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American actress Laura San Giacomo was born on 14 November 1962, and she won the Independent Spirit Award for Best Supporting Female for her role as Cynthia in the film “S_x, Lies, and Videotape” (1989) and was on the NBC sitcom “Just Shoot Me!” (1997–2003).

Most television viewers know her as the very attractive magazine editor “Maya” in the hit comedy series “Just Shoot Me!”, but she is much more than a TV sitcom star. Laura is also a talented dramatic actress, who has many major films and stage productions credits. Additionally, she is a spokesperson for disability-related causes and a staunch advocate for inclusive education.

Laura has been married twice, and she has a son who has cerebral palsy. There’s just so much to learn about her and her career but let’s see some interesting facts about the award-winning actress first.

10 need to know facts about Laura San Giacomo

  1. Laura San Giacomo is an American actress of Italian descent born on 14 November 1962 to MaryJo and John San Giacomo.
  2. Laura grew up in Denville, New Jersey, and she attended Morris Knolls High School before attending Carnegie Mellon School of Drama in Pittsburgh, where she received a fine arts degree.
  3. Her lifelong passion has always been acting, and she fulfilled it in every form possible, theatre, film, and TV.
  4. She is also a cousin to Torry Castellano, who used to drum for the rock group The Donnas.
  5. Married Cameron Dye in 1990 and had a son with him named Mason Dye.
  6. Laura San Giacomo’s only son Mason Dye suffers from cerebral palsy.
  7. She is currently married to Matt Adler, and they have been together for over two decades.
  8. Laura San Giacomo is well recognised for her efforts as an actress, and she has a Golden Globe Award nomination, among others.
  9. She believes in giving back and is a part of many charitable causes including, advocacy for disability-related causes and a staunch advocate for inclusive education.
  10. Laura San Giacomo currently lives with her family in the San Fernando Valley, California.

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Early life

Laura San Giacomo is an American with Italian heritage. She was born on 14 November 1962 to MaryJo and John San Giacomo. Her parents are paper mill owners, and they had Laura in West Orange, New Jersey.

Laura grew up in Denville, New Jersey, and she attended Morris Knolls High School. There is no information on Laura having siblings, so she seems more like the only daughter and child of the Giacomo’s.

She attended Carnegie Mellon School of Drama in Pittsburgh, where she received a fine arts degree, specialising in acting. After university, Laura went to New York for about five years.


During an interview with Ability Magazine, Laura San Giacomo revealed that she discovered she wanted to pursue a career in acting during high school. “High school. I knew that I wanted to be an actor. Then it became about whether acting wanted me. So, I gave it a shot. It hasn’t worked out too bad, so far”, she wrote.

Laura discovered acting while she attended Morris Knolls High School. In 1984, she bagged a fine arts degree, specialising in acting, from Carnegie Mellon School of Drama in Pittsburgh. Upon graduation, she moved to New York City and participated in theatres productions. 

Laura San Giacomo starred in a couple of stage plays including, “The Wrong Turn” at Lungfish in Los Angeles produced by Garry Marshall-Lowell Ganz; “Three Sisters” by the Princeton/McCarter Theatre production; and in the Italian American “Reconciliation”, regional productions of Shakespeare’s “The Tempest”, “As You Like It”, “Romeo and Juliet”, and “Crimes of the Heart”.

She even received special recognition for her meticulous acting during a review of the Walnut Street Theatre 1986 presentation of “As You Like It”, getting the only show-interrupting applause of the evening despite playing a minor role.

Laura San Giacomo soon transitioned to film, making her first television appearance in four episodes on three television series during 1987. She appeared in “Crime Story” in 1988 for the episode “Protected Witness” (Season 2 / Episode 13), where she starred as Theresa Farantino, and in “Miami Vice” in 1989 for the episode “Leap of Faith” (Season 5, Episode 19) as Tania Lewis. Prior to that, Laura San Giacomo starred as Louisa Sanchez on the daytime soap opera “All My Children”. Louisa was the Latina common-law wife of Mitch Beck, played by Brian Fitzpatrick, whose presence threatened to thwart his relationship with Hillary Martin, played by Carmen Thomas.

Laura San Giacomo first got her international recognition for her role in Steven Soderbergh’s “S_x, Lies, and Videotape” (1989), it also marked her film debut as a credited actor. She received a Los Angeles Film Critics Association New Generation Award, and also went on to be nominated for the Golden Globe Awards for the film.

A year later, Laura San Giacomo played a supporting cast role alongside Julia Roberts in “Pretty Woman”, further cementing herself as a top actress. She also appeared in “Quigley Down Under” (1990), “Vital Signs” (1990), “Under Suspicion” (1991), “Once Around” (1991), “Where the Day Takes You” (1992), “Nina Takes a Lover” (1994), “Suicide Kings” (1997), and a host of others.

