deal is rumoured to be worth 15 million Naira. Tacha threw a barb at Big Brother Nigeria winner, Mercy, who is also a Royal Hairs brand ambassador by writing on her Twitter: “SAME DEAL, BIGGER BAG”.

Tacha’s Romantic relationship

It is easy to say that Tacha knows how to compartmentalise her life. As such, she does not overly mention her friends, family or her relationship life.

Many, however, are familiar with Tacha’s boyfriend, whom she mentioned a lot during her time in the house. On his birthday, which took place while she was in the house, she organised a birthday for him in absentia.

Tacha’s boyfriend’s name is Ladi, with the Instagram account, KingLadiofficial.

She said while she was in the house that she calls him, “twinny” because their relationship has progressed beyond the regular boyfriend, girlfriend stage.

He clearly shares the sentiment. While she was in the BBNaija house, he shared a post on his Instagram page, crying out for Big brother Naija to end in order for him to have his girlfriend back.

He also stood up for her once more after she had an altercation with Ebuka while she was on the show.

He wrote: “I don’t get why the confidence of Tacha is a grown man’s problem. I understand when regular people talk trash about her and trying to bring her down but when it’s coming from somebody like @ebuka it’s just really sad but no wahala.”

In conclusion…

It is safe to say that BBNaija has been good to Tacha, in spite of the reservations that many people have about her.

She has the love of her fans, friends, and family, and according to her manager, TeeBillz’s words, she’s set to become the Kim K of Africa.

We wish Tacha all the best in her endeavours.

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