Letesha Marrow Biography: Ice-T daughter, Elyjah Marrow mother and TV personality

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Born 20 March 1976, American TV personality LeTesha Marrow is the oldest child of rapper Ice-T. She was born when the “Cop Killer” crooner and her mother, Adrienne, were still high school students. Though LeTesha has had a fairly successful career in showbiz both on TV and radio, her fame can be attributed mainly to her association with her father.

LeTesha made appearances on her father’s acclaimed reality show Ice Loves Coco. There, she featured in several episodes alongside her son Elyjah Marrow who will later become a major reason for her popularity and public scrutiny. In 2014, Elyjah became known in the news for killing his roommate. Of course, the situation also drew more attention to LeTesha.

In a world where the public is always hungry for news and feeds on all kinds of information, it is often said there is no bad publicity. The veracity of that is, however, called to question in cases like that of LeTesha and her son. While she seems to have risen from the controversy and chosen to live her best life, the stigma can hardly ever truly go away.

In this article, we take a closer look at the life of LeTesha, a celebrity child, and in a way, a celebrity mother, if one can call her that. Please keep reading to learn more about her career, her son’s case, and much more. For starters, here are ten facts about her.

10 facts about LeTesha Marrow

  1. Ice-T and Adrienne, her parents, began their relationship in the early 1970s as high school students, and her dad was 18 years old when she was born.
  2. LeTesha Marrow has two half-siblings from her father’s side; Tracy Marrow Jr. and Channel Nicole Marrow.
  3. She and Ice-T have a good relationship as a father and a daughter which isn’t surprising because she was mainly raised by him, and like her father, she is a multitalented person.
  4. She is the mother of a grown-up son named Elyjah Marrow; however, there’s no information about his father.
  5. Just like her parents, Letesha had her son at a very young age; she was also 18 years old when Elyjah was born.
  6. In 2014, at the age of 19, Elyjah Marrow was arrested in Marietta, Georgia, after he accidentally shot his roommate.
  7. Further to the murder of his roommate, Marrow’s son was charged with several other crimes like possession of marijuana, firearm, and reckless conduct.
  8. LeTesha is very fond of the music industry, especially the US rap scene, which she credits to her father because she grew up listening to Snoop Dogg and Eminem and wanted to have a career in rap herself.
  9. She is very fond of traveling and has been on numerous tours around the US with her father, especially during her time on the Ice Loves Coco reality show.
  10. According to several sources, Letesha Marrow has a net worth of $1 million.

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Early life and education

LeTesha was raised in New York City by her parents Adrienne and Ice-T, who were still attending high school when she was born. Her name is derived from the Latin word ‘Letitia,’ which means joy and gladness. She is the oldest of three as she has a half-brother Tracy Marrow Jr. and a half-sister named Channel. LeTesha’s mom and dad separated a few years after her birth; resultantly, she was raised mainly by her dad. It is unclear if she still has a good relationship with her mother, as she seldom talks about her.

Marrow was exposed to entertainment from an early age, and in fact, began taking singing lessons at the age of five. She went on to attend a local high school in New York City; however, after matriculation, she did not enroll at college.

Career in showbiz

LeTesha started her career as a TV personality when she created the T-Tea-V Behind the Scenes reality show. The show revolved around her father Ice-T, his life, and his tours. She served as the show host, CEO, and assistant director. Also, she started appearing in the Ice Loves Coco reality TV show launched by her father on 12 June 2011, when it debuted in both the US and Canada.

LeTesha Marrow family

Ice-T and daughter, LeTesha Marrow
Ice-T and daughter, LeTesha Marrow

As Ice-T’s daughter, she has what can be called a large family. Just as earlier mentioned, she has a close relationship with her dad and his family by extension. She has two half-siblings, a son and a stepmom, so to speak. Let’s meet them.

Ice-T – father

Born Tracy Lauren Marrow in Newark, New Jersey, USA, on 16 February 1958, Ice-T is a rapper, songwriter, actor, and writer but best known for his rapping career. He was raised in Newark by his father Solomon, who was a conveyor belt mechanic, and his mother Alice, a full-time housewife. When he was four, the family moved to live in Summit, New Jersey. He was nine when his mother died from a heart attack, and Solomon raised him independently. After his father died of a heart attack in 1970, Ice-T lived with his aunt and her husband before moving to Los Angeles at 14.

