Celina Powell biography: all the details about the famous hip hop celebrity ‘clout chaser’

Who is Celina Powell and why is she famous? She is a famous online personality on social media and has been linked with celebrities in the hip hop world. Powell has become relatively famous due to her controversial content as well as alleged high-profile romances with other famous rappers like Snoop Dogg, Offset, Drake, Tekashi 6ix9ine and so on.

Due to her online activities, she has earned herself several nicknames including Black Widow, and she has an OnlyFans account according to several media reports. In this article, we attempt to demystify Powell and reveal all the important details about her.

Top ten facts about Celina Powell

  1. She is 26 years old and was born on 13 June 1994 to parents of Puerto Rican heritage.
  2. Powell has American citizenship as she grew up in the US and currently resides in Colorado, Denver.
  3. She finished her basic schooling at Wheat Ridge High School before she proceeded to an unnamed community college for a degree.
  4. Celina is famous for her erotic and nude content, alleged high-profile romances with celebrities, and run-ins with traffic law enforcers.
  5. In 2018, she had claimed to be pregnant for Offset and a year later, she also claimed to be carrying legendary hip hop artist Snoop Dogg’s child.
  6. She has a huge following on social media with her YouTube page having over 117K subscribers and thousands of followers on Instagram and Twitter.
  7. Celina Powell OnlyFans verified account also has 17.6K likes and she claims that she posts videos of her being intimate with well-known celebrities.
  8. In March 2021, she was arrested for habitually driving on a driver’s license that was revoked in Colorado because she repeatedly committed traffic offences.
  9. Celina Powell net worth in 2021 is estimated to be about $500,000 and she flaunts an exotic pair of G-Wagon cars as her own.
  10. She and her friend Aliza became regular features on No Jumper, a podcast that Adam22 hosts and most of their talks were about their lifestyle and alleged affairs with rappers.

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Early life, age and family background

Celina Powell was born on 13 June 1994 and she is 26 years old in 2021 according to the details we found online concerning her. There is no mention of her parents but she has a Puerto Rican heritage and it could be either from her mother or father side or even both.

We could not confirm where the online personality grew up but she does have American citizenship and she lives in Colorado, Denver.


She finished her basic schooling at Wheat Ridge High School before she proceeded to an unnamed community college for a degree. There are no details on what degree she was studying for and if she ever graduated.


Celina Powell Instagram and social media

While she has been referred to as a rapper, Powell is more known for her online activities and scandals than anything else. She ran an Instagram account @celinaapowellxo which had over 339K followers but it appears to have been taken down now. Not one to readily accept defeat, she opened another account @itscelinapowell in December 2020 and it currently has 48.9K followers.

 Additionally, her YouTube page which she opened under her name has 117K subscribers. Her Twitter page @itscelinapowell has 18.8K followers.

Her large social media following allowed her to run promotions for brands in the past but we could not find the name of any reputable brand associated with her.

OnlyFans account

According to online sources, Celina makes money from running an account on the subscription platform, OnlyFans. To subscribe to her account and watch her videos, she offers a discounted rate of $127.50 for three months. We could not find her regular subscription cost but she was selling a monthly subscription for $5 back in March 2021. Her account is verified and currently has 17.6K likes from the 27 posts that she has made on it.

Some of her posts are believed to be videos with celebrities like DJ Akademiks, Fabolous, Tee Grizzley, Lil Pump. Her use of celebrities’ names for attention has earned her the disparaging label of clout chaser.

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Now, let us take a look at some of the most famous scandals that Celina Powell had started. We start with her drama with Snoop Dogg.

Celina Powell and Snoop Dogg

American rapper Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr, popularly called Snoop Dogg, has been the subject of most of Powell’s scandals. It began in 2018 when she first accused the iconic rapper of cheating on his wife with her.

Powell shared semi-nude photos and alleged texts between herself and Snoop Dogg. The superstar denied the allegation and even announced that he will start a TV show called ‘Clout Chasers’ because of people like Powell.

However, in December 2019, the social media personality posted a YouTube video where she claims to address what transpired between them.


From the video, she claimed to have texted with the rapper for a short while before he arranged for them to meet – booking her a flight from Colorado to Los Angeles. When they eventually met, Powell claimed that they had unprotected intercourse and that Snoop Dogg snorted cocaine from her chest as well. She added that they met again another time at the rapper’s house in Los Angeles.

A year later in 2020, Celina Powell went ahead to tag Snoop’s wife in a Twitter post where she mocked the rapper’s wife. Here is the screenshot of the tweet as shared by The Neighborhood Talk Instagram page:







View this post on Instagram













A post shared by The Neighborhood Talk, LLC (@theneighborhoodtalk)

It seemed that Snoop Dogg’s wife Shante responded to the post with a meme of her own which depicted her hurt. The meme read: “U ever watch somebody u love turn into somebody u dont know [sad face] [broken heart].” She also wrote in the caption, “Where Did We Go Wrong.”

The matter also resurfaced when Tekashi 6ix9ine, targeted Snoop in a post where he tagged Shante and asked him to apologise to her. Tekashi later deleted the post. However, this was not the only time Miss Powell made the news in relation to a celebrity cheating scandal.

Was Celina Powell pregnant for Offset?

In a viral TikTok video in January 2021, Powell claimed that quite a number of popular singers have made her get abortions. She put up pictures of Offset, Jason Derulo, Bryce Hall and Eminem. At the time, Offset was already married to fellow rapper Cardi B.