Laura San Giacomo continued with films, and in 2001 she landed a starring role in the biopic “Jennifer”. The film was based on a woman who had been diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.

Just Shoot Me! 

Bringing a child into the world changes many things, and it played a major factor in Laura San Giacomo’s transition back to television from films. Despite having a newborn, San Giacomo was still very much interested in working, but she didn’t want to be away from her newborn son for months at a time as movies would require. Hence, her decision to shift focus to TV shows, which gave her a regular work schedule, and she also didn’t have to travel as much. Fortunately, the CBS Studio Centre – the site of her new television project’s tapings – was located within the vicinity of her San Fernando Valley residence.

It also prompted a new era and perhaps brought about her best-known role as the neo-feminist character Maya Gallo in the sitcom “Just Shoot Me!” (1997–2003). Laura played the role of a smart, hot-tempered, sassy journalist who reluctantly took a job at her father’s fictional glamour magazine Blush.

The series was meant to be centered around Laura San Giacomo’s character, Maya, but the plot soon began to revolve around Dennis Finch’s character, played by David Spade, by Season 3 (1998-1999).

Despite that, Laura remained an integral part of the show and with top billing. She, along with the four other main cast members, appeared in all 148 episodes of “Just Shoot Me!”.

Her work during the second season of the series earned her a Golden Globe nomination in 1998 for Best Actress in a Television Comedy or Musical, but Calista Flockhart beat her to the award.

Personal life

Laura San Giacomo biography: Just Shoot me, topless, hot
Young Laura San Giacomo

Laura San Giacomo is the only known child of MaryJo and John San Giacomo, and there is no information on whether she had other siblings or half-siblings. She is, however, the cousin of Torry Castellano, who used to drum for the rock group The Donnas. San Giacomo grew up in New Jersey and schooled around there before moving to New York after her University days.

Early on during her career, Laura San Giacomo got married to Cameron Dye, whom she met during her first television appearance of merit, Miami Vice (1989). The pair got married in 1990 and had a son together, Mason Dye, who has cerebral palsy. Laura San Giacomo and Cameron Dye, divorced in 1998. 

Laura San Giacomo focused more on her acting as well as the well-being of her son after her first marriage to Cameron Dye failed. However, she and Matt Adler met on a film set, and they decided to go out on dates. After going out for some time, the pair realised they were inseparable, and the lovebirds tied the knot in 2000 in a private ceremony with close friends and family members in attendance.

Matt Adler is also an actor, known for his roles in “Teen Wolf”, “White Water Summer”, and many more. Matt and Laura have endured a peaceful union since they got together, and they currently reside in San Fernando Valley with Laura’s son.

Laura San Giacomo topless

Being on-screen constantly comes with a price to pay as entertaining the viewers by all means necessary is one of the ways to stay relevant or be in conversations. Part of the tasks of being an entertainer and a celebrity is always keeping your fans talking about you.
Many actors and actresses since the creation of the entertainment industry have been topless or nude, depending on the roles played in certain respects, and Laura San Giacomo won’t be the last.

Famous for her meticulous acting, pretty face, and ample bosom, Laura San Giacomo has oftentimes been in scenes where she had to be topless, and it’s become very popular among viewers, fans, and even co-actors.

In a February 2000 interview with Maxim, San Giacomo’s bosom came up in the conversation when they jokingly asked her co-star David Spade if they were some sort of “special effect” due to their size.

Spade replied saying that “Just Shoot Me!” headquarters often receive letters from viewers regarding San Giacomo’s endownment. He also continued saying, just like in the case of his television character Finch (who supposedly once secretly videotaped Maya changing into a jogging bra and dubbed it “The Maya Thing”), Spade is an admitted fan of them as well.
He also claimed to never have been aroused by his buxom co-star while on the set of the series. The show’s writers, having taken note of San Giacomo’s ample bosom as well, occasionally wrote dialogue for Maya’s fellow peers — usually Finch or Nina Van Horn (Wendie Malick) — to poke fun at the enormity of her bust.

Laura San Giacomo bikini

Laura San Giacomo young in a bikini
Laura San Giacomo young in a bikini

There are many reasons ‘Laura San Giacomo bikini’ is one of the top searched for and its simply because the Italian-American actress was very s_xy and beautiful when she was still very young.

Laura also possesses large br__st which is also a very intriguing part of why many wanted to see her in a bikini. In the end, she spotted a couple of cool looks in the swimwear.

Net worth

According to several sources, the film and TV star has racked up millions over the years for her roles in diverse movies and TV shows. Laura San Giacomo is estimated to be worth well over $6 million.


Laura once state that she knew that she was in fact interested in being an actor one day. But, it became about whether acting wanted her. Regardless, she gave it a shot and the rest is history.

Asides serving for many years as an entertainer, she’s also immersed herself in humanitarian work and continues to stay involved with her charities as long as she is needed.

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