Maximilian David Muñiz biography: Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony son

Born 22 February 2008, Maximilian David Muñiz is American singer, actor, and producer Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony’s son. Maximilian was born over ten minutes after his twin sister, Emme Muniz. They are both of Puerto Rican, Spanish, and Taíno descent, inherited from their parents. Their middle names were derived from the names of their parents’ family members. He and his sister have an older half-sister and three older half-brothers from their father’s previous relationships.

Maximilian’s parents, Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony were married for seven years between 2004 and 2011. Their divorce was finalized in 2014, and Jennifer won primary custody of the children. When their mother discovered she’d gotten pregnant, she was away in Portugal for a performance. She, however, took many tests before confirming she was indeed pregnant. When she found out that she was expecting twins and announced this news, the public, for some reason, wrongly assumed she’d undergone in-vitro fertilization (IVF).

Maximilian and his sister were celebrities from birth, and unsurprisingly so. Their parents’ status is more than enough attraction. The twins’ first photographs were sold to People magazine for $6,000,000. That’s what fame can do! We will now zoom in our lens on the lives of 13-year-old Maxi and his sister, Emme; keep reading to know more about them. Let’s kick off with these ten facts about him.

10 facts about Maximilian David Muñiz

  1. Contrary to the fantasy conceived in the minds of many, Max is not likely to follow in his parents’ footsteps as he is not keen on music like his sister, who seems to like it very much; this is not to say he doesn’t sing, he does.
  2. Of the two children, Maximilian seems the one who is less interested in the spotlight because his sister, on the other hand, appears to be quite taken by it.
  3. Maximilian has been called “Mini-Marc” by some, and his mother has said that he is energetic like his father, but he avoids attention and will rather go unnoticed.
  4. Though he hasn’t shown a keen interest in music, it is known that Max has been taking voice lessons and piano lessons alongside his sister.
  5. When talking about Maximilian, Marc Anthony said the kid has a huge heart, a refined sense of humor, and knows how to keep himself accountable.
  6. Max received a standing ovation from his family when he sang at his mother’s 50th birthday party along with his sister, Emme, in July 2019.
  7. As earlier stated, David and his sister have step-siblings, namely: Ariana Anthony (Step-Sister), Ryan Adrian Muñiz, Chase Muñiz, and Cristian Marcus Muñiz (Step-Brother).
  8. Maximilian and Emme are not the only twins in the family, “It runs in the family,” according to their grandpa, as their aunt also has twins.
  9. When Emme and Max were born, their mom was so anxious and afraid that someone would kidnap them, she hired a team of bodyguards to guard them day and night.
  10. Though they are yet to be active on social media, the twins have a fan Instagram account (maxandemme) where their pics are posted frequently.

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Marc Anthony – father

Born Marco Antonio Muñiz on 16 September 1968, Marc Anthony is an American singer, songwriter, actor, and record and television producer. He started singing freestyle and underground New York house music gigs and had his breakthrough after he released his first Spanish album, Otra Nota. It brought him recognition, and he followed it with the release of many Spanish and English albums and hit singles. Anthony soon became the most popular tropical salsa artist of all time, winning several accolades along the way.

He is a six-time Grammy nominee and has won three Grammys for Contra La CorrienteAmar Sin Mentiras, and Opus. He is also a recipient of nine Latin Grammys and has acted in many films like Man on FireIn the times of the Butterflies, and El Cantante, where he starred opposite Jennifer Lopez.

Marc fathered a child with his long-term girlfriend Debbie Rosado, an NYC police officer, in 1994. In 2000, he married former Miss Universe Dayanora Torres, and their relationship was a dramatic rollercoaster. The couple first got separated after barely two years but reconciled again months later before eventually separated in October 2003, after almost a year of getting back together, they share two sons. Marc was married to singer and actress Jennifer Lopez for eight years and has twins with her.

