Heidi O’Ferrall Biography: ProJared’s wife, divorce, net worth and controversy

Born 1 April 1988, jack of all trades and American Cosplayer Heidi O’Ferrall or Atelier Heidi is a Costume Designer, Photographer, YouTuber, and Model. Heidi is an Award-Winning Cosplayer who is famous for her inventive cosplay and the many characters she has portrayed. She is also known for her rather controversial relationship with famous gamer and YouTuber Jared Knabenbauer, better known as ProJared.

Heidi has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatrical Technology and Design degree from the University of Texas at Arlington. Her repertoire consists of a wide range of textile work, sculpting, and photography with a specialty in leatherwork and sewing. She used to own a clothing store, Forest Girl Clothing, in Bothell, Washington.

In 2019, Heidi’s marriage hit the rocks after her husband’s infidelity came to light. Through a series of tweets, Heidi revealed in May of that year that her husband had been having an affair with fellow Cosplayer and YouTuber Holly Conrad. Prior to that time, Jared had shared a post where he declared he had divorced Heidi.

While it is usually said that there is no bad publicity, one can argue that some publicity can have the wrong impact on a brand. For Heidi, a reputation as one of the best Cosplayers has somewhat been overrun by the controversy of a relationship gone south. In this article, however, we won’t be approaching her that way.

This piece takes a closer and more holistic look at the personal and professional lives of Heidi O’Ferrall. To kick things off, let’s look at the following ten facts about the artist.

Heidi O’Ferrall
Heidi O’Ferrall

10 interesting facts about Hiedi O’Ferrall

  1. As you may have inferred already, Heidi is a multitalented person whose expertise cuts across arts, technology, and sewing, amongst other things.
  2. Asides from her cosplaying and vlogging on YouTube, the renowned artist also has a Twitch streaming account where she occasionally interacts more with her fans and audience.
  3. Heidi and her ex-husband, Jared, met around 2012 and dated for two years before walking down the aisle in 2014.
  4. Speaking of her wedding, despite her expertise in costume design, Heidi didn’t wear anything special for her wedding.
  5. In May 2013, the University of Texas at Arlington’s student newspaper covered O’Ferrall’s class project in which she made a space-warrior princess armor entirely out of plastic bags, duct tape, cardboard, and flattened aluminum cans.
  6. Heidi suffered a little setback in recent years when her workshop was affected by a flood, and she had to stop working for a while due to the loss of her equipment.
  7. Heidi’s marriage to her then-husband, ProJared, came to an end in 2019 after the latter betrayed her by having an extramarital affair; according to him, the decision to separate was arrived at after they both went to therapy.
  8. Heidi’s work has had many recognitions over the years: In 2016, she placed first at the Samus Aran – Ikkicon, she was also honored at the Sydney Losstarot and Carlo Melrose mainstage cosplay.
  9. She has also had the privilege to serve as a judge at the RTX and Dallas Comic Con Fan Days contests.
  10. As reported by several sources, Heidi currently sits on a $350,000 fortune, courtesy of her career as a costume designer and clothing business, amongst other things.

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Early life and education

Born in Dallas, Texas, to very supportive parents of whom very little is known, Heidi had a normal childhood. According to her, she had a love for fashion right from a young age. It is therefore not a surprise that she pursued a discipline in line with this passion. She chose to pursue design at the University of Texas in Arlington. Heidi later graduated in 2015 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatrical Technology and Design. Also, prior to her graduation, she interned at God Save the Queen Fashions in 2014.


It can be said that Heidi’s career began during her internship with God Save the Queen Fashions in 2014. There, she worked in the art department for the short film Solstice. In the same year, she appeared in the series The Game Chasers and also appeared alongside Jared in Asagao Academy Series, where she took the role of Hana, who makes all the decisions of the game.

Heidi debuted as a cosplayer for Nintendo at San Diego Comic-Con in 2017, dressed up as an Inkling girl from Splat. Prior to that, she had attended the Comic-Con in 2013, 2014, 2015. She was at the Anime North Texas in 2014, the World Cosplay Summit Preliminaries in 2015, and the 2015 Dallas Comic Con Fan Days. Among the honors she has received are the Judges Award at Oni-Con 2012, First Place at Suikoden Day 2012, and Best in Show: NIS America Cosplay at A-kon 24.

