Biography of reality TV star, Alexis Skyy, ex-girlfriend of rapper, Fetty Wap

Born 14 July 1994, American TV star Alexis Skyy McFarland is a reality television personality, entrepreneur, actress, rapper, singer, former model, and dancer. She is best known for her time on the tv show Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood — which chronicles the lives of several people of the Los Angeles area associated with hip hop music

The 27-year-old is of Dominican and Jamaican descent, and she became even more famous for her dramatic two-year relationship with American rapper, singer, and songwriter Willie Maxwell II, popularly known as Fetty Wap. The couple made headlines for many reasons, one of which was a leaked intimate video that featured both of them. Alexis is also a mother of one, a daughter she had with businessman Brandon Medford.

As an entrepreneur, Alexis opened The Bella Sky Spa in Atlanta, but the venture didn’t last, and it was later closed down. She also owns her own fashion line, Curves by Skyy.

From working as a pole dancer and model to featuring as a supporting cast on one of black entertainment’s most popular shows, Alexis Skyy has had quite the journey. Though not without her share of controversy, and in fact, mostly famous for them, the beautiful model is so much more. Find out details about her rise to fame, career, relationships, and other things in this article. Here are some interesting facts about Alexis Skyy to kick things off.

10 facts about Alexis Skyy

  1. Alexis’ father was not present for her birth or upbringing; her mother and grandmother raised her alongside her brothers.
  2. She eventually met her biological father for the first time at the age of 18.
  3. Alexis made her debut TV appearance on Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood in 2017, alongside Ray J, Keyshia Cole, and Teairra Mari.
  4. Skyy has been involved in many controversies and made headlines for her feud with actress, singer, and songwriter Masika Kalysha Tucker.
  5. Alexis first claimed her daughter, Alaiya Grace, was fathered by her ex-boyfriend, Fetty Wap, but it turned out to be a lie.
  6. Her daughter was born prematurely (three months early) in January 2018, as against an April 2018 expected delivery date.
  7. In January 2019, her daughter had to undergo emergency brain surgery after she began to vomit excessively.
  8. Alexis’ $100,000 Maserati was stolen in September 2019 during a trip when she made a quick stop to refill her tires.
  9. She officially debuted as a singer in December 2018, debuting her first single titled “No Tiffany” (feat. Bigga Sanchie).
  10. According to many sources, Alexis is currently worth $500,000.

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Early life and family background

Skyy was born in Long Island City, New York City, and grew up in Wyandanch, New York. Her parents were of Dominican and Jamaican ancestry. She was raised alongside her five brothers by her mother and grandmother in Amityville, New York. Alexis spent her entire childhood without her father being around and only got to meet him after she turned 18. There is no information about her education.

Alexis Sky Career

Alexis Skyy began her career as a pole dancer and model. She started to gain fame after getting involved with Fetty Wap. Soon afterward, she launched her entrepreneurship career by opening The Bella Sky Spa, which offered a wide range of services, including facials, skin enhancements, make-ups, and massages in Atlanta, Georgia. The opening was a big affair that was put together by her Skyy Level Media and Skyy Communications outfit, which would suggest that she already delved into media before the beauty business.

A year after this, Skyy joined the cast of the third installment of the Love & Hip Hop reality television franchise, Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood, in its fourth season. The series chronicles the lives of several people of the Los Angeles area associated with hip-hop music, and it featured famed artists like Ray J, Teairra Mari, Safaree Samuels, and Keyshia Cole. According to her, it was particularly to seek vengeance against Masika Kalysha Tucker, with whom she had had a long-time feud.

Other than these, Alexis also has a fashion line called Curves by Skyy. She also does brand influencing on her social media pages, where she built a large community over time.

Alexis Skyy OnlyFans

Adding to her already strong internet presence, Alexis opened an OnlyFans account in 2020. Blame it on the maddening boredom of the pandemic, and you may not be exactly wrong. Making the announcement on her Instagram page, she shared a video of herself in a lace underwear and black thong that revealed her sumptuous curves and backside. Alexis teased her fans with some moves, captioning the post: ? OMG ? wait til y’all see the ending of this video!!! ? Full video in Bio #OnlyFans.” The responses from her followers were, however, not what she may have hoped for, as they berated her for joining the platform.

Alexis Sky IG

She has a verified Instagram page with 5 million+ followers as of November 2021 and you can follower her:


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A post shared by Alexis Skyy (@alexisskyy_)

Personal Life

Alexis’ personal life has seen a handful of drama in its day. One might say her involvement with a famous person didn’t make it easier to keep a low profile. As mentioned earlier, she has made the headline a couple of times for different controversial reasons. We will begin with the genesis of it all, her relationship with Fetty Wap.