He attended Palms Junior High before switching to Crenshaw High School. While there, he began reading novels and soon got his nickname Ice-T courtesy of Iceberg Slim, an author he used to read.

He launched his career as a singer when he joined The Precious Few of Crenshaw High School band in order to make money. He also sold marijuana and stole items from cars such as stereos, but it wasn’t enough to support himself and his girlfriend, who was pregnant with their daughter LeTesha at the time. He subsequently joined the Army in 1977 and spent two years in the military.

In 1983, his rap career officially took off when he recorded his first single, “Cold Wind Madness”. The joint was a major success, and another hit single, “Body Rock,” followed in the same year. Ice-T is also an actor, and he made his debut appearance in the film Breakin’ in 1984. He released his eponymous album “O.G. Original Gangster” with his Body Count band in 1991 and has released two other albums in 2006 and 2017, respectively.

Ice-T net worth 2020

According to Celebrity Networth, Ice-T had a net worth of $60 million in 2020. The multi-talented entertainer has a wide portfolio as an Actor, Musician, Film Producer, Film Score Composer, Rapper, Author, Screenwriter, Record producer, Entrepreneur, and Voice Actor. He has enjoyed success in all his fields of endeavor and remains active till the present day.

Tracy Marrow Jr. – brother

Born 23 November 1991, Tracy Marrow Jr. is an American rapper who is probably best known for being the son of a famous American rapper Ice-T. He is the hip hop legend’s second child, who he had with his ex-girlfriend Darlene Ortiz, an American singer. He has two half-sisters: LaTesha Marrow and Chanel, who was born in 2015 to Ice T, and his wife Nicole ‘Coco Marie’ Austin, a well-known swimsuit model.

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Tracy went to a local high school where he actively played football. After matriculating in 2009, he opted not to pursue a college degree and instead looked for a job in order to support himself financially.

Tracy Marrow Jr. and his father, Ice-T

On 10 October 2012, he was arrested after police in Los Angeles pulled him over for having too loud music in his vehicle. After being requested to turn down the music, he instead turned it up. The cops also discovered Tracy had a $10,000 warrant out for speeding, and he was arrested and booked.

In the year 2017, Tracy joined his father’s heavy metal band Body Count. He has been working as the backing vocal. Some of his song credits include “Bloodlust”, “No Lives Matter”, “This Is Why We Ride” and “Raining in Blood/Postmortem 2017”. Tracy then went on to work with his father on songs “Bum-Rush”, “All Love Is Lost”, and “The Ski Mask Way”.

Elyjah Marrow – LeTesha Marrow son

Born in 1995, Elyjah Marrow is well known for being the son of LeTesha Marrow and the grandson of famous American rapper/actor Ice-T. He was arrested and charged with involuntarily manslaughter for accidentally shooting and killing his roommate, Darius Johnson. Elyjah played running back and outside linebacker for the Wheeler High School team.

Elyjah Marrow
Elyjah Marrow
On 4 June, Marrow was indicted by the Cobb County Grand Jury on charges of involuntary manslaughter and burglary by receiving stolen property and possession of a firearm during the commission of felony imprudent conduct. He was sentenced to five years in prison and came out in 2019 on completion of his sentence.

Darlene Ortiz

Darlene Ortiz
Darlene Ortiz

Darlene Ortiz is an American celebrity widely known for being the second girlfriend of Ice-T. She is widely known as the first cover girl of rap. Ortiz featured in several music videos and also modeled for many magazines. She was Ice-T’s second girlfriend whom he dated for about 17 years. Together, they have a son named Tracy Marrow Jr.

Darlene is also a fitness instructor, songwriter, and co-hosts a radio show with comedian Corey Holcomb that boasts thousands of listeners. Unlike Ice-T who got married in 2002, she has remained single since they parted ways.


Apart from being associated with a star, LeTesha has had an eventful life herself and a fair share of popularity (both good and bad). The 45-year-old mother of one however still has a lifetime ahead of her. More than enough time to write a new story and be so much more. We wish her all the best.

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