All of this success spurred her to start up other endeavors like an organic clothing line and a YouTube channel. On her YouTube channel, she shares vlogs of costume designing for her cosplays and her drawing videos. In 2017, she suffered a small setback as floods destroyed her work studio. This resulted in her taking a break from cosplaying and her other endeavors for a year.

Heidi also has a website Atelierheidi.com, where she showcases her designing and photography portfolio, as well as provides tutorials for designing costumes. In addition to this, she runs a clothing business, Forest Girl Clothing which majors in female clothing. Heidi focuses on handmade organic fabrics and upcycled creations for her products.

As Projared wife

Heidi O’Ferrall Biography: Projared's wife, divorce, net worth and more

Heidi O’Ferrall married gaming YouTuber Jared Knabenbauer aka Projared in 2014, after dating for two years. The couple often appeared together on Jared’s YouTube videos, and of course, at cosplays. Unfortunately, their union didn’t last too long, as barely five years into their marriage, things went south. The two went their separate ways after a controversial infidelity saga that rocked social media.

ProJared divorce

As observable in the timeline of events, the divorce was filed in July 2019. This claim was made by ProJared in a tweet hinting fans that their divorce was in the works. He also intimated to the public that the decision to get a divorce came after they had seen a therapist.

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“I know this may come as surprising and upsetting for many of you, but know what we do this so that we may both seek happiness for ourselves. During this time, you may see a lot of rumors, speculation, and gossip going around. I ask that you make your own observations and come to your own conclusions,” he said.

“I will add that this decision was reached after extensive therapy on my part and couples therapy on my part and couples therapy together. With that said, this is all I plan on stating publically regarding this matter. Heidi’s privacy, mental wellbeing, and discretion [have] always been and will remain my highest priority through all of this. It is my hope that we can both exit this marriage with style and grace. I plan on continuing to do everything I can on my part to make this happen,” Jared concluded.

This, therefore, begs the question, what actually led to all of these? You are about to find out.

What did ProJared do?

After ProJared’s tweets about their imminent divorce, which apparently Heidi didn’t exactly see, she shared some tweets of her own. “I’ve recently learned that my husband @ProJared has been f-----g @HollyConrad behind my back for months. I have no idea what announcement he just made because he blocked me,” she wrote, adding that she had proof to back her claims. The said proof included ‘explicit conversations and photographs’. Interestingly, according to Heidi, her husband had been promising commitment to their relationship, and at the same time, telling Conrad he was in the process of getting a divorce.

In a response of her own, the alleged mistress, Holly Conrad, said she caught wind of the drama happening on the internet. According to her, Heidi’s allegations were hyperbolic statements, and she (Holly) would never hurt anyone that way.

Heidi O’Ferrall Biography
Alleged mistress, Holly Conrad

O’Ferrall further accused ProJared of portraying her as an unreasonably aggressive person. She said he made her look as though she got angry for nothing while he failed to take responsibility for his own wrongdoings.


Born 28 August 1985, Jared Knabenbauer, popularly known as ProJared, is an American YouTube personality. He is known for his ProReviewsNuzlocke series, and his previous work at ScrewAttack. Jared later got more popular after he started his YouTube channel, ProJared. Before changing his screen name to ProJared, he was known as DM Jared which meant, Dungeon Master Jared. Jared also has a twin brother named Derek, who is a YouTuber just like him.

Jared’s videos include comedic gaming reviews, reaction videos, gaming challenges videos, and many others. He has also made some guest appearances on TV, including Nickelodeon show Game Shakers, where he advertised a mobile app Sky Whale. He is also a member of the GAME SQUAD, alongside PBG, Brutalmoose, and SpaceHamster. Jared currently has a net worth of $1 million accrued from YouTube views and ads.

Hiedi O’Ferrall net worth

Heidi O’Ferrall net worth is estimated to be $350,000. She makes money through her many endeavors in vlogging, clothing production, and then some. It should be noted that the loss of her work studio and equipment set her back considerably. Now, back to full active practice, it can only get better.


Life is hardly ever perfect. Heidi and ProJared have both encountered a minor setback in their journey, but they seem to have landed on their feet. They both have a whole life ahead of them to write new stories, and that is exactly what we hope each of them gets to achieve.

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