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Born Nancy Ann Travis in New York on 21 September 1961, Nancy (60 years old) is an American actress and producer. She began her career in Off-Broadway theatre before her first leading screen role in the ABC television miniseries Harem. Her breakthrough came in 1987, playing Sylvia Bennington in the comedy film “Three Men and a Baby”, and she later reprised her role in its 1990 sequel.

Born to Gordon and Theresa Travis, a sales executive and a social worker respectively, Nancy grew up in Baltimore, Maryland, and Framingham, Massachusetts, in a Catholic family. She is a founding member of the Off-Broadway theatre agency N_ked Angels, and she continues to maintain a connection with the stage as well as the film and television industries. Her career spans over three decades, and she has appeared in more than 50 projects in that time.

Her role in the series, Last Man Standing remains her longest and most famous thus far, with a total of 194 episodes in the 10 years of its running. A mother of two and wife of 25 years, one can say Nancy Travis is an ideal example of managing a career and family perfectly. Keep reading as we explore her illustrious career, her personal life and everything in-between. Firstly, here are ten interesting facts about Nancy Travis.

10 interesting Nancy Travis facts

  1. Firstly, Nancy Travis is not related to Randy Travis. Since Nancy and country singer-songwriter Randy Travis share the same last name, fans have often wondered if the two stars are married or related. There is, however, no connection between them.
  2. Nancy is a mother of two, she has two sons with her husband Robert, namely, Benjamin (born in 1998) and Jeremy (born in 2001).
  3. Nancy has been married for 25 years. She got married to Robert N. Fried, a film producer and studio executive, in 1994.
  4. She adores legendary actress Meryl Streep. In the early years of her acting career, Nancy recalls that her game plan was to be Meryl Streep.
  5. Nancy started by acting in commercials, and she has featured in ads for brands like Twinkies and Levi’s Jeans.
  6. As earlier stated, Nancy has worked in stage productions before transitioning into television and film. She made her Broadway debut in “I’m Not Rappaport” in the mid-1980s.
  7. She auditioned for the lead role in “Pretty Woman”, one of the most famous and commercially successful romance films of the 1990s, but lost out to Julia Roberts.
  8. Nancy has also voiced many characters on animated series like “Duckman”, “Superman”, and “The Wild Thornberrys”.
  9. Despite her long and busy career, the actress has not bagged that many laurels, but she was nominated for the Screen Actors Guild Awards in the Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series category. 
  10. According to Celebrity Networth, Nancy Travis has a net worth of $2 million.

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Early life and education

Not much information is available as regards Nancy Travis childhood and family. It is known that she was born to a sales executive father and a social worker mother. She grew up in Baltimore, Maryland, and Framingham, Massachusetts, in a Catholic family.

The actress had her secondary school education at Framingham High School. When it was time for college, she returned to New York and became a drama student at New York University. Additionally, she also did a stint at Circle in the Square Theatre School in a bid to polish her acting skills.


Following her graduation, Nancy Travis joined The American Jewish Theatre in NYC, initially appearing in the play “It’s Hard to be a Jew”. She founded the Off-Broadway company N_ked Angels. Following this, Nancy appeared in the plays “Aven U-Boys” and “King of Connecticut”. She later made her Broadway debut in the production of “I’m Not Rappaport”, and her film debut was in a small role in the 1985 film “Malice In Wonderland”. The following year, she starred in the television film “Harlem”, and 1987 marked her rise to stardom as she got more notable jobs. Here are some of Nancy’s most famous works.

Three Men and A Baby

“Three Men and a Baby” is a 1987 American comedy film directed by Leonard Nimoy. Based on the 1985 French film “Trois hommes et un couffin (Three Men and a Cradle)”, the story follows three bachelors as they attempt to adapt their lives to de facto fatherhood with the arrival of the love child of one of the gentlemen. The film was a huge success and the biggest American box office hit of that year. It grossed a total of $240 million worldwide against an $11 million budget.

Nancy played the role of Sylvia Bennington, the actress with whom Jack had a fling and birthed the child, Mary. Sylvia dropped the baby at Jack’s doorstep with a note indicating that it is the product of their affair.

Nancy Travis Last Man Standing Vanessa Baxter biography, age, net worth
Nancy as Sylvia Bennington in Three Men and A Baby


“Duckman: Private D--k/Family Man” is an American adult animated sitcom that aired on the USA Network from March 5, 1994, through September 6, 1997. The series centres on Eric Tiberius Duckman, a widowed, lewd, self-hating, egocentric anthropomorphic duck who lives with his family in Los Angeles and works as a private detective.