Powell zeroed in on Offset and even went as far as putting up images of documents that allegedly shows the rapper transferring $50,000 to her for an abortion. In the caption, she wrote “Comment which one I should’ve kept.”

@celinaapowellxoComment which one I should’ve kept. #FYP #greenscreen? original sound – Ava Louise

This was not the first time that she claimed to have been pregnant for Offset. In 2018, she even said that she had given birth to a daughter, Karma, for the rapper. Powell even went as far as showing papers which she alleged were DNA test results of her daughter and Offset.

During this period, Cardi B was still pregnant with Offset’s daughter Kulture. The rapper’s legal team had debunked the reports of the pregnancy saying that the controversial social media personality was simply trying to extort their client.

In May 2018, Powell appeared on DJ Akademiks’ Twitch stream to clear the air concerning the scandal. “Once again, there’s no baby,” she said. “Get over it! Suck my d***! Y’all investigated this s--t for nine months. I didn’t give a f--k. I was laughing at you bitches. I didn’t give a f--k.”

She further issued an apology to Cardi B for almost ruining her relationship with Offset. “I sincerely apologize if I made you for one second think that Offset was the father of my pretend baby,” Powell said.

Thus, with this sort of history, her 2021 claim was quickly swept aside. Cardi B had quickly tweeted a screenshot of news headlines showing that Powell had admitted to lying back in 2018.


It appears that she has been doing the same thing even before the Offset saga. She had tried the pregnancy scam with Fetty Wap, YoungK5280, and Waka Flocka Flame who even had to get a restraining order against her when she was 22.

Leaked chat with Drake

After the ruckus from her drama with Offset in January 2021 started to simmer, Celina once again lived up to her clout chaser label with claims that she had and will leak her private messages with multiple award-winning rapper Drake.

True enough, she did post what appears to be her contacting the rapper via chat but it glaring showed her trying to engage him and him not buying into the act. Celina had claimed that it was Drake who gave her his number in the screenshot available online.

According to Celina, the sender alleged to be Drake had texted her, “Def never gave u my number. I know who u are. I want nooooo parts.” In reply, Celina texted, “welp okay. N yes you did it’s still in my dm. I don’t wanna upset you tho so I’ll stop.”

After the sender insisted that this was not true, Celina appeared to concede by admitting, “I just wanted you to open my DMs thanks. I don’t wanna get blocked tho sooo I’ll exit now.” It appears there is nothing more to the drama between Celina Powell and Drake than this.

Personal life

After looking into Celina Powell’s internet life, we found that she has a close friend named Aliza who is also a social media celebrity. Aliza has about 182K followers on her Instagram account. They regularly appeared on the “No Jumper” podcast with Adam22, another online personality.

No Jumper podcast

Celina Powell and Aliza became regular features on No Jumper, a podcast that Adam22 hosts. He gave them a section called “Thots Next Door”. Most of their talks are about their lifestyle and alleged affairs with rappers and other people. One of the most popular moments on the show was when Aliza claimed that American singer Trey Songz had an unusual kink.

“I got peed on too,” she claimed. “I didn’t know what happened, he just did it. He just did it.” Additionally, she said that Trey Songz had done the same thing to other women that she knew he had relations with. Aliza added that he had even taken her phone and purse away for almost a whole day and threatened to drop them from the balcony if she left his house.

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Recently, Trey Songz made the news after a viral 13-second clip shows him spitting in the mouth of two kneeling women in what appears to be a video shoot.

Adam cancelled the show with Celina and Aliza after several complaints that he was giving the women a platform to destroy successful black men especially after what Aareon “Slim Danger” Clark said about Odell Beckham Jr.

Clark had alleged that Odell, a professional American football player, liked weird fetish things like getting human faeces on him.

However, Celina and Aliza said in another interview that they stopped the show because Adam betrayed their trust and was going to give an unnamed person, who had threatened to leak sex tapes of both women, his platform.

Latest news

In March 2021, Celina Powell was arrested for habitually driving on a suspended license according to a report. She had initially been stopped by the Miami Dade police for making a right turn without a turn signal.

This was not the first time she was in trouble with the law because of her driving. She got a speeding ticket in June 2020 and even so, it was revealed that she didn’t even have a license then. Her driver’s license was revoked in Colorado because she repeatedly committed traffic offences.

Celina Powell body and physical appearance

The social media personality is 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighs about 62 kg. She has black hair and black eyes with tattoos on several parts of her body.

Net worth

Celina Powell net worth in 2021 is estimated to be about $500,000. This figure comes from unverified sources and it could be wrong. There is no way to determine her net worth at this time but she appears to live a luxurious life going by her social media posts.







View this post on Instagram













A post shared by CELINA POWELL ONLY ACCOUNT ? (@itscelinapowell)







View this post on Instagram













A post shared by CELINA POWELL ONLY ACCOUNT ? (@itscelinapowell)

It is difficult to estimate her net worth through these photos because they may not be telling the whole story.


While many may see the term ‘clout chaser’ as derogatory, Powell embraces it and does not shy away from controversies and the several backlashes that her online activities have brought her. This is understandable to her fans and sympathizers as it is her primary source of income.

Within a few years, she has made herself one of the most talked-about non-celebrity women in the hip hop gossip circles and she shows no sign of taking her foot off the gas. No doubt, you will hear more about her soon again.

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