British aristocrat cuts off her children from inheritance, leaves her entire estate to charity

The wife of a notorious British fugitive Lord Lucan cut her children out of her will and left her entire fortune to a homeless charity.


The revelation was made by one of her three children, Camilla Bingham, according to the Independent.

It is reported that 80-year-old Veronica, Dowager Countess of Lucan, Lady, had severed contact with her family in the 1980s and declined contact with them until her death last year.

Lucan is said to have killed herself with a cocktail of drink and drugs after wrongly self-diagnosing with Parkinson’s disease.

She died last September and donated her entire estate to Shelter, which supports those dealing with homelessness or housing issues.

She had three children, Frances, Camilla and George, now the 8th Earl of Lucan.

Following an inquest into her death this week, daughter Camilla Bingham told the Daily Mail: “Mummy left her estate to the homeless charity, Shelter.”

The amount of the inheritance is not known but the estate is thought to worth millions of pounds. Despite Lady Lucan’s severance of ties, her family said they remembered her “lovingly and with admiration”.

A spokesperson for Shelter says the charity is grateful for the donation and will use the proceed from the sale to continue its charity work.


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  1. Hmmm if dem just try this thing for Nigeria. The children of that woman will fight themselves to death because of that inheritance


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