All you need to know about Twitch star, YouTuber and iDubbbz’s wife, Anisa Jomha

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Anisa Jomha is a famous Canadian Twitch streamer, YouTube gamer, and social media personality born on 25 June 1993. She is known for her podcast-styled streams, where she discusses a variety of subjects. Anisa rose to fame by streaming “League of Legends” gameplay and, of course, through the sensation caused by her choice of racy dressing. More than these, Anisa is known for her involvement with popular Youtuber Ian Carter, a.k.a iDubbbz. The two tied the knot recently, and this article aims to answer the question: Who is iDubbbz’s wife, Anisa Jomha?

Anisa also has a self-named YouTube channel which she opened in 2015. There she shares some of her gameplay streams, amongst other things. She started her Twitch streaming career with a trademark of flimsy and cleavage-revealing outfits and was soon nicknamed the “boobie streamer”. Her followership rose ultimately, and as of the time of writing this, Anisa has 234,000 Twitch followers.

By now, there is no gainsaying how the internet and social media has opened up several career opportunities for today’s world. One of the many careers is streaming, where people display their daily lives and other activities of choice for followers to watch live. From Twitch gameplay streaming to daily streaming of couple life with her partner, Anisa has established herself as a superstar.

In the following few headings, we will dive into Anisa’s life, both as a streamer and iDubbbz partner. Please keep reading to know more about her personal life, controversies, family, and other things. Firstly, feast on these ten facts about her.

10 interesting Anisa Jomha facts

  1. Anisa was raised in a mixed ethnic background. They were born to a Lebanese Muslim father and an Irish Catholic mother. However, her mother converted to Islam after marrying their dad.
  2. In 2014, she completed her bachelor’s and earned a B.Ed degree in Fine and Studio Art from the University of Alberta.
  3. Aside from streaming and gaming, Anisa is also keen on sports and has remained a skilled ice hockey and lacrosse player.
  4. In 2019, Anisa tweeted about how her father, who has Alzheimer’s, went missing. Due to her social media presence, one of her followers found and returned him home safely in a few hours.
  5. Anisa used to emphasise her cleavage during broadcasts, which earned her the alias “boobie streamer”. Eventually, she released a video in March 2016 saying she no longer wants to be known under the name again.
  6. The tasteless comments on Anisa’s social media reached a point where her mom had to step in. Her mom took on the role of chat moderator for her streaming and vlogging activities.
  7. Her relationship with iDubbbz began through boredom. She said she was bored in her San Diego hotel when she replied to one of his tweets, asking him to save her from boredom. iDubbbz picked her up from the hotel, and they went for tacos.
  8. On 9 March, however, Jomha took to Twitter to announce her new account on OnlyFans. The response was mixed, with many followers wondering how the move would affect her relationship with iDubbbz.
  9. In college, Jomha worked as a lacrosse instructor in Edmonton while waitressing at a local bar. She also had a sales job at a local store.
  10. Anisa has an estimated net worth of $2 million.

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Early life and education

Anisa Jomha was born on 25 June 1993 and is from Edmonton, Alberta in Canada. She has at least one sister, Iman, and one brother, Muhammad. She and her siblings inherited a rich ancestry from their parents. Her mother, Maureen, is Irish Catholic, and her father is a Lebanese Muslim, and she is not one to shy away from showing how much she loves her upbringing in a mixed-culture household.

In one of her Onlyfans videos, Anisa said, “I like being mixed. I’m a whole bag of culture, and it’s cool knowing my Lebanese Muslim dad and Irish catholic mom loved each other so much they said, ‘heck you parents, we are getting married anyways’. If they didn’t love past race and religion, I wouldn’t be here. Yay for that.”

She went to Harry Ainlay High School, and after graduating, she enrolled at the University of Alberta. There, she bagged a bachelor’s degree in Fine and Studio Art. As a student, she was a skilled athlete playing ice hockey and lacrosse. When she was in college, Jomha worked as a lacrosse instructor in Edmonton while waitressing at a local bar. She also held a sales job at a local store.