Jennifer Lopez – mother

Born 24 July 1969, Jennifer Lopez is an all-round entertainer, dancer, actor, and singer — considered by many as the most stunning woman in the entertainment industry. J.Lo, as she is fondly called, moved to New York in pursuit of her acting dreams and began her journey into entertainment as a dancer. It wasn’t long before her striking looks were noticed, and she had her breakthrough. Years after breaking into the acting scene, Jennifer decided to try her hands at music, and she found huge success at it too. Her music was widely accepted, and her songs were topping charts in the USA. J.Lo’s music videos added a bit more oomph to her fame, as her dance moves became the rave all around.

Jennifer Lopez was the executive producer and judge of the dance competition series, World of Dance. In 2020, she co-headlined the Super Bowl LIV halftime show alongside Shakira. As an entrepreneur, she launched her skincare line, JLo Beauty, in 2021 and has been listed in the Guinness World Record twice. The first time was she was listed, it was when her 2003 album J to tha L-O! The Remixes became the first number-one remix album on the Billboard 200, and the second time was in 2012 as the Highest Viewed Female Music Video of All Time for her album, On the Floor.

J.Lo has been married thrice. She married Cuban actor OjaniNoa, in February 1997, but the marriage ended the following year. In September 2001, she married actor and choreographer Cris Judd but filed for divorce in June 2002. Her longest marriage was to Marc Anthony, from 2004 to 2014.

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Mark Anthony’s kids – Maximilian David Muñiz’ siblings

As earlier mentioned, Mark Anthony fathered other kids from his other relationships. His first child, named Arianna Muñiz, is from his relationship with his then-girlfriend, girlfriend Debbie Rosado. Also, during their time together, they adopted a son, Chase Muñiz. Although his marriage to former Miss Universe Dayanora Torres didn’t last long, they had two sons, Cristian Marcus Muñiz and Ryan Adrian Muñiz, before parting ways.

Cristian Marcus Muñiz 

Born 5 February 2001, Cristian is the second child of Marc Anthony and his first with his former spouse Dayanara Torres. The name Cristian was given to him in honor of Mexican musician Cristian Castro. He graduated from high school in 2019 and proceeded to a New York university, where he is studying for his first degree. He is also very active on social media; though he and his brother steer clear of the limelight, they appeared on the cover of People Magazine.

Chase Muñiz

26-year-old Alex Chase Muñiz is Marc Anthony’s adopted son, with his ex-girlfriend Debbie Rosado. The young man, who shares his father’s love for body art and has many on his body, prefers a quiet life and diligently avoids the spotlight. Chase is not active on social media and can hardly be seen at public events. He was, however, spotted at Marc’s 50th birthday party at Club 50 in Miami a few years ago.

Emme Mirabel Muñiz 

Emme is Maximilian’s twin sister and only full sibling. She is the more showbiz inclined of the twins and has shown her singing skills and showmanship as early as age 11. Emme got even more popular for performing alongside her mom at the Super Bowl halftime show in 2020, showing zero stage fright, and flexing her vocals. Fondly called Lulu by her folks, Emme starred alongside her mother in the music video of her song, Limitless. She has definitely taken after her mother and is on her way to becoming a superstar.

Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez net worth 

Jennifer Lopez career spans almost three decades across music, film, and production. She has enjoyed immense success in every field she’s been active in over the years, and, as many sources report, she is currently worth $400 million. This is accrued from music sales, acting, and the many endorsements she’s had. Jlo is believed to earn a minimum of $40 million yearly.

On the other hand, as of 2021, Marc is estimated to be worth $80 million. Like Lopez, he has excelled in the entertainment industry, especially as a musician. Marc also acts and produces, amongst other things.


The Muñiz twins are growing to become every bit of the entertainers that their parents are. While it is yet unclear if they will indeed tow those paths, there are already signs of such likelihood, and they look more than capable. The world doesn’t have much longer to wait, it is all unfolding, and we are here for it. You may also like to read our latest article, Is Rihanna Pregnant? See Other Celebrities Expecting In 2021.

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