Alexis Skyy and Fetty Wap

Fetty Wap and Alexis dated for two years, parting ways in 2016. She was a dancer when they met through a mutual friend, and as their relationship progressed, she gradually left dancing. Their relationship only became public in 2015, and it brought Alexis fame.

Interestingly, they started dating while the rapper was still in a relationship with another woman. The relationship was constantly in the news for different controversies, one of which is the paternity of Alexis’ child, born in 2018.

Alexis Skyy leaked tape

Not too long after Alexis and Fetty Wap split, their names were once again in the media for the wrong reasons. A video recording of them being intimate went viral, with speculations that Fetty may have released it. The rapper however denied the allegations, saying he knew nothing about how it came out. He added that he would not allow anyone to profit from it, and that his attorneys were investigating the situation.

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Alexis Skyy daughter

Skyy and her daughter, Alaiya Grace


On 4 January 2018, almost two years after Alexis and Fetty Wap had split up, she gave birth to a baby girl, Alaiya Grace. The baby was born prematurely, three months ahead of her expected due date, which was April of the same year. Thanks to proper medical care, the child survived the ordeal, but not without a few challenges. In January 2019, Alaiya had to undergo an emergency brain surgery after vomiting excessively while on a flight from Atlanta to New York.

Her premature birth had left her with some complications which reared their heads every now and then. She was diagnosed with a condition called, Hydrocephalus — a disease responsible for bleeding and fluid in the brain due to the pressure on the head during birth. By the time she was a year old, Alaiya had had four brain surgeries. To help with the condition, she had a device implanted in her head that goes down her neck and into her stomach to help drain the fluid.

Alexis Skyy baby daddy – Brandon Medford

The birth of Alexis’ daughter launched a lot of talk in the media and among the public about who the father is. Her relationship with Wap had long ended by then, but she claimed he fathered the child. This accusation led to a heated exchange between Alexis and her ex’s baby mama, Masika Kalysha Tucker, who had two kids for him. Although the rapper seemed to agree at first, he later came out to express his doubts. 

The paternity saga also involved actor, composer, and rapper Solo Lucci, who came forward to claim the paternity of Alaiya. Alexis contended his claims, and they resorted to a DNA test to resolve the controversy. The results proved Alexis right, and she wasted no time in updating the public through social media.

Eventually, in 2020, businessman and luxury car dealer Brandon Medford came forward. As it turned out, Medford was indeed Alaiya’s father.

Alexis’ baby daddy, Brandon Medford

Alexis Skyy tattoos

One prominent feature of Alexis’ banging body is her tattoos. The TV star has nothing less than 25 tattoos on her body, the most famous of which is the butterfly on one of her bottom cheeks. When the going was good with Fetty Wap, she also got a tattoo of his first name, Willie, behind one of her ears. She later covered it up with a feather tattoo after they parted ways. In a recent Instagram post, Alexis expressed the desire to get rid of all her body tattoos. “I really wish I [could] remove all my tattoos, even the butterfly,” she said on her IG story.

Lehzae Zeona

Fetty Wap has a handful of babymamas, none of who has any love for Alexis. She didn’t help her own case by trying to pull a paternity fraud on him either. Lehzae Zeona Lowder, a native of Compton, California and one of Fetty’s babymamas, who has two kids with the rapper, is famous for her messy feud with Alexis. The beef got even meatier when the two got into a fight outside of a New Jersey club on in January 2019. As reported by Shade Room, Alexis arrived to the club where Lehzae was hosting a party, and was ambushed and attacked by Lehzae. Lowder allegedly threw bottles at Skyy, forcing her to leave the club. Skyy went home while her entourage went over to a nearby White Castle in Paterson.

Lowder followed them, in hopes to find Alexis and continue the fight. They pulled into the White Castle restaurant, where Zeona threw more bottles and pulled out a knife. The scene was stormed by the police and Zeona was arrested. She was subsequently charged with misdemeanor and reckless endangerment.

Alexis Skyy boyfriend

It would seem Alexis is currently in a relationship with a fashion designer named Jose Rodriguez. While she has yet to post his face on her social media, she has made several subtle posts about him on her stories.

Alexis Skyy net worth

As said earlier, Alexis is currently estimated to be worth $500,000. She makes money mainly from her business ventures and brand influencing.


Controversy can keep one’s name in the news and on the lips of all and sundry but hardly does too well for one’s reputation. Although Alexis has had her share of these for many years, and it seems that she is now in a better place. Her child is growing healthily, her businesses are thriving, and her love life seems fine. It is safe to say she has seen the rough patch through, and we hope it is peace from here on out.

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