Facts about Tanner Buchanan Robby in Cobra Kai, Girlfriend, Kissing, Net Worth

Tanner Buchanan is a talented young male actor who has stepped into the spotlight by playing Robby in “Cobra” Kai television series, a celebrated spinoff of the classic “Karate Kid” films. The TV star grew up in Ohio, but he moved to Burbank, California, with his family to pursue his acting career, a clear sign of his dedication.

He has been interested in acting and entertainment as a whole and is lucky to have supportive parents by his side to encourage him.

Fans of Robby Keene in “Cobra Kai” will be delighted to read this article as there is so much that they don’t know, and can now discover, about their favourite TV star.

Top 10 facts about Tanner Buchanan

  1. Buchanan was born on 8 December 1998, and will be 23 years old on his birthday in 2021.
  2. He was first interested in pursuing a career in tap dancing, which he started practising at the age of 5.
  3. Tanner Buchanan was born and brought up in Ohio before he and his family moved to California.
  4. He has been dating his longtime girlfriend, Lizze Broadway, since 2017.
  5. Buchanan can play the guitar and the piano after taking musical instrument lessons as a child.
  6. He got his first acting gig when he was 11, a minor uncredited role in the American mockumentary family sitcom “Modern Family”.
  7. Tanner Buchanan will appear in the 2021 movie “He’s All That” alongside TikTok star Addison Rae, and the co-stars presented the Best Kiss award at the 2021 MTV Awards.
  8. His first official movie role was in the poorly received 2013 comedy movie “Jake Squared”, where he starred alongside Elias Koteas and Virginia Madsen.
  9. Buchanan studied dance at Center Stage Dance Academy in Ottawa, Ohio.
  10. Tanner Buchanan loves singing and songwriting, and has over 2 million followers on social media.

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Early life

Tanner Buchanan was born on 8 December 1998 to Steve and Marlona Buchanan. It is unknown if Buchanan has any siblings because he does not speak of his family much. In fact, he does not share updates about them on social media either, so the little that is known about them is by chance.

When Buchanan was five years old, all he was interested in doing was dance. He said as much in an interview years ago. “I was always into tap dancing,” he disclosed during a chat with The Blade.

He attended Glandorf Elementary from the time he started Kindergarten up until the October of his fourth-grade year. During this time, he was also taking dance classes at the Center Stage Academy. Buchanan has never been single-minded, however, because while he was learning to dance, he was also deeply involved in football, basketball, and baseball.

Facts about Tanner Buchanan Robby in Cobra Kai, Girlfriend, Kissing, Net Worth

Yet, he was a very accomplished tap dancer, in fact, and that was what led him to acting, if you can believe it. As a tap dancer, he had the opportunity of performing at the national level, traveling to New York for the competition.

He came second in the national competition and at the end of the contest, he had agents asking him if he wanted to move to New York or California to pursue an acting career.

After some speculation, his mother, Marlona, saw her son’s passion as well as the opportunities that lay ahead for him. She discussed the situation with Buchanan’s father, Steve, then she quit her job and moved with her son to Burbank, California.

While they were there, they rented a one-bedroom apartment but didn’t decorate it with a lot of furniture because they thought they would not be there for too long. However, it soon became obvious that their stay would be a little more permanent after Buchanan was cast in several commercials.

His mother enrolled him in an online school once they were in Burbank, and his acting gigs allowed them to meet more people that would help him further his career. In 2010, all his efforts became a success as he launched his acting career with a minor role in the sitcom “Modern Family”, when he was just 11.


Tanner Buchanan has been very hard at work in Hollywood ever since he made his debut at 11. During an interview, he spoke more about the dancing competition that led him to pursue a career in entertainment.

At the dance competition in New York, where he competed in a national dance competition and came second, agents thought he had an ‘interesting’ face and urged him to try his hand at acting.

He said, “They were like, ‘Hey, have you ever tried acting?’ Because I had big glasses and big buck teeth and what they like to call a ‘character look’. It’s a nice way of putting that you’re kind of funny looking.”

He took the advice, and his family relocated to California, where they did not expect to last very long. However, after he got cast to be a part of a series of commercials, he realised that he could really make it, and he put in more effort, appearing as an extra on the sitcom “Modern Family”.

Three years later, he appeared in the TV series “Grey’s Anatomy”, “Major Crimes”, and “Ghost Girls”, all in single-episode roles.

After that, more opportunities kept coming for him. He was cast in recurring roles in “Game Shakers”, “The Fosters”, and “Girl Meets World”.

In 2013, he got his first feature film role in the movie “Jake Squared”. The following year, in 2014, he was cast in movies like “Ellie”, “Guests”, and “Alone in the Dust”.

In 2016, he was cast in the television series, “Designated Survivor” as Leo Kirkman, the President’s son. This role was a recurring one, and it helped him gain more notoriety in Hollywood.

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Facts about Tanner Buchanan Robby in Cobra Kai, Girlfriend, Kissing, Net Worth
Tanner Buchanan as Robby in Cobra Kai

In 2018, he got his big break in the incredibly popular TV show, “Cobra Kai”. The show is a spinoff of the 1980s cult classic, “Karate Kid”, which is still popular even today.

Robby Keene is the son of the characters Johnny Lawrence and Shannon Keene. He is initially a troublemaker who has trouble following the rules until he starts training with Daniel LaRusso.

The show has been wildly successful. It started its run on YouTube Premium before shifting to Netflix where it has had an incredibly successful run and gained many fans. In fact, the third season of the show displaced the period drama “Bridgerton” at the top of the most streamed lists on Netflix.

