Alexander Dreymon Biography: Uhtred actor in The Last Kingdom, wife, height and net worth

Alexander Dreymon, born Alexander Doetsch, is a German-born actor who is most well known for playing Uhtred of Bebbanburg in “The Last Kingdom”, and he was also in “Christopher and his Kind” and “American Horror Story: Coven”.

The actor is fluent in German, English, and French, and he began acting later in life, starting his career at the ripe age of 28. Although he knew from an early age that he wanted to become an actor, he did not get the opportunity until much later.

Dreymon is an accomplished actor, but he is also a trained horse-rider and a martial arts expert. One wonders what other talents this actor is hiding. Let’s learn more about him here, starting off with ten interesting facts you need to know.

Top 10 facts about Alexander Dreymon

  1. Alexander Dreymon was born in Germany as Alexander Doetsch, and he likely picked the last name (his father’s) to make it easier to pronounce for English speakers.
  2. Dreymon was born on 7 February 1983, which means that he is 38 years old in 2021.
  3. Alexander Dreymon height is measured as 178 cm, which is approximately 5 feet 10 inches.
  4. His parents wanted him to pursue a career in medicine, but he decided to be an actor instead.
  5. The actor is also a trained horse-rider and is well versed in martial arts.
  6. His mother was a teacher, who later married a businessman and because of this, Dreymon moved around a lot as a child, spending time in the United States, France, and Switzerland.
  7. Alexander Dreymon has since put down his roots and currently lives in Los Angeles, California.
  8. He is very good friends with fellow German-born actor Tom Wlaschiha, who played Jaqen H’ghar in “Game of Thrones”.
  9. After completing his studies in Paris, Dreymon attended Drama Center, London.
  10. Alexander Dreymon made his big-screen debut in the 2010 French-Belgian film “Ni reprise and ni échangée”.

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Early life and education

Alexander Dreymon was born Alexander Doetsch in Germany on 7 February 1983 to Wilson Dreymon and Loran Doetsch.

It is unknown if the actor has siblings, and nothing about his father’s life is available to the public. Dreymon’s mother was a teacher and she divorced his father sometime after he was born to marry a businessman from Switzerland.

Due to his new stepfather’s job, Dreymon, his mother and stepfather moved to the United States of America shortly after the wedding. The family of three lived in Texas and South Dakota before moving around from Bali to Mexico, France, and Switzerland. During his time in America, he trained to become a skilled horse rider. This was also when he got his training as a martial artist.

It is unknown just how long they spent in America before moving around Bali, Brazil, France, Switzerland, and other countries where the family lived. However, Dreymon went to Paris, France, to study. This is where he learned to speak French.

After completing his studies in Paris, Dreymon decided to pursue a career in acting, something he had been dreaming of since he was a young boy.

To kickstart this part of this life, he decided to enrol at the Drama Centre in London to receive acting lessons. Shortly after that, he made his acting debut in a French-Belgian film in 2010.


Alexander Dreymon started his journey in acting at the age of 28 in 2010. Better late than never, though, right?

After spending three years at Drama Center London, he made appearances in stage productions in Paris and London before making his film debut in the 2010 French-Belgian film “Ni reprise, ni échangée”.

Then, he was cast in the 2011 BBC TV film “Christopher and his Kind”. The film was adapted from an autobiographical film by Christopher Isherwood, and Dreymon played the character of Caspar.

Dreymon appeared in other films including, “Sotto il vestito niente – L’ultima sfilata”, “Who’s Watching Who”, and “Resistance”, all of which were also released in 2011. Additionally, he played the highly coveted role of Luke Ramsey in the hit TV show “American Horror Story: Coven” (2013 – 2014).

His most important role to date, however, is his main role as Uhtred of Bebbanburg in “The Last Kingdom”, which he has been playing since 2015. This ongoing series also earned him the love and admiration of several fans.

The Last Kingdom

Alexander Dreymon Uhtred actor in The Last Kingdom, wife, height

“The Last Kingdom” is a British historical TV series based on The Saxon Stories by Bernard Comwells. The TV series first few episodes aired on BBC America in October 2015 and later on BBC Two in the UK.

