Biography of Gavin McInnes’ wife, Emily Jendrisak. See career facts, net worth, and more

Emily Jendrisak (born in 1974) is an American activist and a former New York-based publicist and consultant. She is known as Canadian actor Gavin McInnes wife. McInnes is also a writer and political activist who is one of the co-founders of Vice, a Canadian–American print magazine. He is also known for subtly promoting violence against political opponents and is recognised as the founder of the Neo-fascist political group Proud Boys.

Emily currently works as an activist promoting one of the Native American Siouan languages known as Ho-Chunk. Working alongside her mother, she focuses on the preservation of the heritage of the Siouan tribe. Jendrisak’s activities are not limited to activism; she also enjoys writing and has won numerous awards for her writing abilities. As a child, she showed an extraordinary talent for writing, and with much encouragement from her parents, she pursued it.

Sometimes one usual characteristic of fame is controversy. There are lots of famous people whose lives are never devoid of one controversy or the other, based on their line of profession, among other factors. For Emily’s husband, controversy is never too far away, and in a way, it forms a big part of their fame. Whether or not that isn’t good is another topic entirely.

This article will focus on knowing more about Emily Jendrisak’s life, career, and family. We will kick off with the following ten facts about her.

10 interesting Emily Jendrisak facts

  1. Emily Jendrisak may like to keep a low profile, but when it comes to the Ho-Chunk language and dancing, Emily throws caution to the wind.
  2. Although she makes public speeches supporting the Ho-chunk tribe, Emily Jendrisak is not a big user of social media. She has yet to explore the benefits of reaching a wider audience through various platforms available online.
  3. Emily Jendrisak is currently married to Gavin McInnes. The pair met in the Max Fish Bar and began a relationship that lasted several years before legalising it by marriage in September 2005.
  4. She is a stay at home mom, taking care of her children while also working with her mother, who continues to fight for the rights of the native American Ho-Chunk tribe.
  5. For more than 30 years now, Emily’sEmily’s mother has been at the forefront of fighting for her people. She once held the position of director for the Ho-Chunk Tribe of Wisconsin’sWisconsin’s Research Committee.
  6. Although the couple keeps their family life private, they are known to have three children together. Gavin seems to only speak about his children while commenting on Emily Jendrisak’s ethnicity.
  7. Earlier in the year, her husband was involved in some social media controversy that led him to be banned from Facebook and Twitter for violating the terms of service.
  8. Emily was happy about her husband’s social media ban. In an interview with Nightlife, she stated that she was pleased that her husband was being forced out of the spotlight.
  9. Emily and her husband don’t share the same political views. While he is a far-right political operative, Emily is a liberal democrat.
  10. Emily currently has a net worth of $1 million.

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Early life and education

Emily Jendrisak was born in Manhattan, New York City, in the United States of America. She was born to Jerry and Christine Jendrisak. Emily’s father was a construction worker, and her mother has always worked as an advocate for Native American rights. She showed potentials as a writer from a young age, evidenced by the multiple state awards she won.

Emily studied Communications and Journalism at San Francisco University. Soon after her graduation, she moved to New York to pursue her career as a publicist and consultant.


Emily began her career as a publicist after graduating and working in a low-paying job. She gradually worked her way up, laying the foundation for a successful career ahead. Her job entailed handling publicity for television, publications, print, and online. She created and managed publicity for various brands, celebrities, films, books, and companies. Emily later became involved in consulting work and combined this with her work as a publicist till she got married in 2005.

After getting married, Emily quit her day job and settled at home to focus on her family. She later joined her mother in advocating for the oppressed and underprivileged, stating that Christine Jendrisak’s tirelessness inspired her decision. This is not all that motivated her; Emily Jendrisak is also emotionally attached to the ‘Ho-Chunk’ tribe because her mother originally belongs to them. The ‘Ho-Chunk’ people are traditionally known as the ‘Hoocogra’ or the ‘Winnebago,’ and they originate from the Siouan family, a native group from the regions presently known as Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Illinois.

