Lev Cameron Biography: meet 15-year-old TikTok dance sensation

Lev Cameron Khmelev (15 years old) is an American online personality, dancer, actor, and YouTuber, born on 11 October 2005. He is widely known for his short time as a professional dancer on the first and only season of ABC’s dance competition reality series Dancing with the Stars: Juniors. Lev, a French native, started dancing at the early age of 5 as a ballroom dancer and later learned other styles.

He made his acting debut in 2015 in the short film And the Tiara Goes To..., and his popularity increased even more in 2016 when he featured in the music video for Justin Timberlake’s song “Can’t Stop the Feeling”. However, in 2019, Lev made his major acting breakthrough with the comedy-drama Ham on Rye. He went on to feature in two episodes of the main show Dancing with the Stars and has also appeared on other shows like So You Think You Can Dance and Little Big Shots.

Talent quickly sets you apart in the multitude. So is the case of young Lev Cameron, who has achieved a great deal of success at a very young age. With over 1.6 million followers on Instagram and almost double that in YouTube subscribers, Lev has the world’s attention. Follow us on this walk through the life and career of the teenage sensation as we seek to know him even more. To begin with, here are ten interesting facts about Lev Cameron Khmelev.

10 facts about Lev Cameron Khmelev

  1. Lev began dancing at the age of five; after only one week of lessons, he decided that it was something he wanted to do for the rest of his life.
  2. His training as a dancer started with ballroom dancing, and it wasn’t until 2019 that Lev was introduced to other forms of dancing.
  3. Though he had danced for most of his life, Lev only started getting famous for it in 2018 after appearing on Dancing with the Stars: Juniors, his celebrity partner on the show was Addison Osta Smith, the Master Chef Junior winner.
  4. On 7 October 2018, Lev and Smith were one of the two couples eliminated from the cha-cha-cha competition’s first round.
  5. Prior to Dancing With The Stars: Junior, Lev co-starred with his dance partner Sofia Sachenko on Little Big Shots in 2017.
  6. In 2016, Lev finished in the Top 30 of So You Think You Should Dance: The Next Generation competition.
  7. Academia has not deterred Lev from continuing to learn and practice dancing. He has been able to combine his studies and dance by taking online dance classes.
  8. Lev launched his own YouTube channel in January 2018, and the first video he posted is titled My Crush Reacts to Funny Assumptions about Me “Instagram Challenge”.
  9. Due to his unique style and fashion sense, Lev has also worked as a professional model, and he is part of the social media influencer group, The Squad.
  10. As can be deduced from the reports from several sources, Lev’s net worth is between $1.2 and $2 million.

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Lev Cameron age, early life and education

By his birthday on 11 October 2021, Lev will be 16 years old. As earlier indicated, he was born in 2005 and grew up in a well-settled Christian family from France. He Family moved to California not long after his birth. There, he completed his early schooling at a preparatory school. After this, he passed the California High School Proficiency Exam and enrolled at Los Angeles Valley College. He started dancing very early in his childhood and had always desired to be a professional dancer and actor.


Lev Cameron was a contestant in the 13th season of Fox’s dance competition reality series So You Think You Can Dance: The Next Generation (2016). He made it to the Top 30 before he was eliminated from the show. In 2017, he participated in the second season of the NBC variety show Little Big Shots with his partner Sofia Sachenko.

How old is Lev Cameron? Piper Rockelle dating, height, TikTok, YouTube
Lev Cameron

In 2018, Lev joined the roster of the professional dancers of ABC’s Dancing with the Stars: Juniors. His celebrity partner on it was Master Chef Junior winner Addison Osta Smith, and South African dancer Keo Motsepe mentored them. On 7 October 2018, Lev and Smith performed cha-cha-cha. They were one of two couples eliminated in the first round along with professional dancer Hailey Bills and her celebrity partner and Sarah Palin’s grandson, Tripp Easton Mitchell Johnston Palin.

Lev has stated that the most challenging dance styles for him are tap and contemporary.