Some time into the series, streaming giant Netflix signified an interest in the series and struck a deal, which saw the TV show move to the platform in 2016.

From then on, new episodes were released on Netflix. This turned out to be a boon as the show gained several more viewers and fans after this move. It is worth noting that while the story that inspired “The Last Kingdom” is true, the character of Uhtred of Bebbanburg is not.

Dreymon’s Uhtred is a fictional character inspired by a real person. This person is a historical figure named Uhtred who ruled Bamburgh castle from 1006 to 1016.

Alexander Dreymon has not announced any new TV shows, but we can confirm that the fifth season of “The Last Kingdom” is almost here. Furthermore, we’re sure that his fans will not have to wait very long to see the star in another acting role.

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Personal life—Alexander Dreymon wife

The question of Alexander Dreymon wife is one that all his fans want answers to, and immediately. While the actor has kept information about his life private, he is known to have been in a relationship with “Skyfall” actress Tonia Sotiropoulou from 2010 to 2012.

Since their relationship ended in 2012, not much has been heard about Dreymon’s love life. He does not share anything about his private life—not even his relationships—on social media.

There were reports that he was dating his “The Last Kingdom” co-star lady Aelswith, played by Eliza Buttersworth. He never responded to the rumours, but she debunked them when she shared pictures of her boyfriend.

Dreymon has said that he mostly dates French women because of the time he spent in France. He said so in an interview with The Big Issue in 2015, “Most of my girlfriends have actually been French because I grew up for quite a while in France.”

Some fans have questioned whether the actor dated fellow actor Anne Curtis Smith but those rumours have never been addressed. Now, fans are so curious that they have taken to social media to speculate about who Dreymon might be in a relationship with.

If they ever stumble on the right person, it is anyone’s guess as to whether the actor will respond to the rumours or not.

Alexander Dreymon Instagram & Twitter—social media

Alexander Dreymon is not very active on social media. He only has an Instagram account as far as we know. Many celebrities have been known to have secret social media accounts, however.

He shares information and visuals from the well-loved show, “The Last Kingdom” and draws attention to causes that are close to his heart. While his posts are few and very far between, he can be found on Instagram @alexander.dreymon where he has almost a million followers.

Alexander Dreymon Uhtred actor in The Last Kingdom, wife, height

Where does Uhtred actor Alexander Dreymon live?

Alexander Dreymon has moved around all his life, since the time he was young, and travelled to several countries all over the world with his mother and his businessman stepfather.

Recall that the family moved from Germany to America after his mother divorced his father and married her new husband. They lived in America for a while before moving to France and Switzerland. It is unknown where his family lives right now as the actor does not share details of his personal life.

Dreymon, however, has mentioned that he currently lives in Los Angeles in California, presumably to be able to focus on his acting career.

Net worth

Alexander Dreymon is best known for his role in the television series “The Last Kingdom”. The show has helped him show off his acting skills to a large audience, and subsequently helped him to gain a lot of loyal fans.

However, before Dreymon was capturing hearts on “The Last Kingdom”, he had worked on a lot of other shows, including the wildly successful “American Horror Story” series. He also lent his acting prowess to several independent films starting in 2010 when he appeared in his first movie.

Express UK is reporting that the star’s net worth stood at a whopping 4 million dollars ($4 million) in 2020.

Alexander Dreymon Uhtred actor in The Last Kingdom, wife, height

In addition to this, the report also included the fact that this young actor rakes in an average of 200 thousand dollars yearly from acting alone.

The bulk of his net worth undoubtedly comes from his work on “The Last Warrior” but we are sure that this talented young actor still has a lot more extraordinary work to share with fans, especially as the next season of the show is almost here.


While several entertainers conceive of their dreams in childhood and immediately follow through thanks to supportive family members, there are others who don’t get their chance until much later in life.

Alexander Dreymon is one of such people. He knew ever since he was young that he wanted to act, but life did not immediately let him pursue his dreams. Now, however, the actor has gotten his chance and is holding on to it and having a grand time while at it.

Fans can definitely be sure that Alexander Dreymon is one to keep their eyes on. You may also like to read our latest article, Umbrella Academy actor Tom Hopper height, wife, net worth, and more.

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