Christine Whiterabbit Jendrisak

Christine Jendrisak (nee Whiterabbit) is the mother of Emily Jendrisak. She comes from the indigenous Ho-Chunk tribe, who have been in an agelong battle with the US government and other organizations.

The standoff got to new heights since the confiscation of their land in 2017. Christine used to be the director of Wisconsin’s research committee on the Ho-Chunk tribe and has supported the tribe for over three decades. Fortunately, Emily has also joined the fight to protect their land and the Siouan language.

Personal life – Gavin McInnes wife

Emily met Gavin in New York City in 2000 while they were both unwinding at the Max Fish Bar. She was working as a publicist and consultant at the time. On the other hand, Gavin was a thriving media personality working at the Vice empire, which he had co-founded. The pair went on a couple more dates before officially becoming an item.

They took their relationship to the next level by getting married on 17 September 2005. The ceremony was held at Sunset View Farms in Bovina, New York, and Edgar Burns Crutchfield III was officiated. The couple is the proud parents of three adorable children with whom they reside in New York.

Emily is a stay-at-home mom for the time being, as earlier stated. She resigned from her job to raise her children. She does, however, continue to work for the Ho-Chunk tribe alongside her mother. Emily also writes in her spare time.

Gavin McInnes – Husband

Born 17 July 1970, Gavin Miles McInnes is a Canadian writer, podcaster and far-right political commentator. Gavin was born in the United Kingdom, but his family relocated to Canada for four years, thus giving him Canadian citizenship. He studied at Earl March Secondary School in Ottawa. Later on, McInnes obtained his first Degree in English Literature from Carleton University and his second degree in Business Administration from Concordia University.

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He hosts the podcast “Get Off My Lawn”, streamed on the online video platform Censored.TV, which he founded. Additionally, McInnes co-founded Vice in 1994 at 24 and relocated to the United States in 2001. In more recent years, he has drawn attention for his far-right political activism and his role as the Proud Boys founder, a neo-fascist organization designated as a terrorist group in Canada.

He served as an editor, where he earned the nickname, The Godfather of Hipsterdom at Vine Empire. Afterwards, he tried his luck in the film industry while still nurturing his career as a television personality. He once appeared as a judge on “Kenny vs Spenny” and several short films and animated cartoons.

Gavin on Get Off My Lawn

In his usual controversial fashion, Gavin ran into some issues with several social media platforms that led to his being banned from Facebook and Twitter for violating the terms of service. To show regret for the occurrence, he wrote a statement saying the following: “I do bear responsibility. I’m not guilt-free in this. There’s culpability there. I shouldn’t have said, you know, violence solves everything or something like that without making the context clear, and I regret saying things like that.”

Gavin McInnes net worth

From what we gathered from several sources, Gavin has a net worth of around $10 million to $12 million. He has several sources of income like acting, live video broadcasting, and his work as a comedy writer. His primary source of income, however, is the FreeTalk platform.

Emily Jendrisak and Gavin McInnes divorce

Despite their difference in political opinion, it has not been enough reason for Emily Jendrisak and Gavin McInnes to divorce.

Emily Jendrisak net worth

Despite retiring from her career as a publicist and working as a full-time activist alongside her mother to fight for the rights of the less fortunate, Emily is still a millionaire. She has a substantial amount of money as a publicist. Emily Jendrisak’s net worth is estimated to be $1 million in 2021. Not to forget, her husband has a net worth that is ten times more than that.


The importance of the background of every child cannot be overemphasized. Emily was brought up b parents who instilled value and gave her the freedom of expression from a young age. Watching her mother do the active work of advocacy was a plus too. All these factors combined to create a well-rounded human who is not only expressive but concerned about the plight of the common man.

To crown it, she has a stable family life with a man who loves and supports her. Life cannot be perfect, but Emily and Gavin are making theirs as close to that as they can get.

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