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Oscar winning movie, Parasite is being made into a TV show| Here’s all you need to know

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Parasite made history at the just concluded Oscars awards show by scooping up four awards including Best Picture.

It was also the first international movie to win the prestigious award. Fans have spoken extensively on social media about how much they loved the film, and it is already affecting change in South Korea, where it is set.

Now, the celebrated film which follows the poor Kim family who infiltrate the lives of their wealthy employers, the Park family, will be made into a limited TV series.

According to Collider, the project has been picked up by HBO. Bong Joon Ho, who directed the film, will team up with fellow Oscar winner, Adam McKay for the series.

While the project is still in its earliest stages of development, it is being reported that three-time Oscar nominee, Mark Ruffalo may play one of the leads.

This development is not surprising considering that Bong Joon Ho has spoken in the past about interesting ideas and concepts that never made it into the movie because of the movie length.

He said: “I had all these key ideas accumulated from when I started writing the script. I just couldn’t include all those ideas in the two-hour running time of the film, so they’re all stored in my iPad and my goal with this limited series is to create a six-hour-long film.

“When the original housekeeper Mun Gwang (Lee Jung Eun) comes back in the late-night, something happened to her face. Even her husband asked about it, but she never answered.

“I know why she had the bruises on her face. I have a story for that, and aside from that, why does she know the existence of this bunker? What relationship does she have with that architect to know of this bunker? So I have all these hidden stories that I have stored.”

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