Anisa Jomha found fame online as a streamer. She’s primarily known among the gaming community for her Twitch channels and regular vlogging on YouTube. Initially known as ‘Raihnbowkidz’ on Twitch, she now goes by her real name, anisajomha. She began streaming in 2015 with “League of Legends” gameplays.

Jomha’s raunchy dressing style earned her the moniker, ‘boobie streamer,’ a term used in the Twitch community for female streamers who dress provocatively. Her outfit brought her all sorts of attention and comments, both good and bad. Though she handled it well, quite a number of followers often crossed a line. Eventually, her mother, Maureen, had to assume the role of chat moderator across her social media channels.

In 2016, she denounced the boobie streamer style in a video she shared on Twitch. She has since done more of lifestyle blogging on her YouTube channel, though she still streams gameplay on Twitch.

It is no secret that the YouTube star has been surrounded by many controversies, which has led her to be banned from some platforms over time. Her Twitch channel was suspended in April 2020 after she announced that she would be selling adult photos through a subscription service. She has also been banned from Reddit due to excess copyright removals.

Anisa Jomha
Anisa on Twitch

Personal life

For people in the streaming and lifestyle blogging business, there is hardly anything private about their lives. Most part of Anisa’s personal life is readily shared in her YouTube videos, but the most sensational part of her life has to be her relationship with fellow Youtuber iDubbbz (Ian Carter).

As revealed in an AMA video she made, Anisa’s relationship with iDubbbz began through a bout of boredom. As the story goes, she had attended Twitch Con and had booked an extra day in San Diego. However, while sitting alone in the hotel after everyone else had left the day before, she was scrolling through Twitter and noticed that iDubbbz was tweeting away nonstop. Anisa tweeted back at him, basically asking iDubbbz to save her from her boredom. Keep reading to find out how things developed from there.

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iDubbbz age

iDubbbz is 31 years old in 2021. He was born on 27 July 1990 and his real name is Ian Carter. iDubbbz is an American YouTube personality and comedian, best known as the creator of YouTube channels iDubbbzTV, iDubbbzTV2, and iDubbbzgames, as well as various comedy video series like “Content Cop”, “Bad Unboxing” and “Kickstarter Crap”.

He attended California State University San Marcos, in San Marcos, California and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Business Management. He has garnered almost 2 billion total views across his various YouTube channels.

Ian Carter started dating Anisa in 2016 after the two met under the funniest circumstances, as earlier hinted. After Anisa’s tweet, as earlier described, iDubbbz picked her up from the hotel, and they went for Tacos. They ended up speaking for a long time, and they kept that up after she returned home to Canada. As time passed, things got more serious between them, and Anisa moved over to California to be with him.

iDubbbz girlfriend Anisa
iDubbbz and Anisa

Their relationship wasn’t, however, without its potholes. The couple had several disagreements over the years, but they always found ways around things. For example, on 9 March, Jomha took to Twitter to announce her new account on OnlyFans. The response was mixed, with many followers wondering how the move would affect her relationship with iDubbbz. Anisa, however, quickly shut down the comments, telling one commenter that her YouTuber boyfriend is “very supportive.”

In April 2021, iDubbbz and his girlfriend, Anisa Jomha, announced their engagement. They married in June 2021 at a wedding officiated by an Elvis impersonator in Nevada.

iDubbbz net worth

iDubbbz made his first youtube account in 2012 and published his first video on 30 August 2012. It was a video of himself playing a video game, and he continued that for a year and gathered a few thousand followers. Then, he decided to close the account and created another one named iDubbbzTV. Ian continued his vlogging there and also diversified his content. The following years were kind to him, and he saw massive growth in terms of views and subscriptions.

As of today, he has nearly 20 million subscribers across his YouTube channels and has an estimated net worth of $2 million.

Anisa Johma net worth

Anisa has the same net worth as her husband, Ian Carter. She is worth $2 million in 2021, and her major sources of income are her Twitch and YouTube channels through views. She also earns from brand influencing on social media.


One could say that Anisa’s life is a testament to the unquantifiable value of social media. Just like many of her kind, she has found fame and fortune by harnessing the opportunities presented by social media. What’s more, she found love through the medium. At just 28, she has a whole life ahead of her, and there is no limit to what she can yet become.

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