Acting career

Portraying the character of the basketball boy/schoolboy, Cameron made his acting debut in the 2015 short film And the Tiara Goes To…, and in 2016, he guest-starred as Henry in a season-four episode of the horror series My Haunted House. Also, in 2016, he appeared in two short films, 8 1/2 and Me + You. Later in the same year, he acted alongside Justin Timberlake in the music video for Justin’s track “Can’t Stop the Feeling”.

In 2017, Lev appeared in two miniseries, 555 and Evil Things, and two short films, Piano and Untrafficked. He acted in the 2019 short film Boys Ain’t Sh_t and the music video for Indi Star’s Just Might Dance.

Ham on Rye

In 2019, Lev Cameron made his cinematic debut in the comedy-drama film Ham on Rye. In the movie, a bizarre rite of passage at the local deli determines the fate of a generation of teenagers, and it leads some to escape their suburban town and dooms others to remain. Lev portrayed a character named Squirgly Dag.

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Social media – Lev Cameron TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube

It is not surprising that Lev is very active on social media. His line of work warrants and actually feeds on social media presence. On Instagram, where he shares photos and random videos of his life, Lev has 1.6 million followers.

@lev_cameronBack To School is??? at Aeropostale right now!! @aeropostale ##backtofree ##Aeroworld ##ad? Riptide – Jacob Steele

On TikTok, he has a massive following of 4.4 million followers and a staggering 123 million likes. Lev’s YouTube channel currently has 2.5 million subscribers with over 256 million views so far.

He set up his self-titled YouTube channel on 1 January 2018 and posted the first video, titled My Crush Reacts to Funny Assumptions about Me ‘Instagram Challenge’ | Lev Camron, Piper Rockelle, on 17 November 2019.

Personal life – Lev Cameron girlfriend Piper Rockelle

Lev is in a relationship with Piper Rockelle, who is also a dancer and a YouTube star. She makes comedy videos, reactions, pranks, and DIYs. The 14-year-old also sings and has appeared in a few films, and Piper currently boasts over 6 million YouTube subscribers.

Piper was raised by her mom Tiffany Rockelle because when her mom was pregnant, her father was not ready for a child; however, Tiffany was bent on having the baby.

Lev’s Instagram account is full of his photos with Piper. In one such photo, posted in December 2019, they pose on a motorcycle, with the caption, “Riding into 2020 like…” To this, Piper responded by commenting, “Happy to be along for the 2020 ride with you,” followed by a heart emoji.

Piper appeared in a few of Lev’s YouTube videos before they started dating, and he referred to her as his ‘crush’ in those videos. Then, on Valentine’s Day 2020, Lev asked Piper to be his Valentine. The duo started dating officially in May 2020. Before then, they had avoided questions concerning their relationship and sometimes denied it even, despite the evidence that said differently.

How old is Lev Cameron? Piper Rockelle dating, height, TikTok, YouTube
Lev Cameron and girlfriend, Piper Rockelle

How tall is Lev Cameron

For some reason, the question about Lev’s height is a frequently asked one. Lev Cameron Khmelev is 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighs 62 kilograms. He appears taller in his TikTok and YouTube videos, but that is most likely because of camera angles.

Lev Cameron net worth

Cameron is estimated to have a net worth of about $1.2 to $2 million. It is noteworthy that the figures are bound to increase quickly as his wealth is on a steady trajectory.

Cameron makes money through several sources, but his YouTube is probably the most profitable venture. The channel attracts an average of 450,000 views per day. This should accrue an estimated revenue of $3,600 per day ($1.3 million a year) from ads on his videos.


15 is quite an early age to have seen and achieved the level of success and fame Lev Cameron has. The teenage star has a long life ahead of him, with many opportunities yet to be tapped. If all goes well, he is on the path to unprecedented greatness. We hope he enjoys the right kind of management and indeed goes on to become everything he can be. Keep an eye out for him; we will be seeing a lot of him for a long time to come.

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