Nancy voiced the character Bernice, Duckman’s genius conjoined twins whose heads share a body. She featured in 67 episodes.

Almost Perfect

“Almost Perfect” is an American sitcom television series that aired on CBS from September 17, 1995, until October 30, 1996. The series focused on the professional life of the female executive producer of a television cop show, her witty, humorous staff, which doubled as her family, and initially, how she balanced her high-powered role with that of her newfound romance with a busy assistant D.A.

Nancy played the lead role of Kim Cooper, a television writer on the (fictional) hit show “Blue Justice”, who had just been promoted to executive producer. Kim was a prototypical “gotta-have-it-all” young professional who took pride in being a strong female figure who had risen in the ranks above her mostly male staff. She was headstrong, witty, and had a good sense of direction when it came to the creative matters of “Blue Justice”, but her personal life was another story.

Nancy Travis Last Man Standing Vanessa Baxter biography, age, net worth
Travis and a co-star in Almost Perfect

Internal Affairs cast

“Internal Affairs” is a 1990 American crime thriller film set in Los Angeles about the police department’s Internal Affairs Division. The film follows Dennis Peck, a suave womanizer, clever manipulator, and a corrupt policeman, who uses his fellow officers as pawns for his own nefarious purposes while showing a tender side as a devoted father.

Nancy stars as Kathleen Avilla, wife of internal affairs agent, Raymond Garcia, who discovers that Peck is not the poster boy police officer that the precinct has made him out to be and becomes obsessed with catching him.

Nancy Travis Last Man Standing Vanessa Baxter biography, age, net worth
Nancy on set of Internal Affairs

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Vanessa Baxter Last Man Standing

“Last Man Standing” is an American sitcom about an executive at a sporting goods store chain headquartered in Denver, Colorado, who is a married father of three daughters and a grandfather to his eldest daughter’s son.

Nancy featured as Vanessa Baxter Mike’s wife. She’s a geologist working in the energy industry. In season four, Vanessa becomes frustrated with her job and decides to become a high-school science teacher. After being laid off as a teacher due to budget cuts, Vanessa begins her own tutoring business.

Nancy Travis Last Man Standing Vanessa Baxter biography, age, net worth
Alongside Tim Allen on Last Man Standing

Personal life

There isn’t much known about Nancy’s personal life as she prefers to keep such things private. She is a mother of two and the wife of Robert N. Fried, an American film producer, screenwriter, studio executive and media entrepreneur. The couple got hitched in 1994 and have two sons together. Their sons Jeremy and Benjamin were born in 2001 and 1998, respectively.

Nancy with husband, Robert Fried, and son, Benjamin

Nancy Travis net worth

As an actress, who has been in the industry for as long as Nancy has, one will naturally expect that she will be worth a huge sum. That isn’t quite the case, however, as Celebrity Networth claims Nancy Travis has a net worth of $2 million, while other sources say it is between $2 and $3 million.

Latest news on Nancy Travis

Earlier in 2021, the TV show “Last Man Standing”, in which Nancy starred as Vanessa Baxter for 10 years, had its final episode. Nancy, who once thought she would walk straight out of the door when the series ends, had a totally different reaction. It was particularly tough for her.

“We’re actors and this is our job, but when it’s over, you just get your stuff and you move on and leave and go to the next thing and it’s just a very awkward thing because in this time of COVID, none of us really got to say goodbye. We didn’t have a cast party, we didn’t have a wrap party, even for the crew.

“You go to work, you see these people day in and day out for nine years, and then you walk away and you go home and you wake up the next day and say, ‘Now what am I gonna do?’,” she said, speaking about the show coming to an end.

“I used to joke, people would ask me about different episodes, and I would joke and say that as soon as I said the last line, my car was going and I’m on the freeway and the episode is out of my head. So in a strange way, we ended and we were forced to say goodbye, but I don’t know if you ever say goodbye.

“There are these moments that I feel… I’ll say, ‘Oh, that’s something Vanessa would say or Vanessa would do. Not me!’ And especially when you’ve been so intimately connected to a character for such a long time, you just wonder, ‘Am I Vanessa? Is Vanessa me? Where does one end and the other begin?’,” she concluded.

Nancy Travis hot bikini sexy photos

Nancy Travis hot

Over the years, Travis has gone from super hot to super sexy, yes. The actress is now approaching her sixties but this has not stopped her from turning heads with hot photos draped in bikini outfits that accentuate her curves.


Nancy Travis awaits her next big role after saying goodbye to the “Last Man Standing” show. She is not done with acting yet, and it will be interesting to see what projects she takes on now and what path she tows in these later years of her career. Whichever way it goes, we wish her all the best.

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