Now, Tanner Buchanan is currently filming his upcoming movie “He’s All That” alongside Addison Rae. The two have stepped out together, even sparking some controversy on the way. Fans are excited about the release of the film, especially with how popular the first film was.

Buchanan’s career seems ready to go to the next level, especially with the level of fame that “Cobra Kai” has brought him. Hopefully, with the release of “He’s All That”, Tanner Buchanan’s career will see a lot more additions and his net worth will rise accordingly.

Tanner Buchanan girlfriend

Like with everything else, Tanner Buchanan tries to keep his personal life incredibly private, sharing nothing from his family life, whether it’s his family, friends, or his girlfriend. Rumours have been going around, however, that the young actor is in a relationship with fellow Ohio native, Lizze Broadway.

It is believed that the two have been dating since 2017. The last time that the two were seen together was before the pandemic, when they attended the San Diego comic con together for Netflix’s show, “Cobra Kai”.

The young couple even have a YouTube page together called “Lizze & Tanner”, where they shared clips from their time at Netflix’s panel.

However, Controversy rocked the couple’s relationship in May 2021, when Tanner Buchanan and TikTok star Addison Rae kissed at the 2021 MTV Awards show.

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Tanner Buchanan and Addison Rae kissing

In May 2021, Tanner Buchanan and Addison Rae attended the MTV Awards show together and they did something that fans found so shocking that it nearly broke the internet.

But first, some background on this story…

As previously stated, Buchanan is believed to be dating Lizze Broadway and has been since 2017. Broadway is a star in her own right. She is 23 years old and has made appearances in a number of movies, including “The Rookie”, “Splitting Up Together”, “Here and Now”, and “American Pie Presents: Girls’ Rules”.

Broadway’s relationship is considered merely a rumor because neither she nor Buchanan has gone public with their relationship, except for their joint YouTube channel and the occasional post on Instagram.

However, Buchanan was recently cast opposite Rae for their upcoming movie, “He’s All That”, a gender-swap reboot of the classic film, “She’s All That”. In the reboot, Buchanan will undergo a makeover given by Rae.

At the MTV Awards show, Rae and Buchanan shared a passionate kiss on stage after presenting the award for best kiss. The internet quickly went into a meltdown with many sharing their shocked expressions at what had happened.

One user wrote, “I can’t believe I have to end my night knowing addison rae made out with Tanner Buchanan.”

Another added, “Not me coming back on Twitter to find out that Addison Rae and Tanner were making out on live tv.”

“That Addison Rae & tanner Buchanan video from tonight reminds me of the Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabello video,” wrote another user.

Addison Rae’s ex, Bryce Hall who she broke up with months before the event, had a few things to get off his chest. After the kiss, he shared that he would finally move on from their failed relationship. Bryce had been accused of cheating on Rae, an allegation that he denied.

Buchanan’s rumored girlfriend Lizze Broadway on the other hand, was more low-key. She shared a picture of the actor on Instagram, writing, “bring me popcorn”.

Facts about Tanner Buchanan Robby in Cobra Kai, Girlfriend, Kissing, Net Worth

Whether she was amused or angry by the turn of events, we will never know. It is more likely, however, that she was amused by the turn of events. Many fans are of the opinion that the kiss between Buchanan and Rae was merely a performance, put on by the two actors to promote their upcoming film.

Social media

Tanner Buchanan is active on social media, but don’t expect him to be online all the time sharing constant updates and replying to comments.

During a recent interview, Buchanan admitted that he is not really a social media person, saying, “I’m not a huge social media person. I had less than 100,000 followers [on Instagram]. And then it felt like within a week [after Cobra Kai hit Netflix] I had 500,000, which came out of nowhere. I was like, Oh, people are really, really watching this.”

His social media is a testament to this fact. His posts are few and updated once every few months and he only shares promotional content from his projects. You can follow Tanner Buchanan on Instagram at tannerbuchananofficial where he has 2 million followers and on Twitter at @_TannerBuchanan, where he has 15,400 followers. 

Net worth

The bulk of Tanner Buchanan’s career has been in front of a camera, from acting in movies to television shows to commercials.

Of course, there are several projects that the young heartthrob would have completed that are not immediately visible to members of the public.

He spent two years on the show “Designated Survivor”, has been a part of the cast of “Cobra Kai” since 2018, and has also been a part of several movies and TV shows.

Thanks to all of these acting credits, Celebrity Net Worth estimates that Tanner Buchanan net worth is about 1 million dollars ($1 million).


Tanner Buchanan had quite the early start in the American entertainment industry, making his debut in a production when he was just eleven years old.

Although many would consider this to be a young age, it is a testament to the dedication that the young boy had, and the foresight he possessed to know that this was a path he would enjoy.

He also has his parents to thank, for quickly identifying his talents, and supporting him through them, even willing to uproot their own lives in order to see that his dreams came true.

So, for fans who love Tanner Buchanan in “Cobra Kai”, “Designated Survivor”, and his other productions, it should be eye-opening to know that Buchanan’s road to fame was not that straightforward.

In fact, going by everything he has been through and all that he has in store for him, he will undoubtedly still remain in Hollywood to delight us with more well-chosen roles that show off his skills.

Now that Tanner Buchanan has his foot in the door, the sky is definitely his starting point. He has already set himself up as one of the most bankable young male actors. You may also like to read our latest article, Male actors in Hollywood: Young, older, black and white actors 2021.

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