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UPDATE: Lagos State government says this is what caused the chemical substance in Anthony, Lagos

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The Lagos State Government has explained the reason for the mysterious white chemical substance at Anthony Village in Lagos.

Recall that yesterday, 8 July, Nigerians took to social media to draw attention to the strange white chemical substance which was spreading through and into people’s homes.

Nigerians took to Twitter to raise alarm over the development with one user, Sharon Kalu sharing videos of the occurrence, writing: “This white substance is growing in Anibaloye in Anthony Village. Nobody knows what it is or where it’s from and it’s actually spreading!!! Please retweet so the right people see it.”

Gbenga Akosile, the press secretary to Lagos State Governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu explained that a truck carrying black oil had been involved in an accident and spilt its contents.

Blanketing was then carried out to prevent the black oil from catching fire and causing another accident. He wrote on Twitter:

“Situation Report: Vehicular incident around Anthony Village, Lagos. The attention of the agency has been drawn to videos circulating concerning some streets in Anthony Village.

“Earlier today, there was a vehicular incident involving a lone articulated truck with registration number AAA 235-XW conveying a loaded double 20ft container.

“It appeared to have lost control while in motion resulting in the obstruction of vehicular movement on the main carriage way.

“Blanketing of the entire scene of incident was carried out by the Lagos State Fire service as a result of the content leakage from the container (Black oil) to prevent any secondary incident.

“The reaction from this blanketing is what has led to the appearance of “snow/foam” in the aforementioned area. A full scale operation comprising LASEPA, LASEMA, LASTMA ,LAGOS FIRE SERVICE and NIGERIA POLICE have retrieved the container and cordoned it off the street.

“Further Investigation by LASEPA is ongoing to determine the nature of the chemical being transported in the container. Any additional corrective action required will then be carried out.

“We regret the inconvenience caused by the operation and are working to prevent secondary damage and to mitigate any further environmental challenges caused by the initial spill and the clean up operation.

“That being said, we can confirm that no residents are trapped in their homes and plead for all affected persons to exercise patience and due caution. “

  1. osondu says

    Someone said this was snow. LOL

  2. Ladjah says

    I laughed when i read somebody said snow has started falling in Nigeria starting from Anthony because it is a village.

  3. Deji says

    I thought I saw Canada for a while there

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