Lucy Biography: Early life, age, career, BBNaija fame and personal life

Lucy Essien is the full name of the Big Brother Naija Season 5 housemate that many fans have come to know simply as Lucy. Many people have been inquiring and asking several questions about Lucy, which is why we put this biography together.

Many of the important facts about Lucy can be found in this article. To make it easier to understand and pick out, we have prepared a summary of all the important facts concerning her here. You can see them below.

10 important facts about Lucy

  1. Lucy is one of the 20 housemates on the BBNaija Season 5 Lockdown edition.
  2. Her full name is Lucy Essien and she was born in 1990.
  3. Lucy is an indigene of Cross River State where she also grew up.
  4. She lost both parents at a tender age and has been an orphan since she was 13 years old.
  5. She obtained her Senior Secondary School Certificate from Federal Government Girls’ College.
  6. She graduated with Upper Second-Class Honours from the Mass Communication Department of the University of Calabar.
  7. Lucy runs a grilling business in Lagos called Luciana’s Grill.
  8. She was the second head of house (HOH) of the Big Brother Naija Season 5 Lockdown Edition show.
  9. Lucy was nicknamed ‘Khaleesi’ by fans.
  10. She is currently single and is not in any serious relationship.


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Lucy Biography: Early life

According to our research, we found that Lucy Essien was born in 1990. However, as of this time, we do not have any verified information on her exact birth date. When we have this information, we will update this section.

Lucy was born in Cross River State, a region in the South-South part of Nigeria whose capital is Calabar. Their major dialects are Bekwarra, Ejagham and Efik. Lucy was raised in the state by her parents, but she was still young when tragedy struck.

Lucy lost both of her parents around when she was only 13 years old according to GH Gossip. From then, she relies more on herself and hard work.

We do not know who raised her up after the demise of her parents. However, attended Federal Government Girls’ College and eventually graduated earning her Senior Secondary School Certificate.

Later, she applied for admission at the University of Calabar and got admitted to study Mass Communication. Lucy dropped out during her first year but eventually returned to the university and obtained a bachelor degree in mass communication.

Lucy graduated with Upper Second-Class Honours or as many call it, ‘Second-Class Upper’.

Lucy Biography: Career

On completing obtaining her university degree, Lucy continued to strive to fend for herself. After some time of hustling, she set up a grilling business in Lagos. She uses the business name, Luciana’s Grill, which is popular in her locality for its tasty food.

During her pre-BBNaija interview with Africa Magic just before she went into the Big Brother Naija house, Lucy revealed that setting up her business was one of her greatest achievements in life, and she was proud of it.

You can watch the full interview here:


She also mentioned that graduating from the university was also a big deal as she had to overcome lots of challenges. Besides, Lucy said that getting to be on the Big Brother Naija TV reality show was also a dream come true.

Now, let us take a brief look at her stay in the BBNaija House.

Lucy Biography: inside the BBNaija House

Lucy Essien established herself as some kind of ‘boss lady’ as soon as she first entered the BBNaija house. She was also the second head of house in the Big Brother Season 5 reality show. Lucy has a strong fan base outside of the house.

Inside the house, she has clashed with fellow contestants Nengi and Erica. Both incidents resulted in the parties calling one another names and trading insults.

For further reading, you should see

Many fans of the BBNaija show are divided over Lucy, while some dislike her, others like her claiming that she is ‘real’ and brings an element of ‘drama’ to the show. See some tweets about this below.

Another thing that Lucy is popular for is shedding tears. It has led many viewers of the show to claim that she is playing the pity game. Even former BBNaija, Omashola had used it to tease Frodd, another housemate that was popular for crying on the show.

Lucy Biography: Personal life

As we have already revealed, Lucy Essien grew up an orphan. We do not know if she has siblings as we found no information regarding them after thorough research. We also found that before entering the BBNaija House, she was single.

Lucy Biography: early life, age, career, BBNaija fame and personal life
Lucy at one of the Saturday Night BBNaija parties.


However, she revealed that she had been in a serious relationship with a man before. But the relationship came to a sudden end after she discovered that her ex-boyfriend had impregnated another woman.

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As an entrepreneur who runs her own grilling business, Lucy knows what it means to strive for oneself. She revealed that during the COVID-19 Lockdown in Lagos, she was able to learn some basic things. Some of these are making parfait, having tea three times a day and staying without her phone.

She sees herself as a simple person but wants people to understand that she is not just an average woman. Lucy also told an interviewer that she believes in fairy tales and hopes that ‘Biggie’s House’ will deliver just that for her.

Final thoughts…

Lucy Essien appears to be a complex individual and from what fans of the BBNaija show are saying about her, she is blunt to the extent of being brutal. It seems she would continue for some time on the show as she has survived three eviction stages.

From the biography, we see that Lucy is a hard worker who has not had things handed to her. She has seen a difficult side of life and has managed to carve out something for herself. We wish her all the